Bruges is a city in Belgium and is a popular spot for tourists traveling from across the world. Be the monuments or the street food, Bruges have a lot to offer all its tourists and among the best things to do is to experience the nightlife. Bruges Nightlife is the among the best Belgium has to offer and here we have all the details one should know about the party scene. The Bruges Nightclubs at the Blekerstraat and Vlamingstraat parts of the city have a long range of great and interesting pubs to choose from. Kemelstraatalso is another part of the city that has a good number of excellent little pubs that are not to be missed. To the south of the city in Breidelstraat and Oud Sint-Jan, you will gladly discover some little clusters of clubs, lounges where one can definitely grab a drink.

9 Pubs And Clubs That Are A Must Visit In Bruges, Belgium

Here is a Bruges nightlife tip one should not miss and that is to keep your drinking capacity to the fullest because these pubs have a lot to offer. Let us go through the important locations where you can experience the best of Bruges nightlife.

  • The Cafedraal
  • De Garre
  • T’ Poatersgat
  • Comptoir Des Arts
  • Nocturne
  • CathEdraak
  • Bras Café
  • Ma Rica Rokk
  • Snacks at T’ Opkikkertje

1. The Cafedraal

The Cafedraal

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Looking for a party, then look no further than the Cafedraal. This is a very hep and happening Bruges jazz clubs. It is also a perfect place to drink on your night out. The interiors are very well decorated to suit any mood. It is modern and stylish. You will enjoy this place a lot.

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2. De Garre

De Garre

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Another place to enjoy the nightlife is the De Garre. Though it is located in a narrow street but it is great to drink beer. They have the infamous ‘De Garre’, which is so potent that the bartenders recommend that you stop at 3 glasses. Along with the drink of De Garre, you get to have a portion of the local cheese which further improves the taste

3. T’ Poatersgat

T’ Poatersgat

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If you are looking for loud music and great beer choices then this is the right place for you. This is a very interesting place to party. If you are in love with loud music, which is coupled with an elaborate selection of different types of beer and diverse young crowds, then care to stay at the place for a little longer.

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4. Comptoir Des Arts

Comptoir Des Arts

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Since there is a good selection of jazz and blues, and you love all that, you need to head straight to Comptoir Des Arts. It is not only a jazz music club but also an elaborate art gallery. Now coming to the menu, you will see that the place serves everything from excellent classic beers to innovative local brews that you will love. There is also a good selection of whiskey which is also beyond what you would have expected to find here.

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5. Nocturne


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Looking for cocktails, wines, and beer, then this is the place to go to. This is another amazing place for a night out in town – you are sure to have a good time here. They will offer you a large selection of cocktails, wines, and beer to choose from. The place is built in a celler, so the first time you visit be sure to get excited. This being a piano bar, you get to listen to a lot of piano music. This place is totally worth your while!

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6. CathEdraak


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If you get the urge for dancing after a few beers and cocktails you might feel the need to get to this place. It is a great idea to go shake a leg and meet some of the most interesting backpackers from every country you can think of. So be sure to have a good time and entertain yourself well.

7. Bras Café

Bras Café

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Bras Café is an example of a slick bar. This one has the reputation of holding quite a number of theme parties and also fancy dress nights. On Thursday nights, they have Karaoke, which is hot favorite among the tourists visiting Bruges. A great place for entertainment.

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8. Ma Rica Rokk

Ma Rica Rokk

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Ma Rica Rokk is another place which is quite the opposite from Bras Café. Here the drinks come very cheap and the music is commercial which you are bound to like. Another thing is that the floors are sticky and drunken people are not a rare sight here. These clubs are known for the music more than the beer or the ambience. DJs from all over the world come and play here. So this should come under your to do list.

9. Snacks at T’ Opkikkertje


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If you like to start your evening with beer and some delicious snacks, you should visit T’ Opkikkertje. This is a small family owned pub. It is slightly off the tourist track. However, if you are looking for good beers at a cheaper rate then this is where you must get to. It offers cheaper beer as compared to other pubs in Bruges. They also serve Hoegaarden for 1 Euro each between 5 pm-6 pm – that makes it a favorite haunt.

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So now you know how amazing is Bruges Nightlife and why visiting Belgium is a great idea for a vacation. Next time you know what place to travel when you are planning a vacation with your friends. Bruges is the place to be!

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