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    colombia honeymoon

    The honeymoon is only the time when you get to hang out with your loved one. But when you choose a state or country to go for, the first thing you worry about is probably which places to see. And you will find a lot of locations you can see but you will not have that much of time. So, to help you with your Colombia honeymoon, we have finalized 10 best locations you will enjoy visiting with your partner.

    Places To Visit On Your Colombia Honeymoon

    Check them out and visit them. The ones shown here are the most popular ones you can find in Colombia.

    1. Bogota

    La Candelaria, Bogota, Colombia

    Image Source

    The capital city of Colombia, Bogota is a high-end modern city with sprawling infrastructure. If you have chosen for Colombia honeymoon, this is where you will land. Enjoy the neo-classical structures which are the beautiful landmarks of the city, take a walk through the cobbled streets with your loved ones. Take photos at Plaza Bolivar, the public square in the city center. Apart from that, the city is also home to the popular museums like Museo Botero and Museo del Oro which should be on your check-out list.

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    2. Providencia Island

    Providencia Island

    Image Source

    For your Colombia honeymoon, Providencia Island is a perfect place for the lovebirds to elope and escape the clamor of the city. A picturesque island in the Carribean, this place will give you a romantic feeling for sure. The golden sand, as well as the palm trees, make this place one of the tour worthy places in Colombia on your honeymoon. And, not only honeymoon this place will also be perfect for family tours or on a Colombian trip with friends. Get to see the Crab Clay or climb the peak. Visit the blue McBean Lagoon and Santa Catalina Island.

    3. Cartagena


    Image Source

    A port city on the Carribean coast of Colomba, Cartagena is a must-visit for the couple who are on their Colombia honeymoon. In case you are here for the only reason of honeymoon, then you could either visit the nearby deserted area or island or another romantic thing you could do is to take a take a ride of the carriage through the cobblestone street. Escape to the charming Rosario Island to seek solitude and bliss. The old historical town is known for its scenic beaches.

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    4. Zona Cafe Tera

    Zona Cafe Tera

    Image Source

    Zona Cafetera is a rural area in Colombia which is famous for its coffee production. The reason why it should be on your list of places to visit o Colombia honeymoon is that of the lush coffee plantations and aroma in the air. If you visit this place it would be an awesome experience of yours out of the city pollution. Roaming in these streets with your hands clenched like lobsters with each other will be very romantic too.

    5. Santa Cruz de Mompox

    Santa Cruz de Mompox

    This is also an awesome place for having a romantic vacation where you can enjoy a sleepy romance in this place. It’s a simple beach town in Northern Colombia providing you with a peaceful and tranquil. ENjoyi taking strolls on its picturesque beaches and visit the archaic churches and buildings in the town. This two will surprisingly turn out fun for you and your partner

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    6. Tatacoa desert

    desert view

    Image Source

    This desert is also one of the best honeymoon places in Colombia you could go for. The most important reason why this is a romantic destination is the stars here. This arid zone in Colombia will make your jaw drop because of the out of the world landscape. The red stones canyon and the astronomical observatory are the two reasons why you should bring your partner here. Because of the hot weather spending a few hours of the day in the pool can also be fabulous. And this is also one of the reasons this place is famous for honeymoons.

    7. Medellin


    Image Source

    This place is the capital city of the mountainous province of Colombia. The other name for this is the city of eternal spring and the reason is that of the fabulous weather condition in this city. There are a number of best honeymoon resorts in Colombia where you could spend your vacation in peace. This city also has a huge number of attractions like the museum, botanical gardens Arvi Park, and Science Park which you can visit at your leisure.

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    8. San Agustin

    San Agustin

    Image Source

    On your Colombia honeymoon, if you would like to visit some well-civilized places then this can be a see-worthy place for you to go. The reason why it is said well civilized is that of having more than 500 old statues and stuff like that which can tell you a bit about the history of the place also. The statues also include the remnants of humans that are smiling as well as sheering. Not only humans, the statues also include birds and other creatures too.

    9. Popayan


    Image Source

    The city Popayan was ranked the best colonial places in the USA. And, this places is also located on the southwestern part of this awesome nation. It can also be called the white cities of USA and this is because of the buildings that are in the color of chalk white. The white buildings give the whole city a royal look. And, the resorts here will also give a chance to experience the royal buildings also.

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    10. Tayrona national park

    View Of Tayrona national park

    Image Source

    Tayrona Nationl park is profusely rich in flora and fauna. This place will also allow you to spend some loving time in the place you like with your loving partner. The vast beauty of nature as well as the species of birds that are probably endangered in the region. The beaches themselves have their own beauty.

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    These were the 10 places you can go on your Colombia honeymoon if you would like a romantic honeymoon trip. All of the places are couple friendly for sure. If you absolutely love nature, then Colombia can be a great place for a honeymoon or you can choose among other international honeymoon destinations.

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