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There is an intrinsic thirst for adventure in human beings. We love taking risks and enjoying the thrill of life. Much thrilling and adrenaline regulating sports and activities have been devised so far to satisfy this unique desire of humankind. Bungee jumping is one among them. It is synonymous with the skydiving but is for them whose physical fitness doesn’t allow them to skydive. Bungee jumping is popular around the world. People are welcoming this sport in their nearby places. India has been a bit slow in having bungee jumping sites at almost all the prominent places. But, today, there are four important places where people in India can go for experiencing this amazing sport. These places are Rishikesh, Goa, Bangalore, and Mumbai. Bungee jumping in Bangalore can be categorised as probably the best experience. As this has recently been introduced in India, there are a handful of people who are now trying to this sport. Let us see how Bangalore serves to be the best place for the bungee jumpers in India.

Best Time For Bungee Jumping In Bangalore

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Bangalore has a unique kind of moderate climate all over the year and we can plan a visit to this beautiful city at almost any time of the calendar with great ease. However, the weather in the months between September and February can witness the highest number of tourists coming to the city for the weather changes to even more magnificent during the cold season. Let us try to analyse the break-up of the calendar according to the seasons so that it is beneficial for us to plan our trip to Bangalore for bungee jumping.

October To February – The cold months of the winter season are the best months to visit the city which has a moderate type of climate in the winter season as well. It is not so cold and that can be understood by looking at the temperatures with the lowest temperature being about 10°C. There are several benefits of visiting the place in such a season. One can get to enjoy the scenic beauty of the place with more vibrancy and less tiredness. You can feel no need to take heavy woolen clothes with you rather carry a lightweight jacket, especially for the night because night might get you a bit of the chilly experience. This season is also a better season for planning getaways from this city to the other nearby cities for the visit. Mysore in Karnataka also has one of the best bungee jumping sites installed. It is just a few hours away from Bangalore. One can also go to Mysore as well.

March To May – While winters get away from the calendar, the temperature remains to be pleasant throughout the day in Bangalore. The maximum temperature of the place never crosses even 36°C in the hottest months of the city making it the perfect place for the summers too. One can enjoy bungee jumping in this season as well. Summers are also good for the thrilling experience in Bangalore. This is the reason why Bangalore notices the maximum number of tourists from all around throughout the year.

June To September – Mild to heavy rainfall can be experienced with the coming of the monsoon season in Bangalore. The months of August and September would get heavy showers but these showers would rarely continue. Thus, one can still plan a trip to bungee jumping in Bangalore because the rain becomes damp. Just carrying an umbrella and a pair of good shoes for the rain would do its job.

Important Facts About Bungee Jumping

Here are all the important facts that you must be aware of before heading out for trying Bungee Jumping in Bangalore. Take a look!

  • Equipment Used for Bungee Jumping In Bangalore: An elastic rope which is a type of braided shock cord is used for bungee jumping. A body harness is attached to jumpsuit for providing extra support.
  • Factors To Be Considered Before Bungee Jumping: You should be 18 years old.
    The minimum weight of the jumper should be 35kg and the maximum weight is 110kg.
  • Who Should Avoid Bungee Jumping: All heart patients and pregnant women should avoid bungee jumping.

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Best Places For Bungee Jumping In Bangalore

After becoming the home to India’s first permanent bungee jumping facility, Bangalore is attracting adventure-seeking youths from all over India to try this lifetime experience. There are few spots in Bangalore which provide an A-class bungee jumping facility with sufficient security checks and guidance from well-experienced instructors. To make things easier, here is a list of some amazing bungee jumping in Bangalore. Chamundi Hotel. Let us also tell you about the price of bungee jumping in Bangalore at various places.

1. Chamundi Hotel

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The bungee jumping facility of the Chamundi Hotel is run by an adventure sports Organization named X-treme Zone which is India’s largest adventure sports company since 2003 which makes it one of the best spots for bungee jumping in Bangalore. This is also India’s first permanent bungee jumping facility. Imitating the very successful and attractive adventure game of New Zealand, Chamundi premises give a similar thrill of bungee jumping to the jumpers. The most promising part of this bungee jumping is its extra protection facility. Though nowhere in the world are airbags used at the bottom of these jumping facility, X-treme organization has put up this extra airbag with chambers which will absorb the jumper in case of a fall or a mishap and will not throw him out. Thus, it provides an extra advantage for the newbies to experience this adventure sport with all concerns for safety and protection.

Instead of putting up a permanent structure, they have a dedicated crane of 50 ton capacity for the sport. The only difference between bungee jumping in Rishikesh and Bangalore is that Rishikesh has a permanent structure. Though due to harsh weather conditions this facility is mostly closed at the time of winters and rains. But located in Bangalore this bungee jumping facility is open throughout the year.

Where: Located in the center of the city, at Jayamahal Main Road, Chamundi Hotel is at a driving distance of 28km from Bangalore Airport and is about 6km apart from Bangalore City Junction Railway Station.
Price: The cost for the bungee jump is ₹ 300 per person.

