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Most people think that Mauritius is a honeymoon destination apt for couples on a romantic vacation. Well, it is true, however, the charm of mauritius is not limited to couples. People may not agree this at afirst, but families have started considering Mauritius as a tropical getaway. The turquoise beaches and abundance of nature offer a variety of activies for families to enjoy together. So, it can be said that the trend is changing. This couple with their one year old kid took a family trip to Mauritius and put an end to the argument that Mauritius vacation is only ideal for couples.

Why Did You Take A Family Trip To Mauritius?

It was my wife’s birthday and we wanted any international trip that does not require too much commute time considering we have an infant. Mauritius posed as a great option as we could spend a laidback vacation by the beach yet partake in adventure activities like zip lining and watersports.We had the time of our lives on our Mauritius family tour and didn’t feel like returning!

5 Best Experiences On Our Family Trip To Mauritius

The luxury holidays to Mauritius was a blast. My wife, son, and I had too much fun in the six days. Here are some of the best moments of our vacation:

  • Casela – World of Adventures
  • Waterfall – Zipline
  • La Vallee des Couleurs Nature Park – Hike
  • Beach – Make Merry While The Sun Shines
  • Green Island Beach Restaurant – Try Squid

1. Casela – World of Adventures

at casela adventures park
interact with some beautiful creatures
saw many variety of animals
had an amazing fun
exhilarating experience
exciting day at Casela Nature Park

We had an exciting day at Casela Nature Park on your family holiday in Mauritius. The experience of mingling with the wild was exhilarating. We saw horses, monkeys, deers, and various other animals. Our son had so much fun getting to know a variety of animals whose pictures he had only seen in books.

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2. Waterfall – Zipline

fun exeperience
picturesque sceneries
 a ride with son

Ziplining was one of the highlights of our Mauritius trip. In fact, my wife and my one-year-old son had the most fun going whoopee on the zip line and straight into the waterfall. I was skeptical at first, but the guys ensured proper safety measures. So, I motivated my wife and kid to go for ziplining. If you visit La Vallee des Couleurs Nature Park, I would suggest you put this on your list.

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3. La Vallee des Couleurs Nature Park – Hike

beautiful pic
the giant turtles in the park
the best trio
 perfect day
our son had so much fun

At La Vallee des Couleurs Nature Park, we had a rendezvous with nature and discovered Mauritius’s best-kept secrets at this nature park. We stumbled upon charming waterfalls and a variety of flora-fauna. It was a perfect day out amidst nature. The picturesque sceneries at the park will take your breath away. We even saw the giant turtles in the park.

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4. Beach – Make Merry While The Sun Shines

 perfect day with my son
splendid pictures
enjoyed very much
had so much fun
beautiful pair
beautiful beach view

Our time by the sea in Mauritius was splendid. We were mesmerized by the crystal clrea waters of the sea. Our son had so much fun frolicking in the water. We relaxed a bit by the beach on the beach chairs. The scenery of turquoise waters of the ocean was just epic.

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5. Green Island Beach Restaurant – Try Squid

went to Silver beach Restaurant
we enjoyed our day with son
visited many places with son
sunny day to explore the city
lovely place to visit with kids

One one of the nights, we went to Green Island Beach Restaurant to have our dinner and I must say that I tasted the best squid of my life. We love seafood. So, we decided to have a squid. The place was lovely and it had a nice ambiance. All in all, we enjoyed our dinner there.

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Dilon’s Family Trip To Mauritius – Trip Details

Trip Type: Family Holiday
Trip Duration: 8 D/7N
Trip Cost: INR 75500
Travel Agent: Timeless Trips
Inclusions: Airport Transfers, Breakfast, Dinner, Ile aux Cerfs tour
Exclusions: Lunch, Private cab, Airfare, Travel insurance

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Mauritius Travel Tips

As the saying goes, experience is the best teacher. Here are some tips and tricks from our vacation experience that will come in handy for you on your family trip to Mauritius:

  • Mauritius is not a perfect place for shopping. So, don’t expect too much.
  • I would suggest keep a few days on your itinerary to your leisure so that you can enjoy your time at your will.
  • Do not get carried away by upselling from agents or storekeepers
  • Feel free to explore restaurants and places to eat around.

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If you too are looking forward to having a family vacation in Mauritius, stop thinking and start making plans. Mauritius is a great destination for anyone who wants to have an island vacation and loves nature. For a family trip to Mauritius, make sure you gather your extended family members. As the saying goes, happiness shared is happiness doubled.

Frequently Asked Questions About Family Trip To Mauritius

How many days do you need in Mauritius?

You need at least 7 days to enjoy the natural charm and beauty of Mauritius.

Which is the best area to stay in Mauritius?

The best areas to stay in Mauritius are Grand Bay, Flic en Flac, Le Morne, and Trou aux Biches. These places are known for their vibrant nightlife and are a happening touristy hub.

How much money should I bring to Mauritius?

Carrying around INR 35,000 for a 6-day trip to Mauritius should suffice.

What can you not do in Mauritius?

You should not hike without a guide, trust google maps blindly while hiking or take the late night bus while you’re in Mauritius. The latter is not deemed very safe.

How to go Mauritius from India?

you don’t have to apply for a visa in order to travel to Mauritius from India as you get a visa on arrival valid for 60 days which is issued to you if you have a valid passport for the next six months, return tickets and accommodation details.

What Is Mauritius Best Known For?

While tourism is one of the main reasons that all know Mauritius for. It has a huge sugarcane farms you can see all over Mauritius . Two things that you will relish in Mauritius are beaches and nature. While you can enjoy snorkeling and other water sports in the blue ocean, the nature reserves and parks in Mauritius will introduce you to the breathtaking sceneries and exotic wildlife.

What Is The Best Month To Travel To Mauritius?

We travelled in March and was warm however wasn’t hot like summer in coastal. They say its warm throughout the year and they have rains throughout the year. Basically, you will get good weather in mauritius anytime. December to May is the time when the tourism is at its peak. The climate is cold, dry, and sunny.

Is Mauritius Safe At Night?

While most Mauritius sleeps early, we did explore a few casinos by ourself and it was good experience and was totally safe. Mauritius has myriad options for nightlife. Hit the casino clubs and play your luck. However, avoid walking to the beaches all alone. Stay away from secluded places. This goes for every tourist destination.

What Should I Wear In Mauritius?

There isn’t any restriction on what to wear and what not to. You can wear anything you like. I believe nudity is something not very appreciated from what we read. Refrain from dark clothes. Bring a lot of light cotton clothes with you since the weather is hot and humid. Carry flip-flops with you for beachwear. Carry a pair of two of swimwear.

How Was Your Experience With TravelTriangle?

TravelTriangle is always able to meet the budgetary tasks, and hence we choose them. We did nto have any problem throughout the trip. Everything was seamless and perfect. However, the restaurant suggested was okay. Travel Triangle is my current go to agent mainly cause of the two main reasons.
1. Quick responses
2. Best management

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