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    mouth watering crispy jalebi

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    If it is the sights & smells of the humble street food that entice you, and if biting into that kachori or aloo tikki tingles your taste buds like no restaurant food ever could then Indore is the place you should be headed to.

    This buzzing city could stake its claim for the top slot of being the foodie capital of India. When you wake up and walk out in the street to the sight of tantalising heaps of delicious poha and fresh from the kadhai jalebis, you will know why Indore is the undisputed heaven for vegetarian street food lovers. The Chhappan Dukaan (referring to the 56-odd shops) and Sarrafa Bazaar are pilgrimages you must make to relish Indore speciality foods. You have to see it to believe how a jewellers’ market by day magically turns to a gastronome paradise by night. Let us tempt you with a list of the best Indore street food for your next visit to the city:

    1. Dahi Bade

    tangy delight in mouth

    Image Source

    You’d be wondering what’s so special about these simple lentil balls dipped in curd and found in every nook and cranny of the country? You have to try them at Indore’s sarrafa bazaar to see the humble dahi-vadas transform to a work of art. At the Joshi dahi vada wala, watch with wonder how he twirls the bowl up in the air, then expertly adds 4 different spices with a single pinch before handing you this melt-in-mouth tangy delight. The dahi vadas are yummy and the experience will stay with you for a while. Its popularity and coverage on most food channels in the country is a testament to the quality of this Indore street food.
    Where: Joshi Dahi Bada House, 24 Bada Sarafa, Sarafa Bazaar

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    2. Sabudana Khichdi

    filled with nameekns

    Image Source

    Who thought the bland pearly white tapioca seeds (sabudana) could feature amongst the best Indore street foods list. That is what street food is all aboutin Indore – turning the mundane to the magical, with a little innovation and some spicy sprinkling. You can watch with delight how the boiled sabudana is mixed with a variety of namkeens and crunchy chips, topped with spices and sprinkled with lemon and coriander to make it one of the yummiest version of the food you’ve ever had.
    Where: Sanwariya Seth is a name to reckon with when it comes to sabudana khichdi, with several outlets across the city including one at Sarafa Bazaar

    3. Garadu

    crispy and tangy aloo chat

    Image Source

    This is Indore’s version of the crispy and tangy Aloo ki chaat from Delhi. A yam-variant, Garadu, is diced, fried to golden brown and then sprinkled with a good helping of the special masala (yes, in Indore there’s a special spice mix for every dish!) and lots of lemon juice – the perfect recipe for yumminess in a platter.
    Where: Several shops at Sarafa Bazaar serve them fresh

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    4. Poha Jalebi

    mouth watering crispy jalebi

    Image Source

    Wherever you are in Indore, you’d be at a walking distance from a kiosk or shop serving steaming hot poha from the wee hours in the morning till late afternoon. This delicious and healthy street food is the best way to start your day when in Indore. Steamed to perfection and topped with the ubiquitous Indori sev, a sprinkle of coriander and a dash of lemon you wouldn’t be able to stop at one helping. It can be teamed with spicy kachori for a whole new experience. When eating Indore food, you must do it their way by wrapping up your breakfast with the mouth-watering crispy jalebis.
    Where: Every sweet shop in Indore serves poha jalebi. The poha at Young Tarang in Chhapan Dukaan is very popular.

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    5. Bhutte ki Kees

    one of the variant of corns

    Image Source

    We bet you’d never have had this variant of the corn anywhere else in the country. Another Indore speciality food, the bhutte ki khees is essentially boiled and grated corns tempered with heeng, cumin, green chillies and fennel seeds, topped with some spices, a pinch of lemon and garnished with grated coconut.
    Where: Joshi Dahi Bada House, Bada Sarafa, Sarafa Bazaar

    6. Khopra Patties

    yummy deligh to eat

    Image Source

    Considering how many of the Indore street food offerings are unique to the city and its out-of-the-box thinking food vendors, it could win the competition for innovative street food variety hands down. A fried to perfection potato patties with a coconut filing and good helping of tangy chutney’s is what these khopra patties are all about. The iconic Vijay Chaat House, one of the best places to eat in Indore, serves these and many more yummy delights at both Sarrafa and Chappan dukan outlets.
    Where: Vijay Chaat House, Shops 6-8, Chhapan Dukan, New Palasia