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2. Ozone Adventures

Much thrilling and adrenaline regulating sports and activities

Another one of the best places for bungee jumping in Bangalore is Ozone Adventures. If it is non-fixed bungee jumping then Ozone adventure at Bangalore tops the charts. As there is no fixed platform, people sometimes think it will be somewhat risky but it is completely safe and will give you the same experience as in a platform-based bungee jump. The management takes the utmost care regarding safety and security. It has one of the highest bungee jumping in Bangalore. The instructors are well trained and use the best and most secure equipment and maintain very strict safety procedures. They use the standard elastic rope which is a type of braided shock cord. This rope is tied to the ankle and there is a body harness that is further attached to the bodysuit of the jumper. Suspended at a height of 80 feet above the ground, the entire equipment for the bungee jump is attached to a 130 feet crane which can give a chill at the bones.

According to their policies, the jumper must be above 18 years of age with a minimum weight of 35kg and a maximum of 110kg. The best part of such bungee jumping is as there is no fixed platform and is located in the heart of the city, they are open throughout the year, so adventure freaks can go and experience at any time according to their schedules. The adventure happens in Kanteerava Stadium. Ozone Adventures is the highest bungee jumping in Bangalore. Ozone Adventures is located at St. Mark’s Road. It is the best spot for bungee jumping in Bangalore.

Where: It is a 40 minutes travel from Bangalore Airport. Approximately the driving distance is about 35km. Though this place is nearer to Bangalore City Junction Railway Station with an approximate driving distance of 4km.
Price: The cost for the bungee jump is ₹ 400 per person.

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Reasons To Try Bungee Jumping In Bangalore

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Bungee jumping in Bangalore is the best choice you could make because of several reasons. The climate of the region is more favourable than the climate of Rishikesh and Goa. It needs low-speed wind and dry weather. Also, the cost of carrying out the whole process is optimum. This also serves as one of the major factors why people choose to do bungee jumping in Bangalore. The oldest and the first city to start this adventurous program in Bangalore. It has the most popular and the best-chosen sites for the people.

There are many easily accessible places in Bangalore like the shopping mall complexes and playgrounds that have installed this adventurous program. Like Rishikesh and Goa, Bangalore does not have a friendly xed platform for bungee jumping. The platform is open mad people jump from a height of about 130 ft above the ground. The platform is held by the crane and this gives you more thrill because the fear of death is heightened in this case. The people belonging to the age group between 18 to 60 years can have the adrenaline thrilling experience of bungee jumping in Bangalore. One must visit Bangalore for this sport because they give a lot of importance to the safety of the people even though they have made it more dangerous and more thrilling. Several places in Bangalore can be visited for bungee jumping. Few have been discussed below.

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  • The facility or the site that one chooses should be clear of obstructions. The jumping instructors should be highly qualified professionals on whom one can rely upon for the safe jump. The bungee should be well built with the most precise safety measures.
  • Wearing comfortable wand casual clothes with the pair of closed shoes would be great for bungee jumping.
  • One should prevent oneself from eating just before the bungee jump. Let us also not forget to look into the lens of the camera for the photoshoot and smile. After all the smiling pictures are a luxury in bungee jumping.
  • It is better to jump as soon as possible. You should not look down at any point in time and especially while jumping.
  • A person suffering from certain mentioned diseases or disabilities should not go for jumping. They might better sir and enjoy others doing the job. Sightseeing also can develop a thrill in your body.

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The bungee jumping sites in Bangalore have time and again proved to be one of the best sites in India. People from all over the country prefer to go to Bangalore for experiencing this adrenaline-filled sport. One of the best places for bungee jumping in Bangalore can be compared to no other sites for it has the most favorable climatic conditions and also the cost, as well as the height of the bungee jumping, is genuine. A large amount of the crowd at almost all the sites in Bangalore adds to the amazing experience of jumping when a huge crowd looks at you and appreciates it. So, just go ahead and plan an adventure-filled trip to Bangalore and have fun.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bungee Jumping In Bangalore

Where can we experience the best bungee jumping in Bangalore?

Ozone experience is the best place for the activity in Bangalore. This place has the largest amount of crowd. It also is the oldest one of the bungee jump experiences in Bangalore and thus can be relied upon for safety. The crew members are highly professional.

What is the approximate cost of bungee jumping in Bangalore?

The approximate price for bungee jumping in Bangalore is around ₹400 to ₹500 per person. Children below the age of 18 years are not allowed. And there are rules for the weight as well as the health conditions of the person willing to bungee jump in Bangalore.

Which is the best month to visit Bangalore for bungee jumping?

The best month to try bungee jumping in Bangalore is the month of February. The winter season is the best month because of the favorable climatic conditions. The climate in winter is moderate.

What is the most essential precaution to take while bungee jumping in Bangalore?

The most important thing to keep in mind while taking the leap is that you would not look down and you have not taken any food immediately before going for the jump. Many more things are to be kept in mind that are mentioned there regarding the health of the body and the security of the person.

Which is the highest bungee jump in the world?

Macau Tower in China is the highest bungee jump location in the world with a height of about 233 meters which is 764 feet.

What is the highest bungee jump in Bangalore?

The bungee jumping organized by the Ozone experience in the Kanteerava stadium is the highest bungee jump in Bangalore with a height of about 80 feet.

What is the weight limit for bungee jumping in Bangalore?

The weight limit for taking the leap in Bangalore is not less than 35kg. This weight limit is fixed for the average aged person. The age limit being 18 to 60 years.

Which is the best place for bungee jumping in India?

The best place for experiencing the bungee jump in India is Bangalore. Bangalore has the oldest bungee jumping installation in India. It also has a cost-efficient experience. The weather of the place is pleasant throughout the year.

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