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The island of Bali has lots of distinctive and exciting places to ascertain. Of course, things that you simply don’t seem to be going see it in alternative locations within the world. One in each of the distinctive components of the island that you simply ought to visit is Jatiluwih green land rice terrace, Bali. moreover, Jatiluwih came from word Jati mean original, and therefore the word Luwih means lovely.

Jatiluwih rice terrace practically covers the area of the namesake upland settlement in West Bali, most celebrated for its scenes that are both exceptional and really fascinating. The site is one of the island’s must-see characteristic displays keeping pace with Mount Batur and the caldera of ‘Kintamani.’ The cool hilltops and the stunning landscape of this town at the foot of Mount Batukaru makes for awesome photograph chance and fills in as a mitigating retreat far from the island’s jam-packed south.

At a time a UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site expectant, Jatiluwih rice Terrace involves over 600Ha of rice paddies that pursue the running slope geology of the Batukaru mountain Range. These are very much kept up by a conventional water board known as ‘subak’, which goes back to the ninth century. The cooperative itself unsurprisingly won acknowledgment as a prevailing component in Bali’s ‘cultural landscape’ section on the legacy list.

Jatiluwih Green Land Location And Map

Jatiluwih Rice Terrace is situated at Penebel Village, Bali. If you are coming from Ubud to Jatiluwih Green Land, it will take you around 2 hrs to cover the 41 km of distance. Most of the travelers who need to go to Jatiluwih Green Land can take Ubud tour packages with the route, ‘Ubud’, ‘Lake Beratan Bedugul’, ‘Jatiluwih rice fields’ and’ Batukaru temple.’

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Jatiluwih Rice Fields Entrance Fee


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In the event that you need to book Bali visit bundles and on the circuit, there is a program to visit Jatiluwih rice fields. Usually, the entry fee was incorporated on your Bali visit bundles. Be that as it may, in the event that you would prefer not to utilize visit bundle benefits in Bali and might want to visit Jatiluwih rice fields with your vehicle, you should pay Jatiluwih entry fee, IDR 40.000/individual. For Indonesian resident, Jatiluwih entry fee is IDR 15.000/individual.

For your luxury amid visiting Jatiluwih rice fields, we prescribe you to get a vehicle rental in Bali with a driver, because of long excursions to get Jatiluwih rice fields area. To get a vehicle rental in Bali with a driver, it isn’t hard and the costs IDR 500.000/10 hours utilization.

Things To Do In Jatiluwih Green Land

If you seek unexplored scenery and delightful natural surroundings, Jatiluwih rice terraces is a travel must for you on your next vacation in Bali. Here are all the things you can do at Jatiluwih Green Land to make the best of this place n your trip.

1. Rice Field Trekking

Rice Field Trekking

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Above all else, something to do in Jatiluwih you shouldn’t miss is Rice Field Trekking. Climbing through the rice fields is great to soothe your soul while breathing the crisp Jatiluwih air. There are flagged climbing courses along the rice fields. You can pick between 5 unique courses:

Red: This is the briefest course which takes around 60 minutes.
Yellow: This trail takes around 1h 10mins.
White: The white way brings you more deep down into the rice fields and gives you more points of view. It takes around 2 hours.
Green: The green track drives you over a length of 6 kilometers along the lavish rice fields. The stroll takes around 2.5 to 3 hours.
Blue: With 7 km this is longest trekking way course and versatile for expert trekkers. It’s a stroll around 4 hours in the immaculate nature.

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2. Cycling Tour

Jatiluwih Cycling Tour

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Riding a bicycle in Jatiluwih is a brilliant method for getting a charge out of the delightful landscape in the UNESCO legacy. You can reserve a cycling visit at various suppliers or essentially lease a bicycle and tour the Rice Terraces on your own. The green and blue trekking way are likewise ideal courses for cycling. On the off chance that you lean toward a guided visit, you can pick between less demanding courses or all the more difficult tracks that basically pass the equivalent landmarks. They are adjusted to various capacities and ages.

