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Germany is the land of fairies, at least that’s what its castles imply. Castles in Germany, straight from the medieval era, display fine architecture, detailing, and stand as some of the most picturesque works in the world ever. The entire country in the heart of Europe is dotted with castles with the most popular of them spread across Bavarian Alps, Moritzburg Islands, and the Rhine. Today, all these gothic structures serve as Germany’s top tourist attraction. One the residing place for royal families and knights, these castles to visit in Germany have been well-preserved and thrive in the lap of the sumptuous nature.

What’s special about these architecture pieces is their turrets and towers that shoot up above the valley penetrating the cloud. The massive castle complex preserves the belongings of the royal family that once lived there. To take an extensive tour of these top castles in Germany, guided tours conducted during which one can take a closer look at the paintings, antiques, and artifacts, dating centuries back. The admission fee for these castles range from 6-15 euros, and are just too good to make your day!

Most efficient route to cover all the top 10 castles in Germany

1. Schwerin Castle, Schwerin

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Schwerin in Germany is the place epitomized by nature. An island, lakes, and lush green around, that’s what you get to savor when you are around in Schwerin. And there on the island sits Schwerin Castle making for some of the most captivating vistas in the heart of Germany.

If Germany castle tour is on your mind then you have to put the Schwerin Castle on top of the list. Moreover, to lure you into a visit, there are parquet floors, a library, and the glorious throne room. Set your priorities straight and plan a day trip to the beautiful castle.

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2. Braunfels Castle, Braunfels

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Braunfels Castle in Braunfels Towers 100 meter above the Lahn Valley. The Gothic structure remains one of the finest pieces exhibiting the famed medieval architecture. The castle is known to conduct opera and events that attract a large number of people. There is an hourly guided tour conducted at the castle.

From exhibiting classical paintings adorning the castle wall to miniatures narrating the eventful history of Germany, Braunfels Castle has plenty to offer. Arms collection and Duke Ferdinand’s favorite wildlife and hunting paintings make the highlight of this castle in Germany.

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3. Eltz Castle, Wierschem

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For the past 850 years, the Eltz Castle has stood as one of the most sought-after attractions in Germany. Located between Koblenz and Trier, the scenic beauty overlooks Moselle River in the mountain terrains of Wierschem. Quite interestingly, the castle has been home to the descendants of the same family that once lived here some 33 generations back.

The residents have preserved the castle well and today the castle is counted among the finest work of architecture in Germany. A 15-minute walk would suffice to see the castle and complete the tour of the complex.

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4. Cochem Castle, Cochem

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Cochem Castle sits atop the hill and has Moselle River flowing by it. One of the finest neo-gothic castles in Germany, the Cochem castle is a 10-minute walk from the Cochem town. As you take the steep walk up to the castle, the rewarding 360-degree views around would enthrall you for sure.

You can enjoy the enchanting views of the castle at dusk as you take the cruise in Moselle River. A fine architecture it is to remain on the list of top 10 castles in Germany.

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5. Heidelberg Castle, Heidelberg

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Heidelberg Castle is full of top tourist attractions and along with the magnificent castle, you are going to love the wonderful activities here in Heidelberg. For example, you can always visit the world’s largest wine barrel and brag about it. Taking the cable car ride from the castle and riding the funicular railway are some of the other significant activities one can plan at the castle.

Explore the castle courtyard and barrel cellar, and walk up to the German Pharmacy Museum. Heidelberg is one of those castles in Germany that offers plenty of activities. A guided tour of Heidelberg Castle is for sure one of the most interesting things to do when you are in Germany.

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6. Nuremberg Castle, Nürnberg

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Once mentioned as the royal property of Salian and Hohenstaufen kings and emperors dating back to the early 11th century, Nuremberg Castle stands tall even after suffering huge demolition during the times of WWII. A prominent seat of the Roman Empire, this place has a trail leading up to the entrance.

One has to take the steep trail to reach the castle from where the panoramic views of the city are just surreal. Don’t miss to climb the steep steps that lead to the top of the Sinwell Tower.

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7. Hohenzollern Castle, Hohenzollern

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Another of the popular hilltop castles in Germany, the Hohenzollern Castle is widely known as Imperial House of Hohenzollern. Sitting atop Mount Hohenzollern, the castle lies in its slumber when it snows heavily or for that matter when the entire valley is engulfed by the mist.

The fact that the marvelous building sits high up on the mountains makes it the top castles in Germany. The popular Black Forest lies in the vicinity of the castle and is again a must-visit for all the experience seekers.

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8. Hohenschwangau Castle, Schwangau

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Maximilian II was crown prince of Bavaria who restored the medieval castle from ruins into a fine Gothic structure today. Since the time it was rebuilt in 1832 till today, the Hohenschwangau Castle has seen millions of tourist from across the world and has remained a major tourist attraction in southern Germany.

The magical mountainscapes make the castle even more drool-worthy and romantic for all the loving heart. Another popular attraction that must be visited in the Bavarian Alps.

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9. Neuschwanstein Castle, Schwangau

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The iconic Neuschwanstein Castle tucked in the southwestern Bavarian Alps region is certainly a fascinating thing piece of architecture. Located near lakes Schwansee and Alpsee, Neuschwanstein Castle is a majestic fortress that has stood the test of time and is Germany’s most noticeable attraction.

The castle that is but a neatly crafted inspiration from Walt Disney was built by King Ludwig II. Weeks after the death of the mad king the castle was open to the public. The most noticeable feature of the castle is its unique setting which makes a picture perfect spectacle from Mary’s Bridge.

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10. Burghausen Castle, Burghausen, Upper Bavaria


The 12th-century grandeur Burghausen Castle in Upper Bavarian region is the ideal place for a day tour. The longest castle complex in the world happens to be a significant crowd puller in Germany and is a perfect attraction for the history lovers. The massive temple is spread over a kilometer range and takes a couple of hours to visit.

So, basically, the castle is a string of buildings dating back to 1000 AD that has turned into a massive complex. Moreover, the castle’s location on the Austrian border makes it even more exciting. Salzburg is a mere 30-minute drive from the castle.

Find more details about the Burghausen Castle here

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All of these architectural marvels have been around for over a century and continue to remain awesome. Don’t leave them unvisited for they are some of the finest creations one could ever see!

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