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    Down the romantic lanes of Switzerland

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    If you are reading this, we are sure you are planning for a Swiss honeymoon soon – and if not, at least have thought of a honeymoon in Switzerland. Switzerland is a poem, actually a song! A song well performed by its enchanting valleys, ethereal mountains, and enthralling waterbodies. And it is certainly not an exaggeration if it is tagged as the most romantic destination on earth. The stunning alpine scenery, heart-throbbing waterfalls, ultra-luxurious stays and dreamy ski resorts in Switzerland captivate the senses and leave you completely stoned with awe.

    So, if marriage is on the cards this year, we suggest you start planning right away. Starting early can get you some excellent discounts on flight fares, and brilliant stay deals through Airbnb. Extending help like always, we bring you answers to all the essential questions that will ensure a hassle-free-picture-perfect-honeymoon in Switzerland.

    Reasons For Planning A Honeymoon In Switzerland

    The serenity of the hills provide privacy for the perfect honeymoon in Switzerland

    Image Source

    It is the land of DDLJ! Need more reasons? Alright!

    Switzerland is a confluence of cultures and cuisine from Germany, France, and Italy. It is, thus, the perfect world-in-a-scoop travel destination. Besides, Switzerland is blessed with the unspoiled beauty of the Alps. On the other hand, the vibrant city life in places like Zurich is always an icing on the cake. What adds on to the list is the vast expanse of wildlife and bird sanctuaries in Switzerland that guarantee a complete package for any honeymoon holiday on earth.

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    Best Time To Visit Switzerland For Honeymoon

    August and September receive plenty of rainfall in Switzerland
    November and December can be humid in Switzerland

    Let’s first have a look at the different elements that will help you understand Switzerland better.

    So, the temperature rarely goes beyond 25 degree celsius. The Alps stay snow covered all through the year while the plains have a temperate climate all through the year. April – May and September – October, are arguably the best months to be in Switzerland for honeymoon. The summers are best during mid June while a winter honeymoon in Switzerland is aptly planned from December to March.

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    Places To Visit On Your Honeymoon

    This one is pretty tough, but we will help you score. Here is a list of some of the most romantic and best honeymoon destinations in Switzerland to ensure that dream honeymoon you have been planning for:

    • Lucerne – Take That Unforgettable Romantic Walk Here
    • Zurich – Go Around Exploring The Inviting Cafes
    • Interlaken – Rail Through The Snow Clad Mountains
    • Jungfraujoch – Hike To The Top Of Europe
    • Lake Geneva – Laze Around The Alpine Serenity
    • The Matterhorn – For The Old School Romance In Carriages
    • Zermatt – For The Quiet Souls
    • Ticino – To Enjoy The Views
    • Lausanne – For Sweeping Vistas

    1. Lucerne – Take That Unforgettable Romantic Walk Here

    The wooden Chapel Bridge is perfect for a romantic walk while honeymooning in Switzerland

    Image Source

    Most romantic things to do: Laze around the turquoise blue waters of the lake, roam around hand in hand amidst the stunning serenity of this car-free town, explore historical mountains, and pose by the numerous fountains. You can also choose to take a cruise ride in Lake Lucerne and get clicked against the stunning backdrops of misty snow-clad peaks. This is one of the best honeymoon places in Switzerland.

    Nearest airport: Zurich Airport, Berne Airport

    How to reach: From the airport, take a cab or board the train heading to Lucerne. You will get there in 45 minutes by train.

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    2. Zurich – Go Around Exploring The Inviting Cafes

    Spend an evening in Zurich with your love while the sun melts at distance

    Image Source

    Most romantic things to do: Zurich is the cultural hub – explore the numerous museums, art cafes, and splurge over the local cuisine. You can also take your lady shopping at the many shopping arcades in this town and buy her some fancy jewelry or branded fashion wear to whisk her off her feet on your Switzerland honeymoon in December. This is one of the best places to visit in Switzerland for honeymoon owing to the number of romantic places in Zurich.

