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    hill stations

    Traveling to a hilly town nestled amidst forest canopies and mountains, and environed with breezy winds is the best way to break free and unwind. And if you’re living in a city like Ahmedabad or traveling there for some time, we are sure that you would need a respite from the scorching heat. For moments like those, we’ve worked on a list of these 10 hill stations near Ahmedabad, which are exactly the places you should to head to experience the chill, and relish the calm.

    10 Most Famous Hill Stations Near Ahmedabad

    1. Saputara (400 km away)


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    Saputara is the most famous hill station near Ahmedabad, which is situated in the gigantic Sahyadri mountain range in the Dang district of Gujarat. Be it the lush greenery or the spectacular waterfalls, there is a lot to see and do on this hill station that will leave you spellbound, making sure that it’s nothing like an ordinary weekend getaway!

    Best Time To Visit Saputara: November to February
    Distance From Ahmedabad To Saputara: 400 kilometres by road
    How To Reach Saputara From Ahmedabad: You can travel to Saputara by train, air, and by road. The best way is to commute is by road, wherein you can hire a cab or book a bus if you don’t want to take your personal car, and reach approximately in six hours and 48 minutes.
    Things To Do In Saputara: Go for boating in the Saputara Lake, visit Botanical Garden, Artist Village, Sunset Point, Echo Point, and indulge in Saputara Ropeway.

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    2. Mount Abu (225 km away)

    Mount Abu

    Image Source

    Known as the ‘oasis in the desert’, this only hill station in Rajasthan is the most popular and the best hill station near Ahmedabad. Situated on the highest peak of the Aravalli range, this famous tourist spot is known for its Dilwara Jain temples. The wind here is usually breezy, and the beauty of the Nakki Lake and evergreen foliage around adds to the charm of this hill town.

    Best Time To Visit Mount Abu: November to March
    Distance From Ahmedabad To Mount Abu: 225 kilometers by road
    How To Reach Mount From Ahmedabad: You can avail any of the daily bus service that runs from the city, and hire a cab or take private/state transport bus from Abu Road to reach this nearest hill station from Ahmedabad in about five hours.
    Things To Do In Mount Abu: Visit the famous Dilwara Jain temples and Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary, enjoy the gorgeous views of the mountains from Honeymoon Point, or go for boating in Nakki Lake.

    3. Wilson Hills (362 km away)

    Wilson Hills

    Image Source

    This is a densely forested beautiful hilly area, which is also known as ‘mini Saputara’. Everything from the atmosphere to the points of interest here is just perfect to beat the everyday blues of city life. What makes this place extraordinarily gorgeous and a famous hill station in Gujarat is the rare sight of the sea from the top of the hill. Sure, something you wouldn’t want to miss!

    Best Time To Visit Wilson Hills: March to May
    Distance From Ahmedabad To Wilson Hills: 362 kilometres by road
    How To Reach Wilson Hills: Wilson can be reached by air, train, and even by road. To reach by air, you will have to first fly down to Surat, and then complete the rest of the journey to Dharampur and further via a bus or taxi.
    Things To Do In Wilson Hills: Indulge in trekking and horse riding, or visit the Barumal temple, Shankar Waterfalls, Lady Wilson museum, and the Sunrise & Sunset Points.

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    4. Matheran (574 km away)


    Image Source

    Of all the hill stations near Ahmedabad, Matheran is the smallest in India and certainly an amazing pick for a getaway! It is situated in Karjat Tahsil, Raigad District of Maharashtra and is an abode of beautiful points that offer breathtaking views. The toy train ride, which passes through the gushing waterfalls and forest make traveling from Ahmedabad till here worthwhile.

    Best Time To Visit Matheran: December to February
    Distance From Ahmedabad To Matheran: 574 kilometres by road
    How To Reach Matheran From Ahmedabad: The best and the cheapest way to reach Matheran is by train. You will reach the Matheran station in nine to 10 hours.
    Things To Do In Matheran: Trek and visit the famous Panorama Point to enjoy a 360 view of the beauty around you, the Louisa Point to admire the Prabal Fort, One Tree Hill Point, and more.

    5. Lonavala (596 km away)


    Image Source

    With magnificent caves and famous points that offer breathtakingly gorgeous views of nature, and reflect the rich history, Lonavala is certainly one of the best hill stations around Ahmedabad. This small hill town is situated close to Khandala, and is a great pick for a rejuvenating holiday experience! You can sit and soak the picturesque beauty around, or capture the magic of nature on your lens.

    Best Time To Visit Lonavala: October to May
    Distance From Ahmedabad To Lonavala: 596 kilometres by road
    How To Reach Lonavala From Ahmedabad: You can reach Lonavala by air, train, and by road. Though, the best way is to travel by a direct train, as it would cost less and the minimum time to reach would be around seven to eight hours.
    Things To Do In Lonavala: Visit the famous Bhushi Dam and Karla Caves, sit on the edge of the cliff at Lion’s Point, or admire the grandeur of Visapur Fort.

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    6. Mahabaleshwar (745 km away)


    Image Source
    Renowned for its beauty and ambience, Mahabaleshwar is the most visited hill station in Maharashtra. It’s situated in the Satara district, and is environed with evergreen forests and spectacular mountains that will surely leave you spellbound. With famous attractions like the Arthur’s Seat, Babbington Point, Connaught Peak, and more there’s a lot to keep you engrossed here.

