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    The Superman photo wall inside the Superhero Café

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    Delhi celebrates street food like no other city. But when you are low on budget — college budget, as we call it — street stalls are not the only option. Gladly there are many budget breakfast places in Delhi and it’s near blasphemy if you have not tried any yet.
    What better place than college campuses for a wholesome meal in a college budget! We begin our list by taking you through most popular North and South campus highlights, and then move to other well-known Delhi joints that offer great food at dirt cheap prices.

    20 Best Breakfast Places In Delhi

    Are you looking for the best breakfast in Delhi? The following are the most popular breakfast joints in Delhi that offers truly Dilli-style food alternatives:

    • Lover’s Point In Hansraj College
    • Canteen In Law Faculty
    • Stalls Outside Hindu College
    • IRCTC Canteen In Faculty Of Arts
    • The Gwyer Hall Canteen
    • Anna’s Mess Aka PG Men’s Mess
    • Food Van At The Chhatra Marg
    • Superhero Café At Hudson Lane
    • Rico’s At Hudson Lane
    • YOLO 21 At Hudson Lane
    • Big Yellow Door At Vijay Nagar
    • Joints At Satya Niketan
    • Chaina Ram At Chandni Chowk 
    • Saravana Bhavan At Connaught Place
    • Bille Di Hatti At Kamla Nagar 
    • Andhra Bhawan At Connaught Place
    • Karim’s At Old Delhi 
    • Café Qahwa At SDA Market
    • Roots-Café In The Park At Gurgaon
    • Gulshan Dhaba And Sukhdev Dhaba In Murthal

    1. Lover’s Point In Hansraj College

    The lively Lover’s Point in Hansraj College with various offerings of delicious food

    Image Source

    Always bustling, Lover’s Point in Hansraj College is full of college students having fun. Laughter, music, useless chatter are the constant noises in the background. A lively place to start your days at. The place offers delicious early morning breakfast in Delhi.

    Must Try: Minced Cutlet, Chole Bhature, Egg Toast, and their famous Lemon Water to name a few.

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    2. Canteen In Law Faculty

    Mouth-watering Samosa and Pav at Law Faculty

    Image Source

    Now, this is your regular cafe. However, the taste of food here is far from regular. A quick and light brekky is what people look for here at an almost non-existent price. This is one of the best breakfast places in Delhi

    Must Try: The regular burger, samosa, coffee and iced tea are not-so regular here.

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    3. Stalls Outside Hindu College

    Stalls outside Hindu College have some amazingly mouth-watering treats

    Image Source

    Disarray of food stalls and vendors with lip-smackingly yummy food, define the state outside Hindu College. Throngs of people flock to these stalls to have a yummilicious start of their day.

    Must Try: Aloo Patties at JP Stall, Rolls at the adjacent stall and so much more.

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    4. IRCTC Canteen In Faculty Of Arts

    Faculty of Arts has one of the best canteens in DU

    Image Source

    IRCTC Canteen in Faculty of Arts is one of the most visited places in Delhi University for food. Priced just right, it has various varieties of food which will give you a good start of the day. Tasty and healthy is what they root for!

    Must Try: Famous thick and creamy Shakes, Idli Sambhar, Chole Bhature and Fruit Chaat.

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    5. The Gwyer Hall Canteen

    The famous Gwyer Hall Canteen

    Image Source

    Who hasn’t heard of Gwyer Hall Canteen? A famous “Adda” all throughout the day, it is one of most hep-shep places in DU. This is one of the best breakfast places in Delhi. There is not a time of the day when it is not flocked with enthusiastic people.

    Must Try: Paratha, Samosa, Veg Thali, Rajma Chawal and Meetha Paratha.

    P.S. It’s the North Indian counterpart of the famous Anna’s Mess.

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    6. Anna’s Mess Aka PG Men’s Mess

    Masala dosa with coconut and tomato chutney at Anna’s Mess

    Image Source

    Have a go at their authentic South Indian food. Perfect sambhar with right amount of tanginess, light idlis and chilly gun powder. A place you can’t miss if you are a real South-Indian lover. This is amongst the most popular breakfast places in Delhi.

