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    a romantic terrace overlooking the Arabian sea

    Goa has been a holiday destination since colonial times when British officials used to travel from across the country to the beaches for vacations. A long time has passed since colonialism has ended in India, but Goa hasn’t lost its charm. You can still find some of the most romantic places in Goa for couples, like the secret islands, quaint villages, romantic restaurants, and a whole heap more.

    Even after the increasing numbers of resorts, bars, cafes, it’s possible to find that little quiet corner to spend some time in solitude with your partner.

    Spectacular beaches in Goa for romantic nirvana

    1. Butterfly Beach – Privacy and peace

    Butterfly Beach of Goa

    Image Source

    Located to the north of Palolem, in between two hills, Butterfly Beach is one of the most romantic places in Goa for couples. This is also one of the least popular beaches in Goa mainly known for exotic and beautiful butterflies. There is no motorable road to this place and one needs to trek through dense forests or can take a romantic boat ride from Palolem.

    The beach being barely crowded stands as a favourite place amongst couples seeking some cozy and private moments.

    Romantic things to do on Butterfly beach: Dolphin watching, kayaking, diving, going on romantic strolls, watching beautiful sunsets, and spotting dolphins & gold fishes

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    2. Velsao Beach – An idyllic romantic hideout

    birds flying over the sea during sunset

    Image Source

    This is an isolated yet amazingly beautiful beach between Bogmalo and Majorda in South Goa. With sparkling silver sands, verdant coconut plantations, azure sea, and the clean and pristine coast—Velsao Beach never fails to attract honeymoon couples. This is amongst the top romantic places in Goa for couples to relax by the waters and indulge in watersports.

    Romantic things to do on Velsao: Sunbathing, swimming, and trying the adventurous water sports

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    3. Betul Beach – Deep dive in sheer romance

    a man on Betul Beach

    Image Source

    Accessed by Cavelossim-Assolna ferry across the Sal River—Betul Beach is a picturesque fishing village known for its splendid scenic charms and tranquility. Its serene and beautiful setting makes it one of the most romantic beaches in South Goa to soak in romance under the shades of coconut groves and enjoy some refreshing mocktails and sumptuous seafood.

    Romantic things to do on Betul Beach: Fishing and sunbathing

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    4. Candolim Beach – The unspoiled scenic charm

    shacks and sundecks on Candolim Beach

    Image Source

    Candolim Beach is one of the most romantic places in North Goa for relaxation, rejuvenation, and spending some time together. The scrub covered sand dunes amplify the natural beauty of the beach, while the exhilarating water sports in ‘Dive Goa’ take you to another level.

    Romantic things to do on Candolim Beach: Dolphin watching, scuba diving, and jet skiing

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    5. Kakolem Beach – Secluded from maddening crowd

    Kakolem Beach surrounded by palm trees

    Image Source

    The rustic scenery and isolated location have made Kakolem Beach one of the favourite beaches for love birds. The picturesque shore, wild waves, and clean & spotless beach attract people for ultimate solace and serenity. Not ideal for swimming, one can relax in the arms of their partner, sunbathe, and create fond memories.

    Romantic things to do Kakolem beach: Sunbathing and sea bathing

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    6. Bogmalo Beach – Truly picture-perfect

    sacks and sundecks on calm Bogmalo Beach

    Image Source

    Bogmalo Beach is known for its buzzing shores and also its charming tranquility during the evenings. It is preferred by those planning to explore the lively beach shacks with their partners, or indulge in watersports together. It is also for the couples who wish to soak in eternal romance admiring the natural splendour.

    Romantic things to do on Bogmalo beach: Sea bathing, water sports, and windsurfing

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    Beautiful waterfalls in Goa to spend an evening together

    7. Bamanbudo Waterfalls – A picturesque waterslide

    Bamanbudo Waterfalls in Goa

    Image Source

    A gorgeous cascade with stunning scenery, Bamanbudo Waterfalls is among the most mesmerizing waterfalls in Goa. Foamy water rolls down the verdant slopes, while the tranquility of the place along with melodies of bird’s chirping enhances the charming quotient and allures romantic duos for a blissful nirvana.

    Best time to visit: October to May

    How to reach Bamanbudo Falls: Canocona Taluka is fairly connected by road. NH-14 connects Mumbai and Goa. If you want to travel by train, then Margoa is the closest railway station.

