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    Adventurous Hiking In Queensland

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    Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

    The natural beauty that you can witness while hiking in Queensland is not only awesome but an amazing experience that will become a lifetime memory for you. With 300 days of sunshine a year and an extremely diverse landscape, there’s always an opportunity to explore the lush rain forests, pristine beaches, and some of Australia’s most interesting fauna in this region.

    What’s more? With its temperate weather, here’s a perfect option to indulge in an experience that can be the best hiking in Queensland opportunity you have for all seasons. So, lace up your boots to explore the following Queensland hiking tracks.

    Spots For Hiking In Queensland

    Engage yourself in this adventure-filled activity and get ready to explore true nature with these top spots for hiking in Queensland:

    1. The Glasshouse Mountains

    The Glasshouse Mountains

    A great spot for hiking in Brisbane Queensland, there’s a diversity of peaks and tracks close to the Glasshouse Mountains here. The longest trail, the Grade 5 Yul-yan-man track, is a stimulating one for a rewarding hike. It invites you to savor what’s on offer. You can expect to do 9 kilometers rock scrambling track in 3-4 hours for unlimited fun and adventure.

    If you are the one looking for a flawless family activity while enjoying some adventure, a weekend escape, or a more serious challenge, it’s likely that you’ll find this track for your needs right here. It offers the perfect choice for unlimited fun and entertainment on an adventure.

    Features: Multiple trails, steep ascents, rock scrambling, and loose gravel underfoot, stunning peaks, pine plantations, eucalyptus woodland
    Rating: Easy to difficult
    Length/Time: Ranging from 2.8 kilometers to 9 kilometers return (Yul-yan-man track)
    When to Go: Throughout the year
    Child-friendly: Yes

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    2. Box Forest Circuit

    Box Forest Circuit

    Considered a great destination for hiking activities nearby Gold Coast, the Box Forest Circuit is the one that weaves through hundreds of waterfalls, incredible wildlife, and more than 160 kilometers of walking trails. While there are plenty of trails to choose from, the Box Forest Circuit remains one of the special hiking places in Queensland due to its multiple unique features.

    Features: Waterfalls, box orchids, brush box forests, subtropical forests
    Rating: Grade 4
    Length/Time: 10.9 kilometers circuit (4-5 hours)
    When to Go: During the Spring Season
    Child-friendly: Yes

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    3. The Cooloola Great Walk

    The Cooloola Great Walk

    Located within the Great Sandy National Park, about two hours from Brisbane, this is epic multi-day hiking in Queensland option for the hikers. For a longer trek that summarizes almost all of Queensland’s vast landscapes, you can’t go past the Cooloola Great Walk.

    This multi-day hiking adventure connects you to the Noosa north shore all the way to Rainbow Beach for unlimited fun.

    Features: Rainforest, isolated beaches, eucalyptus, walkers’ campsites, lakes, abundant wildlife
    Rating: Grade 4
    Length/ Time: 102 kilometers
    When to Go: September to November
    Child-friendly: No

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    4. Mount Walsh

    Mount Walsh

    Mount Walsh is known for being an ideal weekend hiking in Queensland Australia option for those who need to get out of the city and to reconnect with nature. It’s a little off-the-beaten-track, therefore you must ensure that you are well prepared for the day. Your preparation will ensure you don’t face any hurdle while hiking at any point in time.

    Features: Open forest, creeks, rock pools, dry rain forest, vines, eucalyptus, hoop pines, exposed rock and cliffs, and incredible wildlife
    Rating: Grade 4-5
    Length/ Time: From 600 meters to 3 kilometers return
    When to Go: Dry cool days are ideal
    Child-friendly: No

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    5. Windin Falls

    Windin Falls

    Considered one of the best hiking in Queensland options that attracts a large chunk of hikers throughout the year, if it’s a remote adventure you want and a walk through what feels like a scene from Jurassic Park, head off to the Atherton Tablelands instead. This North Queensland waterfall is a hidden gem in the region that can’t be missed out during a trip.