    Nearest airport: Zurich Airport
    How to reach: The city centre is 10 km from the airport, and one can hire a taxi.

    3. Interlaken – Rail Through The Snow Clad Mountains

    Do not miss the train ride in Interlaken on a trip to Switzerland

    Image Source

    Most romantic things to do: Indulge in adventure sports like skiing, snowboarding, and paragliding to see the Swiss Alps from the skies. Lose yourselves in the dumbfounding beauty of the Alps as you board the best of the railways in the world with your sweetheart. You can also go cruising on Lake Thun or Lake Brienz. There is a lot to do and a lot of places to visit in Interlaken.

    Nearest airport: Bern Airport
    How to reach: A public bus, taxi, or the train will get you to Interlaken from the airport.

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    4. Jungfraujoch – Hike To The Top Of Europe

    Jungfraujoch is called the top of the Europe

    Image Source

    Most romantic things to do: Walk hand in hand with your love till the end of Panorama way – the sunny south facing the first slope of the Alps. If you guys are an adventurous couple, this is the place to be – trek to the heights of the top of Europe. Ride the cable car to feel the wind numbing your face along with giving you splendid views of the Alps, or just play snow-fight with your partner!

    Nearest airport: Sion Airport
    How to reach: You will need to board the Bernese Oberland Railway from the Interlaken Ost station to Lauterbrunnen or Grindelwald. Once you’re there, you will have to change to the Wengernalp rack railway that will take you up to Kleine Scheidegg. Then you can ride the Jungfrau Railway directly all the way to the top – Jungfraujoch.


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    5. Lake Geneva – Laze Around The Alpine Serenity

    Jungfraujoch is called the top of the Europe

    Image Source

    Most romantic things to do: Laze around in the serenity of Europe’s largest Alpine lake, go shopping in the UN city, stroll through the numerous gardens, parks and promenades. You can also explore the various small scale markets and eating joints on the streets over the bank of this lake with your loved ones to know about the real culture of Switzerland and be greeted with smiling faces and warmth. This is one of the most romantic lakes in Switzerland.

    Nearest airport: Geneva Airport
    How to reach: You can easily get to Lake Geneva from the airport via the train, bus, taxi, or airport shuttle

    6. The Matterhorn – For The Old School Romance In Carriages

    A sunrise at Matterhorn should not be missed on a Switzerland Honeymoon

    Image Source

    Most romantic things to do: Hiking, biking, and climbing are the most popular things to do in The Matterhorn. You can also choose to explore the area on a horse-drawn carriage and try to woo your lady love in some old English style so that she may remember this day for the rest of her life! Don’t forget to take selfies against the fairy-tale like backdrops.

    Nearest airport: Milan Malpensa Airport
    How to reach: You can reach get to The Matterhorn by taking the Matterhorn Express gondola all the way Trockener Steg, from where you’ll be getting on the Klein Matterhorn cable car.

    7. Zermatt – For The Quiet Souls

    matterhorn zermatt's view

    Most romantic things to do: Zermatt is one of the best Switzerland honeymoon places which offers one with quite a lot of activities. For the quiet souls, there are chapels and churches that can be explored while the adventure seekers can go for hiking and skiing. One can also spend time watching the sunrises and sunsets here.

    Nearest airport: Zurich airport
    How to reach: 3 to 4 hours drive from the airport followed by a 12-minute train ride from the parking garage as Zermatt is a car-free destination

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    8. Ticino – To Enjoy The Views

    couple on honeymoon in ticino

    Most romantic things to do: No honeymoon trip to Switzerland is complete without a visit to Ticino. One can head to the Castles of Bellinzona here or be charmed by the Verzasca Valley. Visit Monte Bre and enjoy the views of the city.

    Nearest airport: Lugano Airport 
    How to reach: One can take a taxi from the airport to reach Ticino

    9. Lausanne – For Sweeping Vistas

    honeymoon in lausanne

    Most romantic things to do: If you are planning a honeymoon trip to Switzerland, then visit the largest cathedral there, Cathedral Notre Dame. Head to the Lausanne castle and enjoy sweeping views of the city from its terrace. The lovely Lake Ouchy is the perfect spot to enjoy a shimmering sunset and makes for one of the most romantic places in Switzerland.