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    8. Harvalem Waterfalls – Unconventionally spellbinding

    Harvalem Waterfalls surrounded by green jungle

    Image Source

    Located near Arvalem Caves, Harvalem Falls is a sight of delight and wonder. Tucked within lush green forests, Harvalem Falls is ideal for some special solitude time to be spent with your life partner. You can also visit the famous Rudreshwar temple and pray for a blissful marital life.

    Best time to visit: June to November

    How to reach Harvalem Falls: Taxis are available from Panaji and Mapusa to reach the falls.

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    9. Dudhsagar Waterfalls – Enjoy the romantic drive up to the steamy waterfall

    Harvalem Waterfalls surrounded by green jungle

    Image Source

    Dudhsagar is the fifth largest waterfall in India and the sight of the foamy water gushing down in four tiers overwhelms all. Watching this huge and gorgeous waterfall together with your life partner is not only an invigorating visual treat but the scenic drive of 60 km to the waterfall from Goa through plush green forests is equally fascinating and hypnotic.

    Best time to visit Dudhsagar: October to April

    How to reach Dudhsagar: The Waterfall can be reached by road from Kulem, which is off National Highway (NH-4A). The nearest railway station is Kulem station, which is about 8 kilometers from the waterfall.

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    Romantic islands for cozy moments

    10. Charao Island – Indulge in quixotic bird watching

    The beautiful Charao Island in Goa

    Image Source

    If you are on your honeymoon in Goa, do not miss to explore the beautiful and spellbinding Charao Island, located on Mandovi River. Enclosed by verdant mangrove vegetation, this island is a part of Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary and houses beautiful and rare bird species.

    Though December is the perfect month for spotting birds, one can visit this island round the year. Especially for couples who are done with beach fun and thrill. This island is one of the hidden places in Goa for couples to chill, enjoy romantic forest walks, spot birds, and explore the old vintage Portuguese hamlets.

    Stay options near Charao Island: Hotel Park Plaza, Vivanta by Taj-Panaji, The Crown Goa

    How to reach: Chorão is accessible by the ferry from Ribandar

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    11. Grand Island – Of thrill, fun, and frolic

    a boat on blue waters of Grand Island

    Image Source

    For couples who find love in exhilarating adventure, Grand Island is surely the most romantic place in Goa in the league. Famed as a scuba diving site, this picturesque island can be reached by a mere 20-40 minutes ferry ride. Packed with aromatic spice plantations and dolphin spotting points—Grand Island boasts of fascinating diving spots like Shelter Cove, Suzy’s Wreck, Sail Rock, and Bounty Bay.

    Stay options near Grand Island: Goa Marriott, Fortune Miramar, Hotel Park Plaza

    How to reach: You can reach the island by ferry

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    12. Pequeno Island – Relish some ‘we’ time here

    boats in the water of Pequeno Island

    Image Source

    Comprising of luxuriant green cover and scenic rocky beach, Pequeno Island is yet another isolated island, accessed in a ferry ride from Vasco da Gama’s Baina Beach. With nothing much to do, this island is on the wish list of romantic duos searching for unexplored and offbeat places. This is also known as Bat Island. Once you reach there, relish some cozy time in the secluded beach, go for kayaking with your darling and enjoy snorkeling.

    Stay options near Pequeno Island: Country Inn and Suites by Carlson, Ginger Goa, Deltin Suites

    How to reach: You can reach the island by a ferry from Vasco da Gama Baina Beach

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    13. Anjediva Island – An unknown paradise on Earth

    a Goan style house in Anjediva Island

    Image Source

    One of the lesser known islands to visit in Goa for couples is Anjadip. Known as Anjadip or Anjediva, this is a cluster of 5 islands namely Anjadiva, Kurnagal, Mudlingud, Devgad, and Devragad. Encircled by turquoise blue Arabian Sea, this island is located on the border of Goa and Karnataka and is famous for age old Anjadiva Fort. A one-hour ferry ride from Palolem Beach will take you to this spectacular haven, ideal for romantic junkies to foster deep passion and admiration in each other’s arms.

