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The vibrant city of Hyderabad beckons to be left behind, as the allure of Kerala’s emerald landscapes, serene backwaters, and rich heritage beckons. Embarking on a Hyderabad to Kerala road trip promises an unforgettable experience. As you plan and get started with the road trip, it takes you through an unforgettable experience, one that focuses on cultural immersion and breathtaking natural beauty.

Best Time To Plan Hyderabad To Kerala Road Trip

Fishing net in Cochin, a spot to experience the enroute Hyderabad to Kerala road trip

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Due to the tropical climate of Kerala, visiting this state offers a pretty pleasant experience throughout the year. However, the best time to set off on a road trip from Hyderabad to Kerala is between September and March.

By the time monsoon arrives, the monsoon retreats, offering the travellers access to a serene and splendid view of the lush greenery and cascading waterfalls. Also, the cooler temperature makes it perfect for tourists to explore the sightseeing spots and indulge in varying outdoor activities.
The months from June to September account for the monsoon season, which, despite its beauty, isn’t the safest for road trips.

The roads leading up to Kerala become slippery, and there is an enhanced risk of landslides. Even the visibility on the mountain roads decreases, enhancing the risks of accidents.
Summer months fall between March and May and while people do visit Kerala during that period, it isn’t favourable. The weather is hot and humid and very uncomfortable. Exploring outdoor spots along the road trip isn’t comfortable at all. However, this is the best time if you want to beat the crowds and explore Kerala with a cheaper budget.

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Route For Hyderabad To Kerala Road Trip

Houseboat in Kerala, a beautiful view after Hyderabad to Kerala road trip

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When planning the best route for the road trip, the first consideration is the Hyderabad to Kerala distance, which is roughly around 1,200 km.

The road trip is usually traversed in two phases – Hyderabad to Bangalore and Bangalore to Kerala. Here’s a breakdown of the same:

1. Hyderabad to Bangalore – Around 570 km

The view of Nehru Outer Ring Road at Hyderabad.

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As you start your journey from Hyderabad, head towards Bangalore via NH 44. The majority of this route is covered via this national highway. Since it’s quite a busy one, prioritise that you are focused on driving safely and being mindful of the diversions and the road conditions along the way. This particular route takes you through the urban landscape of Hyderabad, gradually transitioning into the scenic countryside as you approach Karnataka.

2. Bangalore to Kerala – Around 430 km

The view of plantations in Kerala, must-visit during Hyderabad to Kerala road trip.

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Once you reach Bangalore, you will have to travel through Mysore and then continue the journey along the Western Ghats soaking in the views of the greenery and the winding roads along the way. This part of the journey covers towns like Gundlupet, Sultan Bathery, and Kalpetta, each offering its unique charm. Finally, you’ll descend from the hills into the plains of Kerala, greeted by the refreshing sight of coconut groves, paddy fields, and backwaters.
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Must-Visit Places Route Hyderabad To Kerala Road Trip

Now that you have a detailed idea of the distance from Hyderabad to Kerala by road, the next thing you must focus on is the sightseeing spots. When you are embarking on such a long journey, you need to plan rest stops and soak in the beautiful attractions that each of these places offers.

Here are some of the popular spots you need to add to your itinerary during the road trip:

1. Hampi

The image of temples in Hampi.

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A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hampi is an open-air museum, showcasing the grandeur of the Vijayanagara Empire. Explore the magnificent Virupaksha Temple, the intricately carved Hampi Bazaar, and the awe-inspiring chariot complex. If you are planning a solo travel expedition, especially as a woman, Hampi is possibly one of the best places to stop and explore the surroundings.

2. Bangalore

The view of Muthyala Maduvu Falls at Anekal Bangalore.

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India’s ‘Garden City’ offers a vibrant mix of modern metropolis and historical charm. Take a stroll through the verdant Cubbon Park, visit the majestic Bangalore Palace, or indulge in retail therapy at the bustling Commercial Street. While the city is known for its start-up culture, making a stop here allows you to indulge in some of the local delicacies, be it dosas or biriyani.

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3. Mysore

The jaw-dropping view of Gaganachukki Falls near Bangalore

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Renowned for its opulent palaces and rich cultural heritage, Mysore is a captivating stopover. Marvel at the architectural marvel of Mysore Palace, explore the vibrant Mysore City Market or witness the sacred rituals at the serene Brindavan Gardens. Nothing explains the beauty and opulence of Mysore like witnessing it with your own eyes. Somehow, the grandeur of this place is way too good for you to pass up.

