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    A couple swimming in the Caribbean waters at Trunk Bay in US Virgin Islands

    Whether it is a relaxing day under a swaying palm tree on a gorgeous beach or some amazing adventures in the crystal-clear waters that you are looking for, US Virgin islands has got it covered. The three main islands – St Thomas, St John, & St Croix – offer amazing shopping spots, historical sites, beautiful beaches, and adventurous water activities that can be covered on your honeymoon in US Virgin Islands.

    So, if you are even slightly considering US Virgin Islands for honeymoon, the following list will help you plan your romantic vacation in a much better way. Here, have a look!

    1. Spend some romantic time on the beautiful beaches.

    A couple takes a walk on the Pacquereau Bay beach near the Frenchman Cove resort in the US Virgin Islands

    Image Source

    The breathtaking beauty of the blissful beaches is the primary reason honeymooners flock to the US Virgin Islands. These have spotless white sand beaches that are lined with rustling palms along the coast and verdant peaks. And beyond the sands are the gin-clear waters of the Caribbean Sea that only make these beaches appear all the more beautiful.

    Moreover, every beach is open to the public. And accessing these beaches is free of cost, albeit with a few exceptions. Likewise, even the private resorts are required to offer public access to the beaches.

    Most popular beaches in US Virgin Islands: Magens Bay Beach, Pacquereau Bay, & Lindquist Beach on St. Thomas island, Trunk Bay & Caneel Bay on St. John island, and Sandy Point on St. Croix island

    A distant shot of the gorgeous Trunk Bay at St John island of the US Virgin Islands

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    2. And while exploring the beaches, try some amazing water activities.

    A couple snorkeling in the US Virgin Islands in the Caribbean

    Image Source

    A honeymoon in US Virgin Islands is incomplete without trying the various water activities that its beaches has to offer. These include snorkeling, scuba diving, paddleboarding, and kayaking. In addition to trying out these adventurous but romantic activities in US Virgin Islands, the destination also offers romantic sunset cruise rides with dinner facilities.

    Best scuba diving sites in US Virgin Islands: Cow & Calf Rocks (St. Thomas), The Cane Bay Wall (St. Croix), and Frederiksted Pier (St. Croix)

    Best places for snorkeling in US Virgin Islands: Coki Point (St. Thomas), Hurricane Hole (St. John), Leinster Bay (St. John), Haulover Bay (St. John), Cane Bay (St. Croix), and Buck Island Reef National Monument (off St. Croix)

    A family on a night kayaking tour meets locals dressed as mermaids in the US Virgin Islands

    Image Source

    3. Go for romantic hikes through the rainforests of the tropical islands.

    A cruise tour in a water body overlooked by verdant peaks in St Croix at US Virgin Islands

    Image Source

    The rainforests of the group of islands & islets provide the couples on a honeymoon in US Virgin Islands an opportunity to go for romantic hikes. And the 15-acre rainforest – with its tropical foliage – on the St. Croix island is just the place for such hikes.

    Other recommended trails for the honeymooners to go for hikes are Reef Bay Trail, Annaberg Plantation Path, Ram’s Head Trail, and Salt Pond Trail. And while there are hikes through the verdant hills, cruise tours through the water bodies overlooked by forested hills are nothing short of romantic in themselves.

    4. Take an excursion to the beautiful Buck Island.

    Travel blogger Amber Fillerup Clark and her friend taking a tour of Buck Island in US Virgin Islands

    Image Source

    A mere 5 miles north of St. Croix lies the gorgeous islet known as Buck Island that is a part of the Buck Island Reef National Monument. The islet offers some of the finest coral formations of the region that the couples can explore by going on snorkeling trips. Moreover, the highest point of the island is equally beautiful. It can be accessed by taking an easy trek and offers splendid views of the entire island.

    5. Walk hand-in-hand with your beloved as you take a walk through the tourist attractions of Christiansted & Charlotte Amalie.