    Must Try: Dal Vada, Idli, Uttapam, Curd Rice and Egg Rice. The South Indian fare is to die for!

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    7. Food Van At The Chhatra Marg

    Food Van at Chhatra Marg

    Image Source

    Are you looking for a best street breakfast in Delhi? Now, usually there is a food van in every locality which is jam-packed to the brim with food lovers. But this van at Chhatra Marg is different from the rest. Delectable dishes and delightful savouries of the van are liked by many.

    Must Try: Veg & Non-Veg Rolls and Chinese dishes

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    8. Superhero Café At Hudson Lane 

    The Superman photo wall inside the Superhero Café

    Image Source

    If you are a fan of the DC and Marvel comics, and love great budget food, there is no better place to be than the Superhero Café. The look and the feel of the café, along with the scrumptious dishes, make it an ideal food joint for the DU students. This is amongst the best place for breakfast in Delhi.

    Must Try: Chicken Steak and Caramel Cookie Super-shake

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    9. Rico’s At Hudson Lane 

    Many views of the Rico’s Café at Hudson Lane

    Image Source

    Another good breakfast places in Delhi is Rico’s Cafe! The café provides a student-friendly ambience and great food. And the collage of paper notes of the students adds to the student feel of the tiny café. The café is often over-crowded and you might have to wait to get a seat inside.

    Must Try: Harissa Chicken Melt Sandwich, Risotto A la Fungi Pasta, Chocolate Waffles

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    10. YOLO 21 At Hudson Lane 

    The interiors and entrance of the YOLO 21 restaurant at Hudson Lane

    Image Source

    Experience the luxury dining at budget costs at the divine YOLO 21 restaurant in Hudson Lane. Comparatively less crowded, the diner makes a perfect spot for that great first date you have been looking forward to.

    Must Try: Spaghetti Primavera, Omelet Supreme, Banoffee Pie, Fusilli Alfredo Pasta, Pomegranate Virgin Mojito

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    11. Big Yellow Door At Vijay Nagar 

    The Entrance to the popular Big Yellow Door café at Vijay Nagar

    Image Source

    The tiny café at Vijay Nagar is always crowded with university students gobbling the yummy food and having the variety of shakes that BYD has to offer. But beware! For you might have to wait up to 20 minutes to get a table inside. But the wait is totally worth it.

    Must Try: Bolognaise Red Sauce Pasta and Cold Coffee

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    12. Joints At Satya Niketan

    QD’s at Satya Niketan which is famous for its Tandoori Momos

    Image Source

    Satya Niketan is a hub which just can’t not be mentioned while we talk about food and Delhi University in the same sentence. Food joints for every cuisine, and every budget makes it a popular choice among places to be visited for breakfast at a shoe-string budget.

    Must Try: Tandoori Momos at Qd’s, Fried Idli at Idli King, Chaats and Shakes at Kev’s and Rolls at 36 Chowringhee Lane

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    13. Chaina Ram At Chandni Chowk 

    Chaina Ram at Fathpuri Chowk is the pioneer in Karachi Halwa

    Image Source

    Poori Chhole with Karachi Halwa, made in pure Desi Ghee, sums up for a great Sunday breakfast. No wonder, this sweet shop running since 1901 is huddled with the crowd from all over Delhi on an early weekend morning. One of the oldest sweet shops in Old Delhi, Chaina Ram also claims to be the pioneer in Karachi Halwa. The place is known for offering the best Indian breakfast in Delhi.

    Must Try: Poori Chhole, Karachi Halwa, Moong Dal Ka Halwa, Meethi Matthi during Karwa Chauth

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    14. Saravana Bhavan At Connaught Place 

    Saravana Bhawan at CP

    Image Source

    A must-try for every South-Indian food lover. Authentic sweets to traditional delicacies, all will satisfy your taste buds. And make you purr with contentment.

    Must Try: Idiyappam, Appam, Mini Idli, Dal Vada and their South-Indian coffee in metal glass.