    Nearest airport: Geneva International airport
    How to reach: Laussane is a 40 minutes drive from the airport and the city is connected to other places via rail and road.

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    Places To Stay On A Honeymoon In Switzerland

    As is obvious, why would there be any dearth of good hotels in Switzerland? We would give you the best names and do decide according to the region you are planning to stay:

    • Luxurious Hotel Waldstätterhof
    • Comfortable Hotel Des Balances
    • Classy Art Deco Hotel Montana Luzern
    • Charming Renaissance Lucerne Hotel
    • Lavish Boutique Hotel Schluessel

    1. Hotel Waldstätterhof

    Hotel Waldstaetterhof is one of the best hotels to stay on a Switzerland honeymoon

    Image Source

    This 3-star hotel settled amidst the Lucerne city which truly reflects luxury and class with its fine interiors and exclusive services. To enjoy a comfortable stay in the middle of the city, this place can be a perfect resort. Also, its located in a kind of setting that will allow you two optimum privacy and seclusion on your honeymoon.

    Nearby restaurants: Bam Bou by Thomas, Bolero Restaurante, Yooji’s Bahnhof Luzern, Zur Werkstatt Luzern
    Nearby shopping places: Rappmarion, Old Town

    Website | Reviews

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    2. Hotel Des Balances

    Cozy interiors of Hotel des Balances

    Image Source

    Immerse yourself in the luxury and comfort by enjoying a stay at this 4-star hotel with great ambiance and delectable cuisines. Resting at the prime location of the city, this hotel ensures to make your holiday worth a memory. It is, in fact, located very close to some of the prime attractions in the city as well as other leisure options like shopping malls and, restaurants, and much more.

    Nearby restaurants: Bam Bou by Thomas, Yooji’s Bahnhof Luzern, Restaurant Balances, Restaurant La Cucina
    Nearby shopping places: Kuhn Rikon Ag, Pfistergasse, Löwencenter Luzern

    Website | Reviews

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    3. Art Deco Hotel Montana Luzern

    The dining area of the Art Deco Hotel Montana Luzern guarantee a perfect Switzerland honeymoon

    Image Source

    Claimed to be the best hotel of the year in Switzerland honeymoon itinerary, the Art Deco Hotel ensures a relaxing stay amidst the pristine surroundings. Facing the breathtaking view of Lucerne, the hotel is a space to enjoy relaxation, incredible hospitality, amazing decor, speedy service, and all the worldly comforts that would make you feel like royalty!

    Nearby restaurants: Jialu National, Restaurant Olivo, Scala Restaurant, Takrai
    Nearby shopping places: Löwencenter Luzern, Lucern Parc, Rappmarion

    Website | Reviews

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    4. Renaissance Lucerne Hotel

    A view of the restaurant of Renaissance Lucerne Hotel

    Image Source

    Settled just in the heart of Lucerne city, this hotel is the restored version of the century-old City Palais. Showcasing a masterfully crafted blend of heritage and modernity with its lavish interiors and incredible staff service. Owing to its convenient location, it makes it incredibly easy for travelers to get around. Facilities like public transport, shopping arcades, restaurants, and many attractions are within walking distance from this lavish property.

    Nearby restaurants: Bam Bou by Thomas, Bolero Restaurante, Yooji’s Bahnhof Luzern, Zur Werkstatt Luzern
    Nearby shopping places: Vanetta AG, Rappmarion

    Website | Reviews

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    5. Boutique Hotel Schluessel

    Boutique Hotel Schluessel offers mesmerising views from its windows

    Image Source

    Experience an unforgettable stay amidst the surreal beauty of Central Switzerland by staying at this lavish hotel. Just a few kilometers away from the Lucerne city, the hotel offers an incredible view and a luxury stay. It’s a great option for couples who wish to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, while also enjoying all sorts of comforts and leisures right at their doorstep.

