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    Japan is a country that has a distinctive culinary scene with rich food traditions and one of the most popular cuisines in the world for all the right reasons. Japanese Desserts are all about subtle flavours exploding in your mouth with a dash of sugar rush. Every country’s food traditions define its culture and exploring the food scene in Japan is all about finding the right balance and variety. With several cooking techniques these desserts are prepared with utmost care, balance and natural flavours of the ingredients that is carefully crafted to give you the best 8 classic Japanese desserts that you must indulge in.

    8 Best Japanese Desserts That You Must Indulge In

    Carefully crafted using the natural flavours of ingredients, with a subtle taste of sugar, here’s a list of 8 classic Japanese desserts that will steal your heart away and get you swooning, wanting for more!

    1. Mochi

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    A traditional Japanese dessert, it has a versatile taste made from special sticky rice called mochi gome. The mochi rice is cooked and shaped to become soft Mochi balls, which can be toasted, dipped into sauce or sweetened with a topping called kinako.

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    2. Daifuku

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    Daifuku are basically just pockets of mochi that are filled with various sweet fillings and are a very common dessert in Japan. You’ll often witness daifuku ice cream during the hot summer season, amongst all flavours, the most preferred daifuku ice cream flavour is red bean paste, which has a subtle sweet taste and is ball of refreshment to catch a respite from the hot summer days.

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    3. Dango

    Image source

    Again, very similar to mochi, dango can be made from a variety of flour and don’t need to be pounded. Dango can be filled, grilled or dipped into a sweet sauce, but they are often skewered. Dango are often flavoured and coloured when sold at festivals like hanami.

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    4. Taiyaki

    Image source

    You can find a Taiyaki out on the streets where the vendors are whipping out fresh Taiyakis everyday. It’s a perfect winter dessert which will warm your system and give you an oozy feeling. Taiyakis are basically fish shaped pancakes that come with delicious fillings like red bean paste and served warm. Other fillings also include custard, chocolate, sweet potato or even savoury varieties like sausage, cheese or gyoza filling.

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    5. Dorayaki

    Image source

    This is basically anko paste filled between two castella pancakes. Castella is a type of sponge cake that was brought to Japan from Portugal in the 16th century and continues its legacy today. Currently, the Dorayaki is served with fillings of Nutella between the pancakes and tastes absolutely comforting.

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    6. Anmitsu

    Image Source

    This is a Japanese parfait which is crafted from agar-agar jelly, the gar is melted in water or fruit juice to create the gelatin. It is served in the bowl with anko, peas and a variety of fruits such as peaches, pineapples, cherries, and satsuma orange.

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    7. Anko

    Image Source

    Anko is made out of adzuki beans which were a common way to sweeten the desserts before processed sugar wasn’t introduced in Japan. Now, it is served as a common topping and filling for Japanes desserts or it can also be eaten independently. Anko is a sweet paste of adzuki beans.

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    8. Coffee Jelly

    Image Source

    It’s a minimalistic dessert that has a simple recipe to it. This dessert is basically a jelly made with black coffee that is often topped with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream. You would often this type of dessert at old cafes or restaurants in Japan.

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    Now that you’re acquainted with Japanese desserts, make sure you try these and have a sinful indulgence while you’re holidaying in Japan. Pick a dish of your choice and try these unique desserts to unravel the culinary scene of Japan. What are you waiting for?

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