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    Forts In Goa cover

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    Goa, the most popular travel destinations in India exhibits an interesting amalgamation of Indian and Portuguese cultures. However, Goa is known for its stunning beaches, scrumptious seafood, electrifying nightlife, spirituality, water sports, and a lot more, but one of the prime attractions here are the illuminating forts that tells the story of the previous era. The revolt of Marathas against Portuguese and the episodes when the later conquered the area and developed it according to their culture and beliefs. These beautiful forts in Goa are not only loved by history-lovers but also attracts nature-lovers with their astounding infrastructure and panoramic sights. Read more to know the most interesting forts in Goa that will make you fall in love with their ambiance.

    7 Best Forts In Goa

    Check out the best forts in Goa unveiling the hidden stories of this lively place:

    1. Chapora Fort

    Fort near beach

    Image Source

    Chapora Fort is the most popular fort in North Goa that lures visitors with its stunning sunset and sunrise views. The steepy slopes on all sides of this fort makes you capture the panoramic vistas of Malabar region having sea along its side.

    Facts About Chapora Fort:

    • The fort was established in the year 1510 by Adil Shah of Bijapur.
    • The fort is located at a mesmerizing location where Chapora River meets Arabian Sea.
    • The fort was occupied by the Portuguese in the year 1717.

    Location: Chapora Fort, North Goa
    Timings: 10:00 AM – 5:30 PM

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    2. Reis Magos Fort

    Oldest Fort

    Image Source

    Reis Magos Fort is amongst the oldest forts in Goa and exhibits panoramic views from all sides. The astounding ambiance of this place makes it one of the most loved forts in Goa. Currently, the fort has been restored and maintained by the cultural and heritage center in Goa.

    Facts About Reis Magos Fort:

    • The fort was established in the year 1551.
    • It is located on the bank of River Mandovi in Goa.
    • The fort overlooks the entire capital city, Panjim.
    • The place is located in proximity to Verem Bazaar.

    Location: Verem, Bardez, North Go
    Timings: 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM

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    3. Corjuem Fort

    Beautiful view of fort

    Image Source

    Corjuem Fort was established in the year 1705 in Goa. The fort is known for offering splendid sights of the surrounding area. It is one of the two prominent inland forts of Goa and lures travelers with its exquisite experiences.

    Facts About Corjuem Fort:

    • The fort was established in the year 1705.
    • It served as the Military Fortress for Portuguese army.
    • The fort is quite popular due to its unique location.

    Location: Aldona, Corjuem, North Goa
    Timings: 24×7

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    4. Terekhol Fort

    Fort located at the mouth of River

    Image Source

    Another beautiful fort located in Goa is the Terekhol Fort that is also known as Tiracol Fort. Located at the mouth of River Tiracol, the place is known for its picturesque beauty. If you are planning to visit this gorgeous place while vacationing in Goa then you can take a ferry from Querim to this place.

    Facts About Terekhol Fort:

    • The fort was built in the 17th century by Maharaja Khem Sawant Bhonsle.
    • It was later taken over by the Portuguese.
    • The fort served as the base for freedom fighters in the year 1961.

    Location: Tiracol, North Goa
    Timings: 24×7

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    5. Aguada Fort

    Beach View

    Image Source

    Aguada Fort is one of the most interesting forts in Goa and is loved by the travelers for its well-preserved structure. As the fort is overlooking the arabian Sea, you can capture the beautiful views in your camera. The place is usually visited in late afternoons as the sights of sunsets from the Aguada Fort is unmatchable.

    Facts About Aguada Fort:

    • This epitome of Portuguese architecture was established in the 17th century.
    • The fort is located at Sinquerim Beach, nearly 18 kilometers from Panjim.
    • The fort is known for purveying breathtaking views of the confluence of River Mandovi and the Arabian Sea.

    Location: Aguada Fort Road, Candolim, North Goa
    Timings: 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM

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    6. Sinquerim Fort

    Stunning View Of Fort

    Image Source

    Sinquerim Fort is located at a distance of 18 kilometers from the capital city. It is believed to be the lower extension of Aguada Fort and is one of the must-visit places in Goa. This beautiful fort divides the Sinquerim Beach into two and the stunning views of the Arabian Sea will surely spellbind you with its impeccable beauty.

    Facts About Sinquerim Fort:

    • It was established in the year 1612.
    • It is the lower extension of Aguada Fort

    Location: Candolim, North Goa
    Timings: 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM

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    7. Nanuz Fort

    Sunset View

    Image Source

    One of the most interesting forts in Goa that lure peace-seeker with its serenity is Nanuz Fort. The fort played a significant role during the revolts in Goa and has witnessed the fall and the rise of the city. The place is home to a vibrant flora and its aromatic surrounding entices the visitors.

    Facts About Nanuz Fort:

    • The Nanuz Fort was established in the 17th century.
    • It was commissioned by the most popular Maratha ruler Shivaji.
    • The fort played a significant role in the revolts of Goa.

    Location: Sattari, North Goa
    Timings: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

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    Isn’t it interesting to unveil the other side of Goa that is rarely known by party-lovers staying here. Witness the story of this beautiful place by planning a visit to the above-mentioned forts in Goa showcasing a mixed culture and architecture of Potuguese and local Maratha rulers. Plan a trip to Goa with TravelTriangle and get an exclusively customized itinerary drafted according to your preferences.



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