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The dragon famed Komodo National Park in Indonesia is more than just the much fantasised dragons. The coloured sand beaches and pristine coral reefs make it a national park worth visiting. The park carpeted in lush canopy of greens is any nature lover’s dream come true, and holds numerous adventures for adrenaline junkies. You can hike to the highest points of the park to watch the breathtaking views of the seas below. You can also have the best snorkelling experience here in the clear, sparkling water.

Komodo National Park Facts

Location: Indonesia
Komodo National Park Wildlife: Komodo dragon, Timor deer, water buffalo, wild boar, long-tailed macaques, cobra, Russell’s pit viper, palm civets, the endemic Rinca rat, sea turtles, dolphins, whales, and dugongs and fruit bats.
Area: ‎1,733 km sq (669 sq mi)
Established: 1980

Komodo National Park Map

Komodo National Park Entrance Fee

The charges vary for different adventure activities and guided tours at Komodo. The basic national park fee is INR 715/-

Best Time To Visit Komodo National Park:

Best Time To Visit Komodo National Park

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The apt time to visit Komodo National Park, Indonesia is during the dry season which lasts from April to December. The weather is pleasant as it isn’t too hot and one can enjoy exploring the park. Temperature is usually around 26°C and minimal rainfall. The rainy season lasts from January to March after which one can book their Komodo National Park Tours.

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How to reach Komodo National Park:

How to reach Komodo National Park

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Labuan bajo is the main city which is the closest to Komodo National park.
By Air: Reaching Komodo National Park from Bali is rather convenient as there are daily flights from Bali to Labuan Bajo
By Boat: Boat rides are available from Lombok to Labuan Bajo

Things To Do At Komodo National Park

Here are the exciting things that you can indulge in at the Komodo National Park:

1. Hike to the top of Padar Island

Padar Island near Komodo Island

This is a beautiful island within the Komodo national park. Its landscape is breathtaking. Hike to its zenith and enjoy mesmerising views all around. The hike is a bit steep and the terrain, rocky, but the views one gets are tremendous. From the top you can get a view of four crescent shaped beaches. It is a dazzling sight of the black sand, white sand and pink sand all of them together.

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2. Watch the prehistoric Komodo dragons

komodo dragon

The speciality and worldwide recognition of the park is due to the presence of its dragons. The Komodo dragons are naturally only found on the Komodo and Rinca Island. Make sure that you are escorted by a ranger when on a tour to watch Komodos as they do not snort fire but sure are poisonous.

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3. Lounge at the Pink beach

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It is an amazingly beautiful beach of Komodo National Park. The waters are clear and perfect to enjoy Komodo National Park diving and snorkelling. This pristine beach has gotten its colour from the red corals on the beach. Laze on the pink sands as you soak in gorgeous sunset views.

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4. Scuba Dive in the Komodo Islands

Scuba Dive in the Komodo Islands

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Scuba diving at the Komodo National Park is any nature lovers and adventure enthusiast’s dream come true. The clear sparkling waters give the best experience of the humongous underwater life. The coral reefs are pristine and a must see attraction.

5. Gaze at the Milky Way

Stare at the Milky Way

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Other than dragon watching and wildlife sightseeing, the vistas of the sky from Komodo are dazzling. Laze at the beach, gazing at the starry night sky after a long fun day of trekking, diving and snorkelling.

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Places To Stay In Komodo National Park

Here are the top places where you can stay on your visit to the Komodo National Park:

1. Komodo Resort & Diving Club

Komodo Resort & Diving Club

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This is a beautiful 16 cottages resort on the gorgeous white sand beach of Sebayur island. It lies right at the border of the Komodo National Park, making it a great location to stay. Enjoy scrumptious meals here with a blend of European and Indonesian flavours.
Location: Sebayur Island | Komodo, Labuan Bajo, Flores 86754, Indonesia
Starting price: INR 26,868/-
Google rating: 4.4/5 | TripAdvisor rating: 5/5
Website | TripAdvisor Reviews

2. Kanawa Resort

Kanawa Resort

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Kanawa is a cosy, small resort situated in the Komodo archipelago. The resort is all about amazing beaches, great ambience, and tasty food. The staff is hospitable and the place is a great stop. Enjoy the sparkling waters and the starry night sky.
Location: Kawana Island, Komodo National Park, Komodo 86554, Indonesia
Starting price: INR 5,209/-
Google rating: 4.3/5 | TripAdvisor rating: 3.5/5
TripAdvisor Reviews

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3. Escape Bajo

Escape Bajo

This is a beautiful guest house packed with total adventure and scenic views. The location is convenient as it is only 10 minutes from the Komodo airport. The property has both bunk beds and private rooms. Staying here would give you a taste of the exotic and tropical Indonesia.
Location: Komodo National Park, Komodo 86754, Indonesia
TripAdvisor rating: 4.5/5
Website | TripAdvisor Reviews

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