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Iran may not be a usual tourist destination but the place is packed with numerous historical places to visit. You can witness some of the most beautiful structures and places in Iran. Many of you may assume that Iran is not safe to visit but that’s not true. You can plan your trip to Iran at any time of the year you want and feel completely safe out there. Iran is the home of many old civilizations which are worth witnessing. You can enjoy exploring all of them once you book your tickets to Iran. However, one of the must-visit places in Iran is the Khaju Bridge. The famous historical structure is known to rest on the river Zayanderud in Isfahan.

The bridge is considered to be one of the finest structures in the city. Once you visit the place you will realize why it is so popular. The architecture and the beautiful surrounding of the bridge is a site that will stay in your hearts forever. If you are looking for a Khaju Bridge tour guide then you are most welcome to go through the article written below.

About Khaju Bridge

About Khaju Bridge

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Khaju Bridge happens to be one of the most famous bridges in Isfahan, Iran. This is not only a bridge but it also acts as a building for holding public meetings as well. The entire bridge is decorated with beautiful tile works and paintings. This is where you can witness the beauty of true Persian architecture. It’s been almost 350 years and the bridge still manages to hold itself in place. The bridge also acts as a center of recreation that aims at the cultural exchange and social interactions.

This is truly one of the finest bridges constructed in Iran. The bridge was built in the year 1650 by Shah Abbas II, who was the Persian Safavid King. The bridge has several amazing features to flaunt to its visitors. The decoration of the bridge is something that is worth viewing. Khaju Bridge architecture is one of its kind. The fabulous paintings and tile works add to the beauty of the bridge. In the center of the bridge, there is a structure where the King once sat and admired the beauty of the place. However, the only remnant of the king that is left is the stone seat. The bridge is known to hold the true Persian architecture which reflects the culture of Iran.

The bridge is 133 meters long and 12 meters long with 23 arches to support it. The entire bridge is made of solid stones and bricks. It is worth mentioning that the structure has 26 small and 21 larger inlets and outlets. The bridge was once repaired in 1873. This magnificent structure apart from being a bridge also acts as a meeting place for the public. In short, it can be said that the bridge is one of it’s kind. When visiting Iran you must visit this bridge once in order to witness the beauty of the famous structure. The site of the Khaju Bridge in Isfahan is totally worth capturing. Before visiting the place you can also go through Khaju Bridge facts on the net. This will give you a better idea about the bridge and its history.

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The Khaju Bridge is considered to be one of the historical structures constructed in Isfahan. The bridge lies on the largest river of Zayanderud of the Iranian plateau. The bridge is actually described as the finest structure in the city and also one of the top most attraction spots for the tourists.

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Things To Do At Khaju Bridge

Khaju Bridge happens to be one of the most visited places in Isfahan. There are plenty of things to do in and around the area to keep yourself entertained. Apart from breathing in the beauty of the structure, you can also involve yourself in a good number of activities as well. Some of the things that you can do near the Khaju Bridge include the following.

1. Photography


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When you visit a place as beautiful as the Khaju Bridge, it is totally mandatory to take pictures. Click as many pictures you want in order to capture the special moments at the bridge. So don’t forget to take your camera along with you.

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2. Architecture


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The beauty of the bridge lies in its beautiful artwork. Explore Persian architecture at its best at the bridge. The tile works and the paintings on the wall of the bridge is something that you simply cannot afford to miss.

3. Nature


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The Bridge is located on the Zayanderud River which looks absolutely beautiful. The surrounding area of the bridge is totally captivating and thus, you should take out time admiring the view. You can enjoy a lovely view of the surrounding from the bridge.

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How To Get There

How To Get There

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In order to reach the bridge, you need to first reach Isfahan. If you are already in Isfahan, you can take a drive to the Khaju Bridge. You can hire a car in order to enjoy a luxury drive to your destination. The city itself is very beautiful and thus, you can enjoy a lot of beautiful sceneries on your way.

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Nearby Places To Visit

There are also a number of beautiful places for you to explore near the bridge. Once you are done admiring the bridge you can start exploring the surrounding places. Some of the main attractions surrounding the bridge include the following places.

1. Kakh-e Chehel Soutun

Kakh-e Chehel Soutun

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This is one of the most beautiful places to witness in Iran. The entrance of the grand hall holds the finest work of architecture that you will ever see in your life. The entire ceiling and the walls of the hall are covered in shiny gold reflective mirrors which gives it a unique look. This is something that you have not seen before. The historical frescoes in the hall depict the court life in the past.

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2. Masjed-e Sheikh Lotfollah

Masjed-e Sheikh Lotfollah

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This happens to be one of the most interesting mosques in the city. The mosque is very unusual. The mosque was built for private worship and thus, it is very small in size. The mosque was used by the royal family for their private worship. The mosque has a hallway that leads to the main prayer hall. There is also a study in the basement of the mosque. The interiors of the building are lit by the entering sunlight. There is no artificial sunlight inside the mosque.

3. Bazar-e Bozorg

Bazar-e Bozorg

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This particular bazaar in the city happens to be the most happening one. This is a favorite place for the locals. The bazaar is set in a beautiful courtyard alley. Here you can find a wide range of carpet products and plenty of beautiful souvenirs. You can also get a number of other things as well.

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Khaju Bridge is one of the most beautiful attractions in the city of Isfahan. Now that you know the important details of the bridge, it should be easier for you to explore the place when you visit it. Make sure that you enjoy every bit of your international trip with TravelTriangle and explore Iran like a pro!

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