4. Wayanad

Visit Banasura Sagar Dam during your Hyderabad to Kerala road trip.

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If there’s one place in the entirety of this road trip from Hyderabad to Kerala that you have to stop and explore, it has to be Wayanad. Wayanad is a haven for nature lovers. Embark on wildlife safaris in the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, trek through lush rainforests, or unwind by serene lakes. Also, while you are there, don’t forget to stop and click some pictures along the way.

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5. Munnar

The scenic view of Munnar tea plantations.

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Ascend to the misty hills of Munnar, a haven for trekking enthusiasts and nature lovers. Picturesque tea plantations, cascading waterfalls like Echo Point, and scenic viewpoints like Kundala Lake District offer breathtaking panoramas. The lush greenery is a treat to the eyes and Munnar with its tea estates beckons travellers from across India.

6. Kochi

Stop at Kocki during Hyderabad to Kerala road trip.

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Kerala’s vibrant capital, Kochi, boasts a rich history and cultural tapestry. Explore the colonial charm of Fort Kochi, witness the enchanting Kathakali performances, or delve into the bustling spice markets of Mattancherry. While you are in Kochi, indulge in the delectable local cuisine that Kochi offers. From porotta to breakfast spreads, there’s so much to gobble down.

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7. Kumarakom

The view of House Boat Kumarakom Alappuzha Kerala

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Renowned for its bird sanctuary, Kumarakom is a paradise for nature enthusiasts. Spot exotic birds like migratory Siberian Cranes, explore the scenic Vembanad Lake, or rejuvenate at one of the many Ayurvedic resorts. It serves as an amazing end to the journey of your road trip as you are then free to explore Kerala as per your itinerary.

Tips To Follow During Hyderabad To Kerala Road Trip

Getting started with your road trip from Hyderabad to Kerala requires rigorous planning. You have to ensure that you are following the correct route and are set out with a detailed itinerary and stops in mind.

Sort out your vehicle

The stepping stone to your road trip is getting the vehicle prepped and sorted. If you are a frequent driver and haven’t gotten the car serviced in a long time, that’s the first thing to do. Ensure that you also check out the vital parts of the car.

Plan the itinerary and stops

Plan your road trip route carefully for an enjoyable experience. Create an itinerary that includes all possible stops to stay organized and make the most of your journey.

Pre-book the accommodation

Given the extensive distance from Hyderabad to Kerala, you can’t expect to drive continuously. Instead, you’d need to make stops along the way, especially to avoid driving at night. For this, it’s always ideal to pre-book the accommodation so you aren’t stuck in confusion at the last minute.

Travel documents

Carry all necessary travel documents, including a driver’s licence, vehicle registration papers, and photo ID proofs. These will come in handy during an emergency, so having them handy is always a good choice.

Indulge in the local culture

Kerala has a distinct culture. Dress modestly while visiting religious sites. Familiarise yourself with basic Malayalam phrases for a more enriching experience.
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A road trip from Hyderabad to Kerala is an adventure that promises a kaleidoscope of experiences. This meticulously planned journey equips you with the knowledge to navigate the routes, discover hidden gems, and immerse yourself in the cultural tapestry of South India. So, buckle up and plan your next trip to Kerala with this detailed road trip guide.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hyderabad To Kerala Road Trip

How much does it cost for a Hyderabad to Kerala road trip?

The cost can vary depending on factors like the duration of your trip, vehicle type, accommodation choices, and activities. However, a budget of ₹30,000 – ₹50,000 for fuel, tolls, and basic accommodation can be a starting point.

What foods to try along the road trip?

As you start your road trip from Hyderabad, you can indulge in some local biryani and then get your hands on some Bangalore delights before you finally get a taste of Kerala cuisine by the end.

What are some unique experiences to include in the road trip?

Attend a traditional Theyyam performance in Kerala, a vibrant ritualistic dance form. You can also visit the tea and coffee estates or spice gardens along the way.

What is the mobile network connectivity like along the route?

You will find connectivity for pretty much all the leading mobile networks, so you shouldn’t have to worry about mobile networks during the road trip.

Is it better to drive yourself or hire a driver for the trip?

Since the distance from Hyderabad to Kerala is quite a lot, it isn’t a bad idea to hire a driver. However, if you don’t have the budget or want to experience the trip yourself, driving yourself is always a superior choice.

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