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    Cafes In Chandigarh That Are Perfect Hideouts

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    More popular as a weekend getaway near Delhi, and also as a transit place for Himachal trips, Chandigarh is flocked by tourists round the year. It’s not only the small markets and the unique monuments that people visit on their trip to the city, but also these brilliant cafes in Chandigarh that let you unwind and chill out.

    15 Best Cafes In Chandigarh

    Here comes the list of best cafes in Chandigarh that will leave you longing for more.

    Cafes under INR 500 for two

    1. Indian Coffee House, 224, D, Sector 36

    Indian coffee house from outside

    Image Source

    Indian Coffee House is one of the oldest and good cafes in Chandigarh. Loved by all and easy on pocket, this cafe is known for its simple yet super tasty food. If you’re going for the ambience, then this may not be the right place for you. Featuring quick bites and snacks, Indian Coffee House is mostly visited by locals. Be it an evening gupshup or coffee meets with friends, Indian Coffee House is perfect.

    Hours: 9:00 am to 10:00 pm
    Average cost for two: INR 200
    Must try: Dosa, pakoda, coffee, tea, and Infusion

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    2. Café Mocha IT, Elante Mall

    the colourful decor of a cafe

    Image Source

    If you are craving for some good coffee and shakes, choose Café Mocha over any other café in Chandigarh. Be it quick munchies like fries and pavs or filling food like pizza and pasta, this café offers an elated experience. Tucked inside Elante Mall, Café Mocha IT is among the top 10 cafes in Chandigarh.

    Hours: 9:00 am to 9:30 pm
    Average cost for two: INR 300
    Must try: Multigrain khichdi and Keema Pav

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    3. Great Times Cafe, Sub. City Center, Sector 34

    a beautifully decorated cafe

    Image Source

    Great Times Café is all about fun, great food, and amazing ambience. Located at the commercial hub of the city, Great Times Cafe is preferred by young crowds and students because of its affordable rates. Considered one of the best cafes in Chandigarh, it lets you hang out and chat with friends for hours over a cup of cappuccino.

    Hours: 11:00 am to 9:00 pm. Remains closed on Sundays.
    Average cost for two: INR 400
    Must try: Mix sauce pasta, margarita burger, and dark chocolate shake

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    4. Midpoint Café, Sector 21C

    a simple wooden furniture cafe 018

    Image Source

    Another name on the list of good cafes in Chandigarh, Midpoint Café is mostly packed with students and young folks. Decent choice of food, sober décor, and prompt service are some of the highlights offered at amazingly economical rates. From some steaming soups and garlic bread to refreshing mojitos and hot-hot coffee, you’ll get whatever you want.

    Hours: 11:00 am to 10:00 pm
    Average cost for two: INR 400
    Must try: Garlic bread, mushroom sandwich, and virgin mojito

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    Cafes under INR 1000 for two

    5. Honey Hut, Sector 22

    entrance of Honey Hut

    Image Source

    Outdoor seating, smoking area, great hospitality and amazing food, Honey Hut is among the best cafes in Chandigarh. A nature café, this is one of its kind, where honey is added to every dish in place of sugar. Honey Hut is a popular chain, owned by a group of young entrepreneurs, who run their own café and bakery, not only in Chandigarh, but also in various other cities of India.

    Hours: 10:00 am to 10:00 PM
    Average cost for two: INR 550
    Must try: Honey cappuccino, Honey iceberg and donuts. Those who have a sweet tooth must try the molten honey balls.

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    6. Books N Brew Chandigarh , Sector 16D

    interiors of a wonderful book cafe

    Image Source

    Among the coziest book cafes in Chandigarh, Books N Brew Chandigarh is a place to sit back, relax, and flip the pages of your favourite novel. Offering innovative décor with vibrant wall art, amazing food, live music, board games and an impressive collection of books and novels, it is a heaven for bookworms. In a nutshell, this is a cozy place to hang out with friends.

    Hours: 9:00 am to 11:00 pm
    Average cost for two: INR 600
    Must try: Honey chilli cauliflower

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    7. Chandigarh Baking Company, JW Marriott Hotel, Sector 35

    a classic cafe with minimal decor

    Image Source

    Located inside JW Marriot, Chandigarh Baking Company is a trendy café and bakery in the city. Serving divine patisserie, baked stuff, coffee and tea, this place has retained its heritage and plush ambience over the years. You’ll love the wonderful and minimalist decor of this place.

    Hours: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
    Average cost for two: INR 700
    Must try: Tea cakes, red velvet cake, illy coffees and ronnefeldt loose tea

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    8. Lords Café, Sector 16D

    simple decor of a cafe

    Image Source

    For piping hot coffee, frappe, and fresh cakes, head to Lords Café, located in the buzzing market of Sector 16. The décor is not so flashy but the peaceful ambience and super tasty food of this cozy cafe make it one of the best cafes in Chandigarh for romantic dates or informal chitchats.

    Hours: 10:00 am to 11:00 pm
    Average cost for two: INR 800
    Must try: Veg extreme toast, calzone, pituria, hot chocolate and hazelnut cappuccino


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    Cafes under INR 1500 for two

    9. The Hedgehog Café, Sector 7C

    a book cafe packed with books

    Image Source

    Located in the Inner Market of Sector 7, this small quaint café in Chandigarh is primarily known as a reading place and co-working space. One of the best book cafes in Chandigarh, the creative interior, peaceful ambience, and courteous staff are the elements of charm here. And when it comes to food, guests can treat themselves to hot piping soups, pizzas and exciting desserts.