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    7. Shikanji

    shikanji in a form of milky variant

    Image Source

    Don’t get deceived by the name, this is no cool lemon drink to wash down all that chaat you’ve gorged on at Chappan dukan or Sarafa Bazar. This thick milky variant is a mini-meal in itself. Rich in texture and somewhere between a rabdi and lassi in taste, the Shikanji glass is garnished with heaps of dry-fruit.
    Where: Madhuram Sweets at Chhapan Dukaan, New palasia

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    8. Egg Benjos

    spicy omelette sandwich

    Image Source

    The egg benjos at Johnny’s Hot Dogs are one of the most famous Indore food items that you must try during your food trail through the city. In the primarily vegetarian food landscape of Indore, Egg and Mutton benjos at Johnny’s are probably the only non-vegetarian items that have such a huge fan following amongst the youth. A spicy masala omelette sandwiched between soft round buns served with chutney and ketchup is very popular. The mutton and vegetarian variants are nice too.
    Where: Johnny’s Hot Dogs, Shop no.2, Chappan Dukan, New Palasia, Indore

    9. Lal Balti ki Kachori

    yummy tangy flavour

    Image Source

    Indore boasts of an entire list of must-try kachori places for those who love these delicious spicy balls of fried dough filled with a range of stuffing. Jostling for the title of the most famous kachori with a host of other shops is the uniquely christened ‘Lal balti ki kachori’. Their kachoris stuffed with potato filling and served with their unique green chilli chatni (a very spicy version, not for the faint-hearted!). You must visit the place to figure out the reason for this interesting name.
    Where: Near Gas Agency, Nagar Nigam Chiman Bagh, Jail Road, Indore

    10. Malpua and Mawa Bati

    golden malpua the perfect dessert

    While feasting your eyes on the sights at Sarafa Bazaar, one temptation you cannot resist is trying out the golden brown succulent malpuas displayed on huge tawas at various food stalls. Team it up with some rabri for that perfect dessert to end your food extravaganza at Sarafa. The Mawa baatis which are a bigger and richer version of the gulab jamuns will also make you drool.
    Where: Bada Saraf, Sarafa bazaar

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    If these aren’t enough to satiate the street food lover in you, we would also like to recommend the yummy faluda kulfi at Nema Sweets and the 6-flavored pani puri available across various outlets in the city. Before you fly away from this foodie paradise, don’t forget to pack some savory Indori namkeens from Akash Namkeen to carry the flavour of Indore food back home!

    Frequently Asked Questions About Indore Street Food

    Q. What is the famous food of Indore?

    A. The most popular food items of Indore are Khopra Pattice, Garadu, Bhutte ki kees, Batla Kachori, Poha, and Chappan. You can get these options at luxuriating restaurants of Indore as well as at street stalls.

    Q. Why is Indore famous?

    A. Indore is one of the most developed cities in Madhya Pradesh and is the fourth-largest center of cotton textiles in India. The place is popular for beautiful bangles, ornaments, and delicious food.

    Q. What are the best places to visit in Indore?

    A. There are numerous interesting places to visit in Indore and the best among them are Lalbagh palace, Khajrana Ganesh Temple, Kanch Mandir, Rajwada, Patalpani Waterfall, Annapurna Temple, Sarafa Market, Treasure Island Mall, Krishnapura Chhatris, ISKCON Temple, and Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary.

    Q. Which is the most famous restaurant in Indore?

    A. Indore is famous for its scrumptious delicacies and is home to numerous restaurants that offer amazing recipes. The best restaurants in Indore are Shree Chotiwala Restaurant, Mediterra, Mr. Beans, The Sultan’s Restaurant, and The InDorii Cafe.

    Q. Which sweet is famous in Indore?

    A. There are numerous desserts of Indore that are popular among food lovers. One of the most delicious and famous sweet in Indore in Makhan Vade which is also known as Balushahi.

    Q. Is Madhya Pradesh famous for street food?

    A. Yes, Madhya Pradesh is very popular for its street food. You will find numerous street food stalls here and it is believed to reflect the culture and tradition of this enormous state of India.

    Q. Is there any food festival in Indore?

    A. Yes, Indore organizes many food festivals throughout the year. One of the best food festivals of Indore is Oktober Fest which will organized from 22nd September to 7th October.

    Q. What should I buy in Indore?

    A. You can but bangles and accessories, namkeen, chivda (flattened rice), sweets, cotton suits, and dressing material from Indore.

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