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Japan is a beautiful and exotic country, with a distinct culture that has become a cultural attraction in its own right.
While this picturesque country attracts thousands of tourists every year, the expensive hotels here are a problem for people looking to stay here for lengthy periods. Opting for homestays in Japan, therefore, is a great option, not only because they are hardly as costly but also because they are the easiest way to get a taste of Japanese culture and traditional way of living for the outsider. The traditional hospitality of the Japanese to foreigners is a very well on display at these homestays.

Top 10 Homestays In Japan

Have a hospitable and gracious experience in the homestays of Japan. Here is a list of the best homestays in Japan to look up during your vacation in Japan:

1. Toshiro and Tanya’s


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This Tokyo place, situated in Setagaya Ku near Shibuya, is an island of tranquility in the fast-paced of the largest urban complex in the world. The hosts are experienced at welcoming guests from all around the world, and speak fluent English, Japanese as well as Russian. There are two rooms available here usually, built in the trademark style of homestays in Japan, and the hosts offer sufficient space and privacy. Privately designed tours are on offer, and it helps if you speak to the hosts beforehand. The homestay is about 20 kilometers from the Haneda airport and only about 15 minutes away from the city center of Shibuya.

Location: Setagaya Ku
Starting price: INR 3000

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2. Kumi’s downtown apartment

Kumi’s downtown apartment

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Situated right in the center of downtown Tokyo, this is a lovely place hosted by experienced hosts who have built a reputation for unconventional knowledge of places around the city, often taking their guests on tours themselves. The hosts speak fluent English as well as some Greek, in addition to Japanese. The apartment is also popular with travelers for the unbelievably cute cat that the hosts have. If you are looking for a great place to stay close to the city center, this is one of the best homestays in Japan for students.

Location: Iriya, Tokyo
Starting price: INR 2000

3. Mai’s Home

Mai’s Home

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While it is something to experience, the endless glitz of the Tokyo skyline can get a little tiring after a while. In that case, you might want to travel to the north where the mountains and the untouched countryside provides a completely different perspective on the country. Located in Kobuchizawa in the Yamanashi Prefecture, Mai’s Home is beautifully accentuated by the mountains that make up the beautiful landscape here. The host and her three kids make for lovely hosts in this beautiful example of homestays in Japan for tourists that comes with a large garden space where you can relax and enjoy the quiet peacefulness of the place. There is also a barbeque grill in the garden, should you ever feel peckish. The homestay has ample space for parking and there is also complimentary Wi-Fi access.

Location: Kobuchizawa
Starting price: INR 3000

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4. Sassa’s Homestay

Sassa’s Homestay

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If you are a religious tourist or simply interested in the heritage of the country, Kyoto is one place that you have to be. The ancient capital of the kingdom, Kyoto is full to bursting with monasteries, palaces and other Buddhist and Taoist shrines, as well as homestays in Japan for tourists. Sassa’s homestay is perhaps the best way to explore this side of Japan. Located on the road to the famous Kinkakuji Temple, the place offers easy access to most of the beautiful city. The homestay has four single rooms, a lovely garden with patio and internet connectivity. Sassa is a popular host who offers demonstrations of Japanese traditions such as the tea making ceremony, Japanese calligraphy as well as sushi making.

Location: Kinkakuji Temple, Kyoto
Starting price: INR 3000

5. Matt’s Homestay

Matt’s Homestay

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Located in central Kyoto near the Nijo Castle, this is a convenient place to live if you find yourself for lengthier stays in the city. With four subway stations within the one-mile radius and a host of shops and restaurants around, Matt’s Homestay offers the best Japan homestays experience. The host, Matt, is an outgoing and cheerful person who speaks good English in addition to Japanese, and the place has been appreciated for the amount of privacy that guests get. There are two bikes that the host will rent you out, and there are discounted deals if you want to rent out the rooms on a monthly basis.

Location: Nakagyo-Ku, Kyoto
Starting price: INR 1500

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6. Shimizu


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The authentic experience for rural Japan, Shimizu is hosted by an experienced host who knows what his guests are looking for. The traditional gassho zukuri homes are complemented by the traditional food that is served by the hosts. Located in Shirikawa, tourists are treated to such lovely things as sunset walks through the paddy fields as well as views of the Japanese meadows. Although the facilities are very basic(the inn is run by a farmer), there is an unmistakable air of tradition in everything the hosts bring their guests. Feel free to explore the village on your own too!

Location: Shirikawa, Gifu Prefecture
Starting price: INR 5500
Tripadvisor Rating: 4.0

7. Hideko’s Home


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For the outgoing and adventurous, Mount Fuji is a great place to visit. Combining the charm of the Japanese hinterland with the romantic bent of the most famous volcano in the world, Fuji Town is a place that tourists have to explore. Hideko’s Home is a good option to stay if you are here. With an experienced and gracious guest and a majestic view of Mount Fuji, this is one of the most Japanese things to do. The place has two bedrooms and a bath and is located close to a variety of shops and restaurants, adding to the convenience factor. Japan homestays experience does not get better than this!

Location: Denbo, Fuji City
Starting price: INR 2000

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8. Homestay Plus Hakodate

Homestay Plus Hakodate

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This very personal homestay in Hakodate is the perfect way to explore this north Hokkaido town. The host Daisuke is a traveler himself and understands the needs and all potential problems that tourists in the town are likely to face, making him the perfect troubleshooter for all your problems. Daisuke is fluent in English, a big plus for visitors. There is a small kitchen for guests, and all rooms are air-conditioned and have internet access. The place also has free parking and there is a concierge that can help hash out your travel plans.

Location: Hakodate, Hokkaido
Starting price: INR 2000
Tripadvisor Rating: 5.0

9. Emiko’s Homestay


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The southern Japanese island of Kyushu offers a very different window into our traditional understanding of Japan. Emiko’s Homestay is located in Dazaifu, one of the busiest ports in Japan and the home to the Zen temples that the south is famous for. The Dazaifu Tenmangu Temple is about 20 minutes from the homestay, and train stations are close by so connectivity is not an issue. Emiko, the host, is a housewife and an expert on the city and all the sights around Dazaifu. The house is a lovely mix of Japanese and Western styles and is one of the most affordable homestays in Japan for students.

Location: Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine, Dazaifu
Starting price: INR 1500

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10. Sachiko and Kurara’s Homestay

Sachiko and Kurara’s Homestay

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If you want to stay in one of the homestays in Japan Tokyo but enjoy some of the sightseeing places that are outside of the metropolis, this homestay is perfect. The hosts are a family of three who have been around the world and have experience and expertise to make your stay very informative and comfortable. Located close the East Side, especially the Shinjuku shopping area, the homestay has good access to the city too. The place has a garden, a dining and living room and free internet and laundry services too. Because the host is a housewife, you can have most of your breakfasts here, and they are recommended too!

Location: Tokyo
Starting price: INR 1000

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These homestays in Japan are an excellent and easy way to get an authentic and affordable Japanese experience. Integrated with the beautiful landscape of Japan, they should be a part of any experience discovering Japan. Plus, you get to make friends with the hosts and the people around. Isn’t this what travel is for? So book with Travel Triangle today for the best Japanese vacation for you and the family!

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