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    15. Bille Di Hatti At Kamla Nagar 

    Bille di Hatti at Kamla Nagar

    Image Source

    Bille di Hatti, a frequent for Punjabis and Punjabi food lovers. Spicy chhole peppered with right spices and the fluffy puri, and tangy achaar…yummm.

    Must Try: Puri Chole with Lassi or Chaach

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    16. Andhra Bhawan At Connaught Place 

    Andhra Bhawan at Cp

    Image Source

    Andhra Bhawan is a place to gorge on scrumptious Andhra food. Deliciousness topped with clean preparations is what attracts people from all over the city. And you know what, you can have your go at the scrumptious food, any number of times, for the price of one.

    Must Try: Breakfast Thali with Andhra Tea

    17. Karim’s At Old Delhi 

    Nihari breakfast at Karim’s

    Image Source

    Karim’s need no introduction to any foodie. Started in 1913, it is undoubtedly the city’s most popular destination for pleasing the taste buds. However, did you know that it serves a mouth-watering breakfast of Nihari too as it offers the best breakfast in Delhi.

    Must Try: Nihari with Khamiri Roti

    18. Café Qahwa At SDA Market 

    Qahwa Café at SDA Market with a wide breakfast selection

    Image Source

    Their menu is so full of Coffee variations that you will feel like you have fallen into a coffee heaven. A place not to be missed if caffeine is your morning fix.

    Must Try: French Toast Double Decker, Burrito, Crepe, and 3 Idiots Specialty.

    Other Interesting Breakfast Places Near Delhi

    If you are done with grabbing delicacies in Delhi and planning to go on a long drive, followed by lip-smacking breakfast treat, then you must surely head to the following breakfast places near Delhi:

    19. Roots-Café In The Park At Gurgaon 

    Roots – Café in the Park is perfect for a fun brekkie

    Image Source

    As the name suggests, Roots is an outdoor cafe in Gurgaon. Not too heavy on the pockets, the dishes here are quick to make. An ideal place to enjoy the rain, bask in the sun or feel the chill.

    Must Try: Upma, Moong Dal Cheela, Tikki, Aam Panna, and Belgiri Sherbat.

    20. Gulshan Dhaba And Sukhdev Dhaba In Murthal

    Sukhdev Dhaba at Murthal

    Image Source

    Murthal is a stop where people go to have fun with their friends or families. Full of vigor all round-the-clock, the breakfast menu of the place will keep you hooked for a long time. Try out their parathas with a chunk of white butter or have something completely unconventional like paneer tikka; Teem the delicious food with the experience of driving out so far with your near and dear ones will be unforgettable for a while.

    Must Try: Methi Paratha, Aloo Paratha, Gobhi Paratha, Chole Bhature, Sweet Lassi, and Aam ka Panna.

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    How many of these have you tried? Don’t forget to grab scrumptious delicacies at the above-mentioned interesting breakfast places in Delhi. Plan your vacation with TravelTriangle and enjoy the best vacation experience with us!

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Budget Breakfast Places In Delhi

    Q. Where can I get free food in Delhi?

    A. Popular Temples and Gurudwara serve free food in Delhi and the most loved place for free food in Delhi is Bangla Sahib Gurudwara.

    Q. What should I not miss in Delhi?

    A. You must surely visited the historical places in Delhi to know the real story of this lively city.

    Q. What are the famous food of Delhi?

    A. The following are the most popular food items in Delhi:
    1. Paranthas
    2. Chaat
    3. Kebabs
    4. Butter Chicken
    5. Chhole Bhature
    6. Biryani
    7. Nihari
    8. Rolls

    Q. What can I buy in Delhi?

    A. Delhi is famous for designer clothes, jewelry, Madhubani paintings, handicraft puppets, spices, food items, etc.

    Q. Is Delhi worth visiting?

    A. Delhi, the national capital of India is known for numerous interesting experiences from historical sites to popular modern attractions, the city offers almost everything that a traveler looks for.



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