    Hours: 8:30 am to 11:00 pm
    Average cost for two: INR 1000
    Must try: Tomato basil soup, ravioli and nutella cheesecake


    10. Skylight Café, The Fern Residency

    a beautiful cafe with cozy decor

    Image Source

    Featuring free WIFI, valet parking and wheelchair access, Skylight Café is yet another popular cafe in Chandigarh. Located inside Fern Residency hotel, one can order from wide varieties of Indian, Italian and Continental cuisine and exotic mocktails. With artistic décor and amazing staff, Skylight Café is a place for chitchats, formal meetings, as well as peaceful solo time.

    Hours: 11:00 am to 11:00 pm
    Average cost for two: INR 1000
    Must try: Waldorf salad, the Fern Club sandwich and cream caramel cake


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    11. Backpacker’s Café, Sector 9 D

    inside backpackers cafe

    Image Source

    Specializing in all-day breakfast and brunch spread, Backpacker’s Café is one of the most happening cafes in Chandigarh. As the name suggests, this is one of the best places for backpackers, travelers, and young people. From sumptuous salads and burgers to sandwiches, pancakes, there’s so much to try. The vibrant and buzzing atmosphere and good music will also live upto your expectations, every time.

    Hours: 8:30 am to 11:30 pm
    Average cost for two: INR 1200
    Must try: White sauce pasta, panini sandwich, ala sicilians pizza, chocolate brownie and masala coke

    12. Café JC’s, Coal Depot, Sector-10D

    colourful ambience of an outdoor cafe

    Image Source

    Flaunting chic décor, vibrant wall art, both indoor and outdoor seating and wheelchair access, Café JC’s happens to be one of the best cafes in Chandigarh. Café JC serves outstanding Indian and international dishes, that are hard to miss. Moreover, all these facilities along with soothing retro music will win your heart.

    Hours: 10 am to 11:30 pm
    Average cost for two: INR 1200
    Must try: Lumberjack lamb burger, eggplant mossaka, brownie sandwich and basil ice cream

    13. F Café Chandigarh, Madhya Marg, Sector 26

    stylish fashion cafe

    Image Source

    F cafe, Chandigarh is primarily known for its delicious desserts, Mexican and Continental food and refreshing drinks. Funky décor, cozy and comfortable seating are the highlights here, but F Café is best known to all for serving the most delicious molten chocolate balls, cakes and brownies in entire Chandigarh.

    Hours: 9:00 am until midnight
    Average cost for two: INR 1200
    Must try: Crusted chicken alfredo pizza, SanDiego fries, blueberry pancake, strawberry shake

    14. The Willow Café Chandigarh, Sector 10-D

    simple decor of a beautiful cafe

    Image Source

    A popular café in Chandigarh, The Willow Café, Chandigarh is a decent place to spend some hours over tea, coffee and munchies. From kebabs to salads, soups to grilled stuff, the menu here is elaborate and varied. The sumptuous food, coupled with friendly staff, speedy services, WIFI and free parking facilities pull crowd here, throughout the day.

    Hours: 8:30 am to Midnight
    Average cost for two: INR 1300
    Must try: Chicken Breast stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes, Chicken Khurchan, Pasta with Arrabbiata.

    15. Café Nomad Chandigarh, Sector 7-C

    people sitting and chilling in a cafe

    Image Source

    Café Nomad, Chandigarh is the best cafe in Chandigarh that serves authentic Lebanese cuisine. Though slightly on the expensive side, but the tasty food, sober crowd, and nicely done up décor have put Café Nomad on the list of top cafes in Chandigarh. Be it a lazy brunch, a filling lunch or dinner, Café Nomad will always offer an extra-delightful experience.

    Hours: 11:00 am to Midnight
    Average cost for two: INR 1500
    Must try: Baklava, mezze platter, chicken shish taouk, spinach fatyar, laban with mint, muhammara

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    Have you been to any of these cafes in Chandigarh? Let us know you experience and help other travelers find the best cafes to spend an evening on their next trip to Chandigarh.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Cafes in Chandigarh

    Q. Which are the famous cafes in Chandigarh?

    A. some of the most famous cafes in Chandigarh include Café Nomad Chandigarh, F Café Chandigarh, Backpacker’s Café.

    Q. How much do you need to spend at the cafes?

    A. If you want a luxurious place, you can spend INR 1500 for two at the Hedgehog Café or Skylight Café. The budget-friendly cafes are Great Times Café, Café Mocha IT.

    Q. Which are the most famous restaurants in Chandigarh?

    A. Some of the famous restaurants of Chandigarh are Black Lotus, Baluchi, Saffron, Oven Fresh, Pal Dhaba, Kylin Experience, and so on.

    Q. What is the famous cuisine of Chandigarh?

    A. Though there are different cuisines available in the cafes and restaurants of Chandigarh, you should try the Punjabi cuisine where different types of bread are famous.

    Q. Which are the best cafes in Chandigarh for a date?

    A. If you’re looking for a quaint romantic hideaway then you can visit Virgin Courtyard, Brooklyn Central, and Café JC’s.

    Q. Which are the best outdoor cafes in Chandigarh?

    A. 26 Boulevard, The Crown Patisserie Café, and The Willow Café are some of the best cafes in Chandigarh that come with an outdoor sitting.

    Q. Which are the best rooftop cafes in Chandigarh?

    A. If you are looking for rooftop cafes in Chandigarh, then Puzzles, The Escape, Benares are some of the best options.



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