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    Guide To Switzerland In March

    Switzerland is a mountainous country located in central Europe and is home to a number of lakes, spectacular villages and towering Alps. It is famous worldwide as the perfect winter holiday destination thanks to the number of exciting things to do offered here. The numerous ski-resorts makes it a favourite among several travel enthusiasts. Switzerland in March marks the perfect time one can enjoy the various places and activities in this country.

    Switzerland Weather In March

    Spring season

    Image Source

    The month of March marks the start of the Spring season in the country. During the beginning of this month, one can still find snow in several areas all over the country where exciting activities like skiing can be enjoyed. If one is wondering how cold is Switzerland in March, the weather in Switzerland in March 2019 is expected to have an average temperature of 6 ℃ or the weather in Switzerland in March in Fahrenheit is 42.8℉. The highest recorded temperature is about 11 degrees.

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    Best Places To Visit In Switzerland In March

    Visiting Switzerland in March gives many opportunities to explore the various attractive destinations accommodated by the country. Explore the destinations mentioned below:

    1. Matterhorn

    pyramid-shaped snow-covered mountain

    Image Source

    This is a pyramid-shaped snow-covered mountain peak and is one of the most frequently visited Alpine peak in Switzerland. The height of this popular mountain is about 4,478 metres and it attracts mountaineers from every nook and corner of the world who wait to experience climbing this magnificent peak. The highest cable car station in the Alps is housed by this peak and the cable car ride to this peak must be experienced by every traveller in this region.

    Location: Zermatt, Switzerland

    2. Chateau De Chillon


    Image Source

    This magnanimous castle is perfectly located along the banks of Lake Geneva and in the heart of Swiss Riviera. This water fortress is almost four centuries old and has a long history of serving as the home of the extremely wealthy Counts of Savoy. One can enjoy the amazing views of this castle by strolling on the banks of the lake or one can even go inside the castle and enjoy witnessing the towers, paintings, bedrooms which date back to the 14th century.

    Location: Avenue De Chillon 21, 1820 Veytaux, Switzerland

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    3. Jungfrau Area

    Jungfrau Winter Daylight View

    Image Source

    Jungfrau is an absolute Alpine wonderland and is one of the best places in Switzerland in March as it provides the ideal surroundings for tranquil retreats. The “Big Three” Alpine mountains which are Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau spread over the lush green meadows and offer mesmerising views to all the visitors here. These glacial monoliths are a treat to the eyes. Every visitor here must take the train ride to the Grindelwald-First peak.

    Location: Bernese Oberland, Switzerland

    4. Swiss National Park

    National Park and mountains

    Image Source

    Swiss National Park is the only national park in Switzerland and a very famous tourist attraction. This 172 square kilometres sized national park accommodates verdant pastures, snow-encrusted glaciers, lush woodlands and clear waterfalls making it one of the top places to visit in Switzerland. Hiking in Switzerland in March can be enjoyed by accessing the 21 hiking trails accommodated by this national park.

    Location: 7530 Zernez, Switzerland

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    5. Lugano

    Lugano view

    Image Source

    One can have a different and unique experience when they visit Lugano as it is close to Italy in the south and the Italian influences can be clearly seen in this city. One can enjoy staying at the romantic villas and relishing the highly delectable dishes by visiting this small city in Switzerland. The local language spoken by the residents of this city is quite different due to the Italian influences. It is a landlocked country but people here still enjoy the warm Mediterranean breezes.
    Location: Lugano City, Switzerland

    Things To Do In Switzerland In March

    March offers the perfect weather to enjoy both the summer as well as winter activities in Switzerland. Here are a few of the top activities one can indulge in:

    1. Alps Mountains: Ski


    Image Source

    A trip to Switzerland is incomplete without the skiing experience. Skiing in the snow in Switzerland in March can be enjoyed at the many ski-resorts which are located at higher heights during the month of March to enjoy this activity. If one doesn’t have their own skiing equipment it can be rented out at the various rental places for affordable prices. For all those people who love this adventure sport can plan a day-long session in the Alpine mountains and enjoy the sport while witnessing the amazing views.

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    2. Davos: Hop On A Train

    Train on small bridge

    Image Source

    Every day there is a train which starts from Davos and goes to Tirano through St. Moritz. This train is popularly called as the St. Bernina Express which offers spectacular scenic views throughout the journey. It winds its ways through the many tunnels which make for an exciting experience. The contrasting panoramic views of the lakes, greenery, are sure to make any visitor come back again for more.

    3. Switzerland: Visit Chocolate Factory

    Chocolate Factory

    Image Source

    Other than the time machines, Switzerland is also known to manufacture the most delicious variety of flavourful chocolates. The best chocolate factory in this country is the Cailler Chocolate Factory where one can try out the different flavoured chocolate samples while touring through the factory and learning more about how this lip-smacking delight is made. One can even create their own version of chocolates.

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    Things To Pack While Travelling To Switzerland In March

    Beautiful flowers and parks of nature

    Image Source

    From woollen mittens to leather jackets, we’ve mentioned below the essentials which one must pack in their suitcase for when they plan to travel to Switzerland in March:

    1. If you are wondering what to wear in Switzerland in March, do not forget to pack warm clothing.
    2. Don’t forget important documents like passport, ID proof etc.
    3. Take a camera to capture all the scenic views offered by the many places in this country.
    4. Take waterproof footwear and clothing for strolling through the snowy regions.

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    During the late evenings and nights, the temperature can drop down to as low as 1 degree in Switzerland in March. There is absolutely no humidity in the air in this month, which can otherwise make travelling in Switzerland very uncomfortable. Explore Switzerland by booking a trip right away.



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