    Nearby restaurants: Gasthaus Schlussel, Seerestaurant Nidwaldnerhof, Restaurant Focus, Zee Restaurant
    Nearby shopping places: Old Town

    Website | Reviews

    Tips For A Honeymoon In Switzerland In December

    Who wouldn’t want to pamper the newness of life amidst the shimmering lakes, gleaming glaciers and flourishing meadows over the hills? Just before you book your tickets for your honeymoon in Switzerland, here are some Switzerland travel tips or a few more essentials to keep in mind:
    Currency: Swiss Franc
    Language: English, Italian, Romansh, German, French
    Flight time: 2 hours from London
    Honeymoon Package Cost: INR 95,000 onwards

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    How To Reach Switzerland?

    A swiss airways aircraft

    Image Source

    Air – that’s the best way to reach Switzerland from most places in the world. Geneva International Airport has got the most frequent number of flights from all over the world. Zurich Airport is the no. 2 airport in Swiss lands. Both these airports have got frequent flights from Europe, Australia, Asia, America(s) and Africa.

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    If there is an experience we have missed or a question we haven’t answered, please let us know! Or if you have made up your mind for a dreamy vacation and honeymoon in Switzerland, then book your customized Switzerland honeymoon trip with TravelTriangle and make it a memorable one!

    Disclaimer: TravelTriangle claims no credit for images featured on our blog site unless otherwise noted. All visual content is copyrighted to its respectful owners. We try to link back to original sources whenever possible. If you own the rights to any of the images, and do not wish them to appear on TravelTriangle, please contact us and they will be promptly removed. We believe in providing proper attribution to the original author, artist or photographer.

    Please Note: Any information published by TravelTriangle in any form of content is not intended to be a substitute for any kind of medical advice, and one must not take any action before consulting a professional medical expert of their own choice.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Honeymoon In Switzerland

    Is Switzerland romantic?

    The breathtaking landscapes, the snow-covered Alps, enchanting valleys, ethereal mountains, and enthralling waterbodies makes it a heaven of romance and is sure to spark the flames of romance in the coldest hearts.

    Which are the most romantic places to visit in Switzerland?

    Here are a few romantic honeymoon places in Switzerland that are simply too good to miss for a romantic honeymoon vacation:
    1. Zermatt
    2. Interlaken
    3. Lucerne
    4. Grindelwald
    5. St. Moritz

    Which place is best to stay in Switzerland?

    Some of the best area to stay in Switzerland are:
    1. Zurich: Best for activities, nightlife, and luxury hotels
    2. Bern: Best for local sightseeing and heritage tours
    3. Lucerne: Best for romantic tourist attractions
    4. Interlaken: Best for breathtaking views of lake and nature tour

    What can I do in Switzerland on a honeymoon?

    For adventure seekers, here are a few romantic yet adventurous things to do in Switzerland:
    1. Paddle Boarding in Geneva
    2. Rhine Falls Boating in Rheinfallquai
    3. Hiking in Sunnega
    4. Sky Dining in Bahnhofstrasse
    5. Local Wine Tasting in Chateau de Mont in Vaud
    6. Bernina Express Ride in Bahnhofstrasse

    What is Switzerland is famous for?

    Switzerland boasts some of the world’s most famous chocolates, cheese, Swizz knife, and watches. Apart from that, Switzerland is also one of the most popular honeymoon destinations with some of the most enchanting views and landscapes.

    Is travel in Switzerland expensive?

    Switzerland is the most expensive country in the world. Geneva and Zurich are the two of the ten most expensive cities to live in.

    Which is the best time to visit Switzerland for the honeymoon?

    April – May, and September – October, are the best time to visit Switzerland for honeymoon. The summers are best during mid-June while a winter honeymoon in Switzerland is aptly planned from December to March

    How much does a honeymoon in Switzerland cost?

    An average cost for a honeymoon in Switzerland costs around 1-2 lakhs for about 7-10 days.

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