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    Castles In Austria (Cover)

    Much famed for its ruins, forts, castles, and palaces, Austria offers a breathtaking mountainous backdrop that is lined with castles. Each castle has an interesting story to tell and Austria being a country full of history and culture, it is impossible to avoid visiting these castles on your trip to Austria. The castles in Austria are so marvellous that they seem to be taken out of a fairy tale. Most of the castles stand out and are nestled amidst the green forest. They are generally made of light coloured stone and can be seen from miles away.

    8 Beautiful Castles In Austria

    Out of all the places in Europe Austria has some of the best castles that are known worldwide. Hence, make sure you do not miss out on some of the best castles in Austria on your next holiday.

    1. Riegersburg Castle

    Riegersburg Castle

    Image Source

    The Riegersburg castle is one of the strongly built castles in Occident. Today, this castle stands out popular among the locals and tourists. The walls of the castle tell the history of the past and is a perfect place for those interested in historical tours. The trek uphill is indeed an adventure that none of the travelers can forget.

    2. Burg Kreuzenstein

    Burg Kreuzenstein

    Image Source

    Set near the heart of Vienna, the castle is located in the middle of the forest’s high ground. It is one of the famous castles in Vienna Austria. Burg Kreuzenstein castle has a museum and an eagle station that features spectacular shows. It is a famous movie shooting point in Austria and popular movies like “Season of the Witch” and “The Three Musketeers” are shot here.

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    3. Hochosterwitz Castle

    Hochosterwitz Castle

    Image Source

    The Hochosterwitz castle is one the best castles in Europe and it sits upon a hilltop on the countryside. The castle style has been changed over the year and even undergone a complete reconstruction in the 14th century. There are both solo as well as guided tours that take you around the castle. This fairytale castle is open to public all throughout the year. One can reach the castle by car or train to Hechingen and a castle shuttle that takes you directly to the entry of the castle.

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    4. Hofburg Castle

    Hofburg Castle

    Image Source

    Previously the political center of Austria’s Monarchy, the Hofburg castle is located in the capital city of Vienna. The castle still remains to be the political center and is now the official seat of President of Austria. There are several buildings and cultural institutions that form the Hofburg, The Austria National Library and Spanische Hofreitschule are also located in these buildings.

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    5. Schloss Schonbrunn Castle

    Schloss Schonbrunn Castle

    Image Source

    If you are touring castles, then the Schloss Schonbrunn Castle is one of the best castles to visit in Austria. Originally the castle was constructed to a hunting lodge for the heir of the throne “Joseph.I. Begining”. During the World War I, the castle was much famed to be the Austrian Imperial Family’s summer residence. The castle is surrounded by a beautiful park and today it is a popular tourist attraction among locals and travelers. Being one among the many castles in Austria, it is also a famous UNESCO heritage site since 1996.

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    6.Hermesvilla Castle

    Hermesvilla Castle

    Image Source

    Popularly called the “Palace of Dreams”, the Hermesvilla castle was initially a gift for Empress Elisabeth by her husband Emperor Franz Joseph. The castle is ideally located the Lainzer Tiergarten which was previously a hunting area and later got converted into a natural reserve. The castle is surrounded by a beautiful park and houses within it a popular restaurant and museum that is open to public.

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    7.Festung Hohensalzburg

    Festung Hohensalzburg

    Image Source

    Considered to be one of the famous Austrian castles, the Festung Hohensalzburg castle is also set on a mountain top. It is known to be one of Europe’s biggest castles since the 11th century. The castle was initially used for political reasons and was protected by the local bishops. Today, the castle is open to the public and is frequently used for musical concerts.

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    Image Source

    The Belvedere castle was initially constructed in the 18th century and was used as a summer residence for the Prince Eugen von Savoyen. Set on top of a hill, Belvedere Castle offers a beautiful view from the inside and is one of the best castles to stay in Austria. It also has an art gallery depicting the Austrian art from middle ages to the present day.

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    Austria has dozen of castles located in the country and the above mentioned are some of the best few. All these castles are so magnificent that they feel like they are taken out a fairy tale. So make sure to visit these castles in Austria if you are planning to holiday in Europe!

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