    Best Time To Visit Mahabaleshwar: March to June
    Distance From Ahmedabad To Mahabaleshwar: 745 kilometres by road
    How To Reach Mahabaleshwar From Ahmedabad: You can reach Mahabaleshwar by flying down to Pune, and then taking a direct bus from there to the hill town. The other way is to take a direct bus or taxi from Ahmedabad and reach by road, which would be a long journey and take around 12 hours.
    Things To Do In Mahabaleshwar: Visit the famous Venna Lake and Wilson Point Of Sunrise, enjoy the Dhobi and Chinaman Waterfalls, and admire the grandeur of the Lord Mahabaleshwar Temple, Pratapgad Fort, etc.

    7. Suryamal (496 km away)


    Image Source

    If you’re looking for hill stations to visit near Ahmedabad and are willing to travel a little farther, the popular Suryamal peak situated in the Thane region is the best place to go. Wrapped in greenery amidst clouds, this highest peak is also known as a paradise for trekkers. If your heart doesn’t beat for adventure, you can also sit and relax at one the picnic spots here.

    Best Time To Visit Suryamal: September to May
    Distance From Ahmedabad To Suryamal: 496 kilometres by road
    How To Reach Suryamal From Ahmedabad: You can take a direct cab or car and drive till Suryamal to reach in six hours. However, the cheapest and fastest way is to fly down to Mumbai, and then drive till Suryamal. You will reach in no less than three and a half hours.
    Things To Do In Suryamal: Indulge in trekking and visit the popular Suryamal Peak.

    Lesser Known Hill Stations Near Ahmedabad

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    8. Jawhar (458 km away)

    Image Source

    Situated in the Thane district at an altitude of 518 metres, this hill station offers a perfect backdrop for pictures, and atmosphere for a relaxing holiday. While this place is not as famous as the other popular hill stations near Maharashtra-Gujarat border, its vibrant cultural heritage makes it worth your time and money. You can trek through the hills and even bring home the famous Warli paintings.


    Best Time To Visit Jawhar: October to February
    Distance From Ahmedabad To Jawhar: 458 kilometres by road
    How To Reach Jawhar From Ahmedabad: The best and the cheapest way to reach Jawhar is by taking a train via Karad to Jawhar. You can also fly down to Mumbai and take a cab from there if you don’t want to drive all the way from Ahmedabad.
    Things To Do In Jawhar: Shop for Warli paintings, visit the Jai Vilas Palace, Dabdaba Waterfall, Sunset Point, Shirpamal, etc.

    9. Toranmal (379 km away)


    Image Source
    Situated in the lap of nature, Toranmal is another not-so-popular, less crowded, but beautiful hill station near Gujarat. The lakes, forests, and waterfalls along with other man-made marvels make this place a must-visit! Apart from being nestled in the lap of nature, this place is brimming with holy shrines, which reflect its culture and traditions.

    Best Time To Visit Toranmal: September to March
    Distance From Ahmedabad To Toranmal: 379 kilometres by road
    How To Reach Toranmal: You can drive all the way to Toranmal or hire a cab and reach the hill station in seven hours and 30 minutes.
    Things To Do In Toranmal: Visit the famous Khadki Point, Lotus Lake, Forest Park and Medicinal Plant Garden, Torna Devi Temple, etc.

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    10. Don Hill Station (410 km away)

    Don Hill Station

    Image Source
    Don is not just one of the hill stations to visit near Ahmedabad. Situated on the border of Gujarat near Saputara, this hidden gem is some 30 kilometres away from Ahwa. If you’re someone who’s always on a lookout for new experiences, then consider visiting here. You won’t just get to explore the tribal culture, but also get a taste of their life by interacting with them directly.

    Best Time To Visit Don Hill Station: Mid June to September end.
    Distance From Ahmedabad To Don Hill Station: 410 kilometres by road
    How To Reach Don Hill Station: You can reach Don in your own car by road in seven to eight hours.
    Things To Do In Don Hill Station: Meet and interact with the locals, capture the panoramic views, climb up one of the peaks of the hills and sit at the edge to soak the beauty of nature.

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    So, which of these hill stations have left you in awe? And If Want to plan your international trip? Let us help you create an incredible experience that’ll make your vacation memorable!

    Frequently Asked Questions About Hill Stations Near Ahmedabad


    Q. How can I go to Matheran from Ahmedabad?

    A. The easiest way to reach Matheran from Ahmedabad is by train with Neral being the last point connecting Matheran. From Neral(which is 21 km away)you will have to go to Matheran by road, which is another 30-minute journey.

    Q. Can we go to Matheran by car?

    A. No. No vehicles are allowed in Matheran, so if you are traveling by car have to walk some distance to get to Matheran.

    Q. How far is Mahabaleshwar from Panchgani?

    A. Distance between Panchgani to Mahabaleshwar is 69 km by Road along with an aerial distance of 21 km.

    Q. How can I go to Lonavala from Mahabaleshwar?

    A. While the most convenient way to reach Lonavala from Mahabaleshwaram is by car, you can also travel by train as a cheaper alternative but that will require you to travel up to  Satara by car and then take Koyna Express to Lonavala.

    Q. How many days are sufficient for Mahabaleshwar?

    A. It takes at least 3 days to cover the best scenic spots in Mahabaleshwar so 3-4 days will be quite sufficient for a stay in Mahabaleshwar.

    Q. Is there snowfall in Mount Abu?

    A. No. Mount Abu does not receive any snowfall even in winter.  

    Q. Which are the most popular adventure activities in Saputara?

    A. Some of the famous adventure activities that you can enjoy and things to do in Saputara are:
    1. Paragliding
    2. Parasailing
    3. Ziplining
    4. Zorbing
    5. Water Rolling
    6. Boating

    Q. Are there any waterfalls in Don hill station?

    A. Yes. There is a waterfall in Don Hill Station that appears only during the monsoon season.

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