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The sprawling archipelago of over 17,000 islands constitutes Indonesia. If you are planning to visit Indonesia in April, be ready to be intrigued by the countless natural landscapes, islands and their pristine white beaches. Discover the most beautiful sights, from glorious temples to majestic temples or lush equatorial forests.

The people of Indonesia along with their countless traditions make these islands a must-visit destination, not to mention the diverse choices at the food table that represents all its creeds. The list of compelling reasons to visit Indonesia in April is endless. Hence, we present this comprehensive guide to help you make plans for your Indonesian trip a little easier.

Weather In Indonesia In April

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April signals the end of the rains that continue from November through March and mark the beginning of dry weather. As the various islands dry out, wildlife ventures out to play and the beaches welcome the sun worshippers. The day temperatures hover around 28°C and the weather is humid throughout the year. Normally, Indonesia receives around 8 hours of bright sunshine and the sea temperature is a comfortable 29°C.

Why Should You Visit Indonesia In April


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The beginning of the dry weather season also sees an increase in the number of tourists. Since it is just the beginning of the tourist season, airfare and accommodation is relatively cheaper compared to other months. The weather also enables people to witness the outstanding wildlife and superb natural beauty. There are various activities to try out in Indonesia in April like:

  • Snorkeling and underwater diving
  • Trekking around the beautiful coastline
  • Eat street food – or any food for that matter
  • Sunbathing and Surfing

Festivals In Indonesia In April

Here are a few festivals that you can witness in case you are planning to visit Indonesia in April:

1. Mappanretasi


Mappamretasi is a sea party enjoyed for three weeks, culminating in the last week of April. The locals participating, send their fishing boats to the sea as a mark of gratitude to God Almighty for the various sea products obtained by the community.

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2. Teluk Kendari


This festival consists of partying and dragon boat racing in Sulawesi’s Kendari Bay. A local music festival is also held along with the races. You can enjoy the activities as there is a vibrant and happening environment in the air. Either way, festivities mark a time for joy as well as celebration.

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5 Places To Visit In Indonesia In April

Add the following places to your itinerary if you are planning to visit Indonesia in April for an enjoyable experience:

1. Bali


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One of the most popular islands to visit in Indonesia and blessed with wide,
blue beaches makes it a popular destination among honeymooners.
Kintamani region which is in the interior of Bali boasts of lush greenery and gorgeous sights, while Ubud serves as the cultural center for Bali. A few
things to experience in Bali are romantic escapades, spas and holistic health
centres and the vibrant nightlife of Kuta.

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2. Nusa Tenggara East


Consisting of a chain of islands like Flores, Komodo and Timor, Nusa Tenggara is another popular place to visit in Indonesia in April. Flores is apt for the more rugged of travellers. One particularly bumpy road runs throughout the island chain winding through volcanoes, undeveloped beaches and local villages. Komodo is home to the endangered but fascinating Komodo dragons. You have to champion violent currents to see these man-eating giant lizards, but the effort is totally worth the experience.

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3. Sumatra


Sumatra boasts to be the world’s 6th largest and Indonesia’s largest island.
The massive island is sliced by the equator on the western edge and it is a
paradise for people keen on endangered species and rainforests. Home to
wild Orangutans, it also has the largest volcanic lake, Lake Toba, in the entire world. Adventure travellers can climb active volcanoes and go trekking in Gunung Leuser National Park.

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4. West Papua And Raja Ampat


Raja Ampat situated in West Papua, means Four Kings, comprising of the
islands of Waigeo, Salawati, Batanta and Misool along with over 1000 minor
islands. Travelers here can witness rich diversity in marine flora and fauna
including, but not limited to some rare coral species. The beautiful turquoise waters play a backdrop to marshy blue lagoons, serene beaches and densely forested islands.

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5. The Moluccas In Sumbawa


Maluku Islands, also known as The Moluccas are situated are situated along
the western coast of Sumbawa island. Wedged between two larger islands,
these tiny islands are largely unexplored. The moluccas house a myriad of
wildlife species that are similar to some Australian species but have well
adapted themselves to the rain forests of Papua.

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5 Things To Do In Indonesia In April

There are various activities to try in Indonesia in April to enhance your fun and vacation experience. They are listed below:

1. Attain Nirvana At The Borobudur Temple

Borobudur Temple

This sacred site is the world’s biggest Buddhist monument. Built around 800
A.D., the Borobudur Temple is a terraced structure consisting of over 2500
carved panels of stone. It represents the universe as understood by the
Buddhist builders who built it. As you go up the stupa’s levels, you mimic a
climb from ignorance towards enlightenment. The central stupa at the
the temple’s summit is empty, symbolising Nirvana. Reaching here is fairly
easy as hourly buses ply from Yogyakarta to Borobudur.

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2. Taste The Street Food In Jakarta

Street food

Jakarta is one of the world’s top street food destinations, bringing Javanese,
Sundanese and Balinese cuisines into one place. The dirt cheap local Kaki
lima or food carts here are dirt cheap and goad you to have as much as you
like. The food scene in Jakarta is consistently vibrant from your local food stall to the Padang restaurants. So, do give the local street food a try if you’re visiting Indonesia.

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3. Witness Life And Afterlife Meet At Toraja

Witness Life And Afterlife Meet At Toraja

The colourful world of the funerary culture in Toraja can be seen in the
day-to-day life of the local’s way of life. It reminds onlookers that people in
Toraja don’t see their ancestors as departed at all. Auspiciously coloured
buffalo skulls on the tongkonan a family’s prosperity. The dead are laid to rest in hand carved liang patane caves, guarded by tau-tau overlooking paddy fields.

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4. Visit The Komodo National Park

National Park

The Komodo National Park is home to the king of lizards – The Komodo
Dragon. Some 2000 dragons habitat the Komodo and Rinca islands. You can
take a short, hour long trek around Rinca, winding past resting dragons and
their nesting sites. A park ranger will go along with you to fend off any curious dragons.

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5. See Orangutans Play At Tanjung Puting


Situated in Central Kalimantan, The Tanjung Puting National Park is spread
across 3000 square kilometers. A face-to-face with the apes is possible at
Camp Leakey research station, where scheduled meals at several feeding
stations attract hordes of orangutans along with other fauna. So, do make
time to visit this Park if you visit Indonesia in April.

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So, there is your guide to a visit to Indonesia in April. Remember to add the above-mentioned places to your itinerary when you plan your next trip to Indonesia. Explore a whole new world of possibilities and experiences as you travel across these islands. Here’s to wishing you a wonderful vacation!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Indonesia In April

Is April a good time to visit Indonesia?

April to October is the best time to visit Bali, there is little rain, lots of sun and low humidity. Bali is a good year-round destination.

What can you not eat in Indonesia?

To reduce risks, we recommend not eating these foods: 1. Leafy green vegetables and salads 2. Rare or undercooked meats. 3. Chicken particularly if it’s not fully cooked.

What is the cheapest month to go to Bali?

If you’re looking to save money on your vacation, head to the island from October through April.

Is Indian currency accepted in Bali?

The official currency in Bali is Indonesian Rupiah and widely accepted here. The currency code is IDR. IDR is one of the cheapest currencies in the world.

Do Indians require a visa for Bali?

If Indians are travelling to Bali for tourist purposes, they do not require a visa for a stay up to 30 days. Such visitors must provide their passport, valid return tickets, and sufficient funds for expenses during their Indonesia stay. In case you are willing to spend more than 60 days in Indonesia, you must apply for a Visa, immediately on Arrival.

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