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One of the most famous French national parks, Ecrins National Park (or Parc national des Ecrins) is a popular park in France. It sets itself apart from the rest of the park because of numerous distinct features. It remains a major landmark in south-eastern France. As it is located in between the départements of Isère and Hautes-Alpes, nature lovers find ample avenues to explore their adventurous side.

This park is rich in natural resources. Its cool and calm atmosphere persuades the locals and international tourists to visit the place often.

About Ecrins National Park

About Ecrins National Park

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The tourists won’t dare to ignore the Ecrins National Park on their trip to France. The Barre des Ecrins rises at approximately 4,102 m (13,458 ft). The park houses high mountainous ranges, peaks, alpine pastures, glacier fields, lakes, subalpine woodlands, and glacier valleys et al. They cover the 918 km2 (354 sq mi) area of this national park. Ecrins National Park has already attained global recognition. Around 800,000 tourists visit it annually.

8 Things To Do In Ecrins National Park

There are several avenues for adventure and entertainment in this park. We’ve listed a few of them:

1. France: Admire Glaciers

Admire Glaciers

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Being a national park with global repute, Ecrins National Park is an ultimate place for those seeking to look at glaciers from a close distance. It houses many glaciers. Thus, nature lovers enjoy spending time there. Make sure to climb the park and take a look at them.

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2. France: Visit Natural Reserves

Visit Natural Reserves

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The beauty of Ecrins National Park increases due to the presence of many fine nature reserves. As they are there within this park’s premises inside its border area, tourists visit there in their leisure time. The popular natural reserves visited by the tourists are Pics du Combeynot, Vallée de Saint-Pierre, Vallée de la Séveraisse, Vallée du Béranger, Cirque du Lac des Estaris, and Vallée du Vénéon, among others.

3. France: Gaze At Valleys

Gaze At Valleys

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Being a huge park with many mountainous ranges and natural reserves, Ecrins National Park also accommodates some of the popular French valleys. Ensure that you take assistance from the local guides while touring to the valley side area. They speak English besides French and also ascertain that you are comfortable while you travel to the area near the valleys.

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4. France: Pursue Outdoor Activities

Pursue Outdoor Activities

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Ecrins National Park is famous for providing avenues for outdoor activities. As this park houses several stunning hikes and trails you are provided with the avenues to involve in such adventure activities. The spirit of adventure becomes so much scintillating while you literally disappear into the mountains for days in case you choose longer trails.

5. France: Visit Alpine Streams

Visit Alpine Streams

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As Ecrins National Park offers you multiple avenues to explore the region in one go, you can’t ignore assessing the Alpine streams during a trip. Their beauty captivates the attention of each and every traveler visiting the park.

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6. France: Visit Small Towns

Visit Small Towns

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As no major towns are located nearby Ecrins National Park, tourists are advised to prepare themselves accordingly. A visit to nearby frontier towns and villages would be a good idea. Towns like Embrun, Grenoble and Briancon are worth exploring for this purpose. If you are willing to experience village life in France, then Les Vigneaux, Vallouise, Ailefroide, Puy Aillaud, and La Bérarde are at reasonable distance from this park where you can visit for fun and capture lots of memories. The La Grave village has been ranked as the most beautiful of all French villages.

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7. France: Go Sightseeing

Go Sightseeing

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Besides Ecrins National Park, there are many interesting places where travelers can go sightseeing. Take for example La Meijs natural resort located at a distance of just 10 kilometers from the park. Likewise, Jardin Alpin du Lautaret, La Grave, L’Argentiere-la-Bessee, Aiguilles d’Arves, and Vallee de la Claree are a few amazing destinations located at a distance of fewer than 50 kilometers from the Ecrins National Park.

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8. France: Taste French Cuisine

Taste French Cuisine

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Don’t forget tasting some great French recipes in the nearby restaurants. Many restaurants are present there at a reasonable distance from this park. You may visit them to taste the food of your choice. They serve you variety of French recipes, besides a few popular dishes from intercontinental cuisines at an affordable price.

How To Reach Ecrins National Park

How To Reach Ecrins National Park

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Public transportation facility is available from almost all parts of France to reach Ecrins National Park. If you are choosing an option to hire a private transporter from your hotel, it can also be a good option for a well-planned tour plan. Parking facilities are available nearby the gates of this park at certain distances. Travelers are advised to walk inside by keeping the private cars a little bit outside to avoid any unnecessary rush.

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Visiting Ecrins National Park in France can become a once-in-a-lifetime experience if you are well-prepared. Get assistance from trusted and reputed tour operators who customize itineraries. Prior research about this famous national park will also be helpful to save time, resources, energy, and of course funds on your trip to France.

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