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Celebrations of Holi in Udaipur, Rajasthan is no less than Mathura and Vrindavan. In Udaipur, the festival is celebrated in the most imperial and grand manner, where the royal family takes active participation in all functions and rituals. From Holika Dahan and fireworks to spraying colors, the Holi celebration in Udaipur is an enchanting and exuberant experience. Here are some glimpses, if you are planning a holiday in Udaipur, this year.

About Holi Festival


Holi, the festival of colors, is one of the most rejoiced and vibrant festivals of India. On the full moon day of Phalgun (March), entire India, celebrate the festival with absolute zeal and fervour, to welcome the beautiful spring season. People wear white clothes, youngsters take blessings from elders and throw Gulal and wet colours through jet sprays and water guns and water balloons on each other, in merriment.

Several traditional sweets like gujiya and matthi and beverages like thandai and bhang are prepared in households. Mythologically it is believed that Holi is celebrated to mark the victory of Prince Prahlad- emblem of good, over Holika which symbolizes bad or devil. On the eve of Holi, people celebrate Holika Dahan. Huge bonfires are set up and people dance and sing around the same, to rejoice the triumph of good over bad.

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How Is Holi Celebrated In Udaipur?

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Udaipur is famed for the most amazing and royal Holi celebrations, not only in Rajasthan, but also in the country. The festival is celebrated in Udaipur for two days. The celebration of Holi in Udaipur starts with Holika Dahan, one day before Holi. Known as Mewar Holika Dahan; the bonfire takes place on the grounds of City Palace. The ruling Mewar king and his family, grace the occasion, by lighting the Holi pyre, while the locals perform ‘Gair’- a folk dance, around the bonfire. The king personally meets all royal guest, VIPs and dignitaries, who have been invited for the celebration by the royal Mewar family.

Holika Dahan in Udaipur is followed by a large and vibrant rally, accompanied by royal family members, sitting on ornated camels, elephants and horses. A music band also plays in the rally. This royal procession starts from Shambhu Niwas Palace and moves up to Manek Chowk royal residence. Finally, the cocktail and dinner are served at the royal palace and the celebration ends with magnificent fireworks. On the second day, locals and tourists rejoice holi throughout the city. In several parts of old Udaipur, local people play with dry and wet colours, water guns and balloons. Buckets full of coloured water are thrown at anyone and everyone, walking by. Households prepare traditional sweets and local people dance and sing folk songs to rejoice the merriment. Even, every hotel and resorts in Udaipur, arranges for Holi celebrations with live DJ, colours and refreshments.

Places To Enjoy Holi Celebration In Udaipur

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The festival of Holi in Udaipur is celebrated throughout the city. Though royal and best of the celebrations are seen in and around the City Palace and Manek Chowk, but the narrow lanes and local markets of old Udaipur do not lag behind in rejoicing this festival of colours.

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Holi Do’s And Don’ts

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  • Play safe holi and use only organic, eco-friendly and non-toxic colours.
  • Wear old and nearly discarded clothes and torn footwear while playing with colours.
  • Cover head with caps and scarves and wear full sleeve clothes, so that minimum area is exposed for colours. To protect eyes, wear sunglasses.
  • Apply coconut oil on head and skin before going out to play holi. It is recommended to apply coconut oil and cleansing milk on colours first, before washing them with lukewarm water.
  • To protect teeth from colours, wear dental caps. Also, apply thick coats of nail paint, in order to keep your nails, away from colour stains.
  • Avoid playing Holi with anything other than colours. Many people play with eggs and muds, which is strictly not recommended.
  • Do not throw colours on animals, especially stray dogs, cats and cattle.
  • Keep away from mobs or frantic groups, down the streets.
  • Do not indulge in illegal and irresponsible acts like rash driving, drunken driving or damaging public properties.
  • Last and surely not the least, do not force anyone to play Holi. Not everyone likes colours and many suffer from allergic reactions too. So, if anyone is reluctant to play with colours, respect his wish.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Holi In Udaipur

Which is the best place to celebrate Holi in Udaipur?

Holi in Udaipur is celebrated throughout the city. Though royal and traditional celebrations are seen at the City Palace. Manek Chowk and the narrow lanes and local markets of old Udaipur do not lag behind in rejoicing in this festival of colours.

List the Holi events in Udaipur in 2023.

Some of the Holi events organized in Udaipur in 2023 include Lotus Country Rang Raas 2023, Bindass Rangothon 4.0, Holi in Udaipur, Rangholi Udaipur 2023, and Rang de Udaipur.

What are the charges for private parties for Holi in Udaipur?

Many villas and resorts in Udaipur host private parties with DJs. The charges of Holi parties in Udaipur range from ₹200 to a few lakhs of rupees. If you are booking tickets in advance, then you can also grab some awesome deals.

Is it safe to celebrate Holi in Udaipur?

Yes, it is safe to be a part of these amazing celebrations. You can visit these Holi parties with your friends and family by booking online tickets. Make sure to wear masks at all times and maintain social distancing.

What is the importance of Holi?

Holi is celebrated to mark the onset of the spring season. It is an important festival in India as it is celebrated as a symbol of victory of good over evil.

What do I eat on Holi?

On Holi, people usually have traditional Holi foods like Gujiyas, Thandai, Matthi and Bhang. Without these delicacies, the festival is incomplete.

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