    Tip of a vintage cannon through the turret facing the sailboats in the US Virgin Islands

    It is not just the natural attractions and the thrilling water sports, but also the historic sites that allure the honeymooners. Charlotte Amalie on the St. Thomas island and Christiansted on the ST. Croix island are the hubs of history in the small group of islands that the honeymooners can explore. Some of the bet historic sites are as follows:

    • St. Thomas: Fort Christian and Crown House
    • St. Croix: Fort Christiansvaern and Fort Frederik
    • St. John: Annaberg Sugar Plantation and sugar mill

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    6. Enjoy the luxury & comfort of some of the chicest resorts in US Virgin Islands.

    A wide angle shot of the Frenchman Reef Marriott beach resort in US Virgin Islands

    Image Source

    a. The Ritz-Carlton, St. Thomas

    An aerial view of the Ritz Carlton hotel in US Virgin Islands

    Website | Reviews

    b. Bolongo Bay Beach Resort, St. Thomas

    A view of the beach and the building of the Bolongo Bay Beach Resort in US Virgin Islands

    Website | Reviews

    c. Marriott’s Frenchman’s Cove, near Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas

    A night shot of the swimming pool at the Marriott Frenchman Cove resort in the US Virgin Islands

    Website | Reviews

    d. Gallows Point Resort, St. John

    A snap of the Gallows Point Resort in the US Virgin Islands

    Website | Reviews

    e. The Buccaneer, St. Croix

    The grotto and swimming pool by the beach at the Buccaneer resort in the US Virgin Islands

    Website | Reviews

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    7. Enjoy a romantic meal at the most romantic restaurants in US Virgin Islands.

    Guests dining at the restaurant of the Marriott Frenchman Cove resort in the US Virgin Islands

    Image Source
    a. Tavern on the Waterfront, Charlotte Amalie harbor, St. Thomas

    A snap of the dining facility at the Tavern on the Waterfront in the US Virgin Islands

    Image Source

    The Tavern on the Waterfront on the St. Thomas island is among the most romantic restaurants in US Virgin islands. In addition to the delectable dishes of French/Polish cuisine that is serves, the dining spot is also known for its bar, nightclub, and Friday night jazz performances.

    Website | Reviews

    b. Asolare, St. John

    A sunset shot of the Asolare restaurant in the US Virgin Islands

    Image Source

    It is not common to find Asian-Fusion restaurants in the Caribbean. And that is exactly what makes Asolare, located on the St. John Island, so popular. Its mouth-watering menu selections include sweet & sour duck breast, sesame-encrusted pan seared tuna, and pan-seared crab cakes. Vegetarians needn’t worry. The restaurant has a wide array of vegetarian delicacies as well.

    Website | Reviews

    c. The Terrace at the Buccaneer Resort, St. Croix

    The Balcony Beachfront restaurant at the Buccaneer resort in the US Virgin Islands

    Image Source

    With its open-air dining and splendid Caribbean sea views, the restaurant offers a wonderful dining experience to the honeymooners. Though the vegetarian menu is great as well, it is the non-vegetarian menu that is its highlight. The most popular dishes here include lobster caesar salad, grilled sea scallops, and maple-bourbon-brined pork chops; served with a roasted green apple demi-glace.

    Website | Reviews

    FAQs regarding a honeymoon in US Virgin Islands

    Cruises docked at the port of St Thomas island in the US Virgin group of islands

    1. Where are the US Virgin Islands located?

    The US Virgin Islands are located in the Caribbean Sea, a few km southeast of Puerto Rico.

    2. What is the best time to visit US Virgin Islands for honeymoon?

    The peak season in US Virgin Islands is during December to March. During this time, it is neither too hot, nor too cold. However, the best time to visit the U.S. Virgin Islands for honeymoon is April to June, when the weather is mild and there is very little rainfall.

    3. How can one reach the US Virgin Islands?

    The U.S. Virgin Islands has two major airports – the Henry E. Rohlson Airport on St. Croix and the Cyril E. King Airport on St. Thomas. Non-stop and connecting flights are available from the U.S. Mainland, which is further connected to all major parts of the world. Cruises are also available to these islands from the nearby countries.

    Still not sure about US Virgin islands for honeymoon? Why not check out the other beautiful honeymoon destinations instead!

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