    Features: Stunning waterfalls, cassowaries, valley views, tropical rain forests, butterflies and a forest full of bird life
    Rating: Moderate
    Length/ Time: 11.5 kilometres return
    When to Go: During the rainy season
    Child-friendly: Yes

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    6. Warrie Circuit

    Warrie Circuit

    Image Source

    The Warrie Circuit will take you behind the waterfalls as well as in front due to it being one of the few hiking tracks in Queensland to do so. While gaps in the rainforest canopy will show off the misty valley beyond, it is worth visiting for a great hiking experience.

    Features: Streams, waterfalls, steep inclines
    Rating: Moderate
    Length/ Time: 16 to 17 kilometres (4.5hours)
    When to Go: Throughout the year
    Child-friendly: No

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    7. Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk

    Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk

    Image Source

    A three-day hike, this is a great one to take on as your first multi-day hiking experience. Best done from the west to east, it is a great way to experience many things and more temperate Queensland hiking experience to remember while still having a chance to take a dip in a swimming hole and be engrossed in the verdant rain forests.

    Features: Antarctic beech, Gondwana rain forests, volcanic landscapes, waterfalls, river crossings
    Rating: Moderate
    Length/Time: 54 kilometers one-way (3 days)
    When to Go: Throughout the year
    Child-friendly: Yes

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    8. Conway Circuit

    Conway Circuit

    Image Source

    The Conway Circuit, situated within the Conway National Park, is a popular landmark in the region. It offers much to those seeking adventure a completely new way to experience the Whitsundays. This hike in Queensland Australia is an ideal option for those who want to get a sense of escape and also seeking true isolation within the stunning rain forest surrounds.

    Features: Whitsunday Passage views, tropical rain forest, hoop pines, clifftops
    Rating: Moderate
    Length/Time: 28 kilometres
    Child-friendly: No

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    9. Scenic Rim Trail

    Scenic Rim Trail

    Image Source

    The best way to explore the trail while hiking in Queensland is to go through the four-day Scenic Rim Trail. It offers a great avenue for fun and adventure. You should explore the mysterious wildlife and unique vegetation along the way for a perfect retreat in Queensland when you are here for adventure exploration.

    Rating: Moderate
    When to Go: Throughout the year
    Child-friendly: No

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    10. Fraser Island Great Walk

    Fraser Island Great Walk

    Image Source

    A five to seven-day spanning trek, Fraser Island Great Walk is a relatively easy one for hiking purposes. This route is generally considered easier and it happens to offer you a perfect introduction to its geography, therefore, you enjoy an unlimited exploration of the region besides hiking to satiate your adventurous spirit.

    Rating: Easy
    Length/ Time: 84 kilometres
    When to Go: Throughout the year
    Child-friendly: Older children

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    So, that’s about it as a comprehensive list you shouldn’t ignore. If you’re one of the adventure enthusiasts seeking to enjoy the fullest, don’t forget to go for hiking in Queensland. Are you feeling enticed already? Well, book your tickets to this wonderful part of Australia now and do share your reviews with us!

    The temple is crowded at times so it is advisable to collect e-tickets in advance.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Hiking In Queensland

    What is the best time to visit Queensland in Australia?

    The best time to pay a visit to Queensland in Australia is either from September to November or March to May. The weather during these months is neither hot nor cold.

    What should one pack for hiking in Queensland?

    One should pack a warm jacket, bottle of water, hiking shoes, torch, rope, warm socks, food items, first aid, and basic toiletries when hiking in Queensland.

    Do I need an advance permit for hiking in Queensland?

    One does not need an advance permit for all the tracks but there are a few tracks that need a permit.

    What are some top trails for hiking in Queensland?

    There are numerous hiking trails in Queensland including The Glasshouse Mountains, Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk, The Cooloola Great Walk, and many more.

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