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Bali, a busy island with 4 million residents and over 17000 temples is one of the most favorite tourist destinations for the past decade. The wide beaches in the south and lush, volcano-dominated interior attract tourists from all across the world. Amlapura is one of the most well-located islands of Bali which connects to almost all parts of Bali. Earlier known as the Karangasem, the name of this regency was changed to Amlapura after the volcanic eruption took place at the mighty Agung mountain. The eruption was so devastating that the island was changed and the island was reborn as Amlapura with a belief that getting rid of the old name would also get rid of the bad luck associated with the name which could provoke the much dreaded recurring event. The islands in Amlapura Bali is one of the smallest districts of Bali is most popular for Puri Agung Karangasem, a palace royal palace of the kingdom of Karangasem, which offers a glimpse into the splendor of the days when the Rajas ruled Bali.

The Puri Agung Karangasem palace is divided into for parts called puri as the western, the northern, the southern and the eastern puri as well as several others regions which all still occupied by members of the royal family. Of these, only the Puri Kangin (the eastern palace) on the main road to the market is open for all to visit. The palace has been designed with an eccentric blend of the Chinese and the European detailing and features several pavilions and rooms which are surrounded by pools and are connected to each other by walkways. The rooms of the palace are available for rent and could be a perfect accommodation for the aspiring aristocrat.

Explore These Top 3 Islands In Amlapura Bali In 2022

Located near the eastern coast of Bali, the islands in Amlapura Bali has the most magnificent architecture and one of the most diverse cultural history in Bali. Known for the beautiful palace of Karangasem, the islands surrounding the place are one of the most thrilling places to visit in Bali.

1. Diving In Padang Bai


Padang Bai is most famous for muck diving, it is situated in the east of Bali. You can be damn sure that this diving experience can be one for a lifetime. The serenity of the ocean will definitely leave you speechless. There are 7 different diving sites that can be easily reached by a boat. You can get a chance meet many sea animals including sharks.

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2. Tulamben

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Distance from Bali: 120 kms

Tulamben- the divers paradise in Indonesia is also a place to be visited from Bali, in a day. This is actually a small fishing hamlet, surrounded by black sand beaches. With popular diving spots like Shipwreck, Drop off and Paradise Reef; Tulamben has made its way in the heart of water sports enthusiasts as one of the popular day trips from Bali.

Places to see in Tulamben: Pantai, US Liberty Shipwreck and Tulamben beach

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3. Nusa Penida Island


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The roomy and open idea gives you an incredible perspective of the sea from various parts of the estate; regardless of where you are, Penida’s excellence will encompass you. The villas are pretty comfortable and amazing to stay at.

Location: Nusa Penida, Bali

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Amlapura Bali has been awarded the Adipura Award as Indonesia Cleanest Small City and also got the Adiwiyata Award for fourth consecutive as the Cleanest Elementary School. The islands in Amlapura Bali has its beauty spread from the coasts to the mountains. Come and experience the life of royalty at Karangasem palace and lose yourself to its mystic charm.

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