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    Singapore, as a site for tourist visit, isn’t really a shocker, right? The one thing of this that does stand out of the rest is the fact that the Bukit Batok Nature park is that one spot around that is a must visit in this place. If you are ever in Singapore and need a place to enjoy the natural beauty of the place along with the wildlife around, this is the place to be in. Nature Park does date back to quite a long time back but is definitely something that signifies the importance of the place around. If you want a place to simply stroll around and bask in the beauty of the place around, this is actually an amazing spot to explore around.

    About the Bukit Batok Nature Park

    About the Bukit Batok Nature Park

    Image Source

    The Bukit Batok Nature Park was established on an abandoned quarry site back in 1988. The place is not just known around for its wildlife but is quite a popular spot for viewing the amazingly clear water and takes a stroll around. If you want a peaceful nature walk, this is definitely the one to indulge in.
    It is spread across an area of 36 hectares in Bukit Batok Nature Park in Singapore and hence gets the name from there only. It is located in close proximity of the Bukit Batok East Avenue 2 and Lorong Sesuai. It is home to some amazing types of exotic birds as well as reptiles which people see around when they visit this nature park. The Bukit Batok Nature park birds can easily be spotted which is what makes it one of the amazing reasons why the majority of the visitors prefer visiting it in the first place. White-crested laughing thrushes and Macaque monkey are also quite common there.

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    Best Time To Visit

    Best Time To Visit

    Image Source

    Owing to the fact that roaming around the park does take up quite some time and effort, you want to visit in a time which is best-suited weather. The last thing you want is to visit during the extremities of the weather. Make sure to avoid visiting during the May and June months because summer is at its peak and the weather is very draining.
    Anytime other than that can be suitable for visiting this place given the fact that the weather is more or less tropical anyhow. Make sure to check the weather conditions real time before booking the flights or even before leaving date comes.

    Things To Do

    As mentioned before, the Bukit Batok Nature Park Map is not really a spot you will see or witness a lot of wild animals but you can simply walk around to revel in the beauty and tranquility of the place. When it comes to indulging in the kind of activities they provide you options with, some of them include:

    1. Nature walk

    Nature walk

    Image Source

    The very first activity that majority of the people indulge in is walking along the Bukit Batok Nature Park walking trail. The walk through the lush greenery and the amazing weather along with the sounds of the bird simply just add to the overall experience altogether.

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    2. Photography


    Image Source

    This is one of the most common activities that many of the tourists and even locals indulge in. Given the fact that this is spread across a large area, it is not surprising that people do take advantage of the same and indulge in some photography while there. You can click pictures of the birds or even take into consideration some portraits the place altogether.

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    3. Bird watching

    Bird watching

    Image Source

    The most common thing that the majority of the tourists like to do while there is to indulge in bird watching. Owing to the fact that there is an innumerable number of exotic birds that litter this place, more and more people do indulge in bird watching and just sitting and walking around looking for birds.

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    What To Pack?

    What To Pack?

    Image Source

    If you are visiting during the winter months, make sure to keep some warm clothes just in case the weather gets rough or it drizzles there. If you are visiting anytime else, any kind of summer clothing works while visiting the nature park.

    Tips To Remember

    There are not many tips to discuss when it comes to visiting the Bukit Batok Nature Reserve Park. But some of the primary ones include:

    • If you are visiting to spot some wildlife, it is best suggested to either visit during the early morning or during the late afternoon
    • Carry all your own essentials ranging from the water bottles to the snacks because you won’t necessarily get anything inside
    • Enjoy the amazing view of the quarry pool and look around for the birds
    • There is a bit of walking and slopes, so ensure to wear comfortable shoes for the trip

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    Places To Visit Nearby

    Once you are done with getting your dosage of the amazing natural beauty of the place around, visiting the places nearby is actually an amazing thing to indulge in.
    If you are planning of visiting around and have the time for the same, some of the amazing places include:

    1. Porta Spa

    Porta Spa

    Image Source

    If you wish to get a relaxing day after a lot of walking around the Porta Spa is an amazing place to relax in. It is situated around 1.6 km away from the Nature Park and is often visited by the people visiting the park on the daily basis. Make sure to make bookings beforehand to avoid the rush.

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    2. Singapore Zoo

    Singapore Zoo

    Image Source

    If you wish to witness more of wildlife around in Singapore, the Singapore Zoo is the perfect place to be in. It is often overly populated with all the tourists and locals so it could get a bit crowded but the experience is amazing nevertheless. Make sure to know and understand the rules and regulations involved to avoid getting fined.

    3. Bukit Timah Nature Park

    Bukit Timah Nature Park

    Image Source

    Yet another one of the beautiful nature parks around the Buki Batok Nature Park is the Bukit Timah Nature Park. It is known around for its lush greenery and the chirping birds around. you can visit this place to catch some peace of mind. It is located around 1.7 km away from the Bukit Batok nature park.

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    4. Little Guilin

    Little Guilin

    Image Source

    There is a place located in Singapore known as Little Guilin that not many people are that aware of. if you wish to visit around, it is necessary you visit this place without fail. Irrespective of anything, it is often crowded by the tourists because of the picturesque beauty around. Make sure to visit the disused granite quarry and simply just walk around the place for an overall view.
    Visiting around the Bukit Batok Nature Park can often get you to some amazing places around. If you are in the mood for exploring around, there are a number of places you can see and visit. The thick and lush greenery is what makes it stand out of the crowd altogether. Make sure to know the way around for easier access.

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    The Bukit Batok Nature Park is possibly one of the most commonly visited around tourist spot in Singapore. If you wish to catch a break from the constant hustle, this is an amazing spot to be in and spend an entire day in. So, plan a trip to Singapore and make a visit to the park and experience in the fun!

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