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    a gorgeous lake with swans swimming in it

    Situated in the Western and Central Europe, Switzerland is a small country with much bigger things to offer. Along with its rich history of chocolate, cheese and watches, the country stands unique in boasting about its array of astonishing lakes. The lakes in Switzerland are something you must experience. Your Switzerland lake holidays will not only rejuvenate your senses but the hidden aesthetic beauty of it will pull you back, again and again!

    Incredibly beautiful lakes in Switzerland

    1. Oeschinensee, Bern

    Oeschinensee lake

    Located above the village of Kandersteg in the Bernese Oberland, it is one of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland known for its magnificence. The turquoise waters surrounded with greenery and snow-capped mountains make this lake a beautiful place for hiking and boating. While this is for summers; in winters, the freezing temperature of the lake turns it into an ice skating arena.

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    2. Lac de Derborence, Valais

    Lac de Derborence

    During the 18th century, two massive landslides gave birth to this famous lake in Switzerland. It is now a nature reserve that enthrals botanists, geologists and nature lovers, among others. Take a car or Postbus and revel in the journey to this lake. This journey, which comprises a beautiful valley and narrow tunnels, is a lovely experience in itself.

    3. Lake Geneva, Switzerland

    shutterstock_377524567-Lake Geneva

    The dominating size of this lake makes it one of the largest lakes in Europe. It becomes an amazing spot for sports during summers and one can take part in many water sports activities like sailing, swimming, diving, rowing, to name a few. It also houses a huge fountain called Jet d’Eau; at 140 meters high, it is regarded as one of the largest fountains in the world.

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    4. Lake Zurich, Switzerland

    shutterstock_397729420-Lake Zurich

    A good place to spend some quality time with whomsoever you want to accompany. This lake can be visited either by boating or walking. Walking will offer you more choices to take drink breaks. Just relax and get enveloped by the scenic beauty of sunset and glaciers. Here, you will get a great view of Zurich; this place also offers short cruise tours which will keep you in peace, away from the city’s hustling and bustling.

    5. Lake Neuchatel

    shutterstock_386280658-Lake Neuchatel

    Love long walks? Visit Lake Neuchatel. It is one of Switzerland’s largest lakes lying at the southern foot of the Jura mountains. While walking or jogging, you will come across numerous beaches and rest spots with the great Alps in the backdrop. The lake brims with tourists, especially during summers. You can also go for several water sports such as surfing, rowing and sailing, among others.

    6. Champex-Lac, Valais

    Lac de Derborence

    Visit this picturesque lake with your family or friends to witness the crystal-clear waters, which makes it popularly known as ‘little Canada’. This lake offers great culture and heritage to go through. It includes the famous alpine botanical gardens and the underground artillery fort. It is also well-known for its long tourism history.

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    7. Lake Lucerne

    shutterstock_365421230-Lake Lucerne

    This lake is extended from the city, Lucerne to the great Swiss Alps, hence known to be the fourth largest lake in Switzerland. It is famous for its greatest scenic versions. To know its history that it was formed twelve thousand years back, one must go for the boat tours and witness every detail about this breath-taking lake. The climate here is mostly mild.

    8. Lake Constance

    Lake Constance

    This lake is a bit larger than Lake Lucerne, mentioned above. It is ranked the third area-wise, in central Europe. It is home to many small islands; Bavarian Lindau is one among them. The interesting thing about this lake is its creation between three countries – Switzerland, Germany and Austria. It is a topic of debate, even today. Which country has the right to fish in the lake, is still a matter of concern and is followed by disputes.

    9. Lake Lugano

    Lake Lugano

    This lake is bordered with Italy and is named after the beautiful city of Lugano. For history lovers, it’s a must to visit because of the brilliant historic village – Gandria. The boat tours will include this village, so not to worry my friend. Adding to its historic beauty, are the fossils found here, which are millions of years old. The lake is home to a huge variety of fishes – catfish and crayfish, among others.

    10. Thunersee


    This Alpine lake is one of the best lakes in Switzerland, situated in the heart of the Bernese Oberland. What makes it picturesque? Yes, the magnificent mountains that cover it and the beautiful villages created along the banks. Again, history lovers must experience the historical medieval old town called Thun from where the name came in – Thunersee. Following are twelve lovely churches, which are must visit.

    If you’re a photographer or simply want to sit by the waters enjoying the gorgeous views, these lakes will leave you mesmerized.

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