    Stay options near Anjadip Island: Palolem Guest House and Hotels Anjadip Island

    How to reach: You can reach the island by a ferry from Palolem Beach

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    Majestic forts in Goa with fascinating vista

    14. Sinquerim Fort – A unique and enthralling architecture

    Sinquerim Fort from above

    Image Source

    Displaying architectural brilliance, Sinquerim Fort is a place to wonder about. The fort bisects Sinquerim beach and protrudes into the sea. Those who don’t prefer popular tourist hangouts can visit Sinquerim Fort. Apart from watching the most beautiful sunset together with your better half, enjoy swimming, surfing, water skiing, and fishing.

    Entry fee: No entry fee

    Visiting hours: 6 am to 10 pm

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    15. Fort Aguada – Spend an evening at the edge of the fort

    Fort Aguada in Goa

    Image Source

    One of the largest forts in Goa—Fort Aguada is famed for its stunning location, heritage architecture and rich history. Popular as ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ fort amongst youngsters, this is amongst the most romantic places in goa for couples, which never fails to entice honeymooners. This hilltop fort, with a light house offers jaw dropping beauty of the Arabian Sea and shares its boundary with a 5-star Taj property.

    Entry fee: No entry fee

    Visiting hours: 10 am to 5:30 pm

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    16. Mormugao Fort – A Portuguese legacy

    Sea view from Mormugao Fort

    Image Source

    Overlooking the busy Mormugao Port, this fort speaks of its rich historical significance. Located at the mouth of Zuari River, this sprawling fort is one of most preferred romantic places in Goa for couples with serenity to cherish and a stunning view to die for.

    Entry fee: INR 10/person

    Visiting hours: 9 am to 5 pm

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    17. Fort Tiracol – Now a heritage resort

    a romantic terrace overlooking the Arabian sea

    Image Source

    Popular as Terekhol Fort, this is located near the estuary of Tiracol River and can be reached by a ferry ride from Querim. This fort has been converted into lavish heritage hotel for couples like you to enjoy luxury and peace. With a vintage church at the backdrop and views of the Arabian Sea, this is one of the best romantic restaurants in Goa to visit for that perfect dream date.

    Entry fee: No entry fee

    Visiting hours: 9 am to 7 pm

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    Romantic restaurants for a memorable dinner

    18. Thalassa, Vagator – For the views, decor, and enthralling ambience

    Thalassa outside sitting surrounded by palm trees

    Image Source

    Thalassa means sea in Greek and true to its name it is a superbly incredible and fantastic fine-dining restaurant in Vagator, Goa. As one of the top rated romantic dinner places in Goa, Thalassa boasts of its jaw dropping view of the serene sea astounding decor, fabulous live music, open-air lounge, and most delectable Mediterranean and Greek cuisine.

    To make a perfect dreamy dinner date, opt for outdoor sitting to enjoy the hypnotic views and try meat platter, sangria, and chocolate cheesecake for sure.

    Cost for two: INR 1500

    Must try dishes: Spicy prawns saganaki, prawn wrap, stuffed sardines

    Zomato reviews

    19. Tuscany Gardens, Sinquirim – For the love of the awesome hospitality

    Tuscany gardens outdoor sitting

    Image Source

    If you are planning for a romantic dinner date, shortlist Tuscany Gardens. Soak in ultimate romance as you take your partner for dinner in this paradise-like restaurant. We suggest you book a table for two in advance to avoid hassle. You are going to the impressive alfresco sitting, dreamy ambience, sorted privacy, superb Italian food like risotto and bruschettas. Tuscany Gardens is one of the dreamlike and top listed romantic places in Goa for couples located in Candolim.

    Cost for two: INR 1000

    Must try dishes: Quattro carni, calzone siciliana, spaghetti pesto

    Zomato reviews

    20. Down The Road, Panaji – Surreal romantic ambience and splendid vista

    Down the Road bar area

    Image Source

    Believed to be a popular riverfront restro pub, Down the Road in Panaji overjoys youngsters and honeymoon couples. It has a pub and a dance floor on the ground floor and restaurant on the first floor. Couples can enjoy live music and dance to the beats in the buzzing karaoke bar and relish the sumptuous food.

    Cost for two: INR 600

    Must try dishes: Prawn masala fried, tangdi kabab, grilled prawn

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    If you’re planning to buy a Goa honeymoon package anytime soon, then you must know that the gorgeous Goa is divided in two major parts: North & South. The North is more happening and bustling with a young crowd, while the sound tends to be peaceful, devoid of many luxurious resorts. Choose the place where you think you can enjoy and spend a romantic vacation with your love.

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