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3. Yeh Ho Waterfall

Yeh Ho Waterfall Jatiluwih

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Yeh Ho Waterfall is a calm isolated little cascade. It’s just a short stroll by foot and a simple climb down the stairs. When you achieved the cascade, you will discover two distinct territories: the principle cascade and an isolated zone for individuals who might want to take a bath. The water is cool and reviving, this is immaculate following a long ascending day! Basically, appreciate the tranquil minutes and the immaculate nature.

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4. Farm Expedition

Experience farm life

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Another most loved activity in Jatiluwih Green Land in Bali is investigating the outback. Basically, lease a bike and drive along small side roads and appreciate genuine immaculate Bali. You will find little towns and perceive how local people in real life. Ranchers in the towns utilize customary approaches to collecting their harvests and many areas yet carrying on with an extremely conventional life. Most likely, you can have a little knowledge of services and family life. Say Hi to the great local people and recover a colossal grin. Meet the genuine fortunes of Indonesia Meet local people!

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5. Pura Luhur Batukaru Temple

Pura Luhur Batukaru Temple

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Pura Luhur Batukaru is a standout amongst the most hallowed temples on Bali and was worked in the eleventh century. Situated amidst the wilderness and unquestionably a supernatural place. It is mandatory to wear a scarf and a sarong, you can acquire both for nothing out of pocket at the entry of the temple. Sightseers are allowed to enter the first yard, the entrance to the main temple zone is disallowed. Because of the foggy evening, the best time to visit Pura Luhur Batukaru is toward the beginning of the day.

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6. Angseri Hot Spring

Angseri Hot Spring

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Loosen up your brain and soul at Angseri Hot Spring, a distinctive water pool. So put your feet up, absorb the regular hot spring and appreciate the encompassing region with tropical timberlands and cascades. The warmed water contains strong minerals. Individuals have appreciated this natural marvels for quite a long time with its strange recuperating powers. To get to the hot spring pool, you have to pay a little entry charge.

7. Lodging

Stay in the Middle of Nowhere

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Tegal Jero Homestay is situated in the territory of Jatiluwih in a little village amidst a wilderness. The enormous scene windows are confronting the superb woods. Tune in to the hints of nature, for example, feathered creatures and crickets you can even hear a little stream sprinkling. Appreciate the quietness of this serene desert spring. So recline and essentially loosen up your spirit at Tegal Jero Homestay!

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8. Sunrise

Watching the sunrise in Jatiluwih

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Wake up around 5:30 a.m. what’s more, prepare yourself for watching dazzling dawn. While getting a charge out of this tranquil minute, you will just tune in to the hints of nature, for example, winged animals and crickets. Perhaps, you can see the first agriculturists collecting their products. Typically haze and mists will as of now show up around noon. Therefore, you have the most wonderful view of the first part of the day. See how the rice porches gradually get their rich green hues from the sun. Viewing the dawn is an awesome activity in Jatiluwih and will convey the joy to your soul.

Where To Eat

Where to Eat

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A few eateries serving universal and neighborhood cooking line the little street overlooking the Jatiluwih Green Lands; most visit schedules stop here for lunch. One of the eateries offering the best vantage point is ‘Billy’s Terrace Café’, which serves neighborhood choices and buffet, and ‘Warung Jatiluwih 259’ further down the incline. While most explorers on customized visits ordinarily appreciate the view by day, the rice fields are similarly amazing at nightfall, filled with fireflies and the sound of nature that rise and turn out to be increasingly clear into the night.

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Aren’t you feeling refreshed already? You can’t imagine how refreshing you will feel once you are in the spellbinding Jatiluwih Green Land. What are you waiting for? Take a break from your daily schedule and gift yourself and your family of loved ones a refreshing holiday in Bali where you visit Jatiluwih Green Land.

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