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Shevaroy Hills in Tamil Nadu has hidden treasures and unexplored gems that remain aloof but flaunting in its beauty. Among them, the Kottachedu Teak Forest is one. Around 11 km north-east of Yercaud, this dense forest is a haven for photographers and people who want to get lost in nature. The highlight of this teak forest is the drive through it. The best part of it is the Vanier River that runs parallel to the forest, adding to its charm further. Not just the flora, the forest is equally revered for its wildlife where you can spot foxes, bison, anteaters, paradise flycatchers, etc. So, if you are looking for an offbeat tourist destination to explore in Yercaud, Kottachedu Teak Forest is a place worth adding to your travel plans.

Where Is Kottachedu Teak Forest Yercaud?

trekking your way through the Kottachedu teak forest Yercaud

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Kottachedu Teak Forest is located roughly 11 km northeast of Yercaud. The more precise location of this forest would be on the Yercaud – Kuppanur Road. It is an extensive forest area, which was previously occupied by the local tribes. However, after the plague hit the area, the local tribes left the area and now it remains as rows of teak trees and a deserted forest area.

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Interesting Facts About Kottachedu Teak Forest

all must-know details about Kottachedu teak forest

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Location: Yercaud – Kuppanur Road, Yercaud, Tamil Nadu.
Kottachedu Teak Forest timings: There are no specific timings for visiting the forest. It is open 24 hours. However, to be able to witness the trees and the flowing river in its full glory, visit during daytime hours.
Kottachedu Teak Forest entry fees: There are no entry fees.

Things To Do At Kottachedu Teak Forest Yercaud

The list of Kottachedu Teak Forest activities is extensive and quite diverse. From nature walks to wildlife spotting, there’s something to appease every single traveller who visits these dense forests.

Nature Walks

enjoy serene nature walks and get the blissful environment.

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Probably the highlight of visiting Kottachedu Teak Forest lies in the nature walks. Walking through the well-maintained trails is perfect for soaking in the beauty of nature around. Since the teak trees are tall and high, the sunlight seeps through the gaps, which adds to the charm of the place further. Also, there are interesting fungi that you might get to unveil along the walk. For a better exploration, consider visiting with a local guide, who is often more aware of the hidden spots in the forest that standard maps don’t tell you.

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Wildlife Spotting

Indian foxes spotted in Kottachedu teak forest

Image Credit: congerdesign for Pixabay
Although rare, wildlife spotting is popular at the teak forest in Yercaud. Some of the more common sights involve foxes, antelopes, bison, etc. So, keep your eyes peeled for them. Also, if you encounter one in your near vicinity, take an immediate shield inside a car for protection. Also, beyond wildlife, there are bird species native to the area that can be spotted around the forest too. You can bring your binoculars for better vision though.


capture the beauty and essence of nature.

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When you have such majestic and beautiful views of the tall teak trees right in front of you, the last thing you want is to miss out on an opportunity to capture those moments with your camera. The grandeur of the towering teak trees with the seeping sunlight looks straight out of a movie. You can try your hands at landscape photography, given how stunning the backdrop is. Also, if you encounter animals, wildlife photography is a popular field you can dabble into.

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enjoy camping close to nature at Kottachedu Teak Forest

Image Credit: Anastassiya Golovko for Pexels
Camping in the Kottachedu Teak Forest is allowed. However, that doesn’t take away from the fact that you have to practise caution when you are setting up your camp in the middle of the forest. Usually, local tour and guide operators will help you figure out the logistics. It is highly recommended that you camp with their supervision in mind. Not doing so might put you in danger. Also, you might need permits to be able to camp, so that’s another factor you need to keep in mind.

Educational Tours

educational tours are organised to understand the plantation of teak.

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Learning about the tall teak trees and the unique ecosystem around the forest is a truly fascinating experience. These kinds of tours are arranged by the local tour guides where you get an in-depth rundown about the forest and more about the peaceful retreat as well. Also, the area is full of flora and fauna, knowledge about which is available in the area. You can also learn about the native tribes that govern the area as well. The serene environment of the forest also makes it an ideal spot for meditation and yoga.

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Places To Visit Near Kottachedu Teak Forest

As fun, as the Kottachedu Teak Forest activities are, there are a variety of sightseeing spots around that you need to add to your travel plans.

Hogenakkal Falls

Hogenakkal Falls is a stunning waterfall near Kottachedu Teak Forest

Image Credit: Mithun Kundu for Wikipedia Commons
Often termed as the “Niagara of India,” Hogenakkal Falls is a stunning waterfall on the Kaveri River. Beyond witnessing the stunning cascade of the waterfall, there are several amazing activities to enjoy around the falls too. You can enjoy coracle rides around the falls or even take pictures around capturing the beauty of the landscapes. Also, the area is known for its oil massages, so you can indulge in that relaxing massage.
Distance from Kottachedu Teak Forest: 150.2 Km
Timings: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Theerthamalai Temple

seek the blessings at the Theerthamalai temple.

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A short drive away from the teak forest lies Theerthamalai Temple. It is a popular Hindu pilgrimage site that’s dedicated to Lord Theerthagireeswar. The temple is located atop a hill and is popular for its spiritual significance. Most pilgrims trek to the top of the hill to seek blessings from the deity. Also, the temple’s architecture features the designs of the typical South Indian temples, featuring murals and intricate carvings.
Distance from Kottachedu Teak Forest: 71.3 Km
Timings: 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM

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Mettur Dam

awe-striking beauty of Mettur Dam near Kottachedu teak forest

Image Credit: SanthoshKhan Annadhurai for Wikimedia Commons
Mettur Dam is one of the largest dams built across the Kaveri River and plays a vital role in regulating the irrigation system of the region. However, like the Krishnagiri Dam, even the Mettur Dam is surrounded by stunning scenic landscapes and has a secluded tourist complex for you to relax and unwind. It is thus a popular sightseeing spot where you get to soak in the panoramic views of the area around you.

Kottachedu Teak Forest Best Time To Visit

best time to plan a visit and enjoy the beautiful fauna.

Image Credit: Emilio González for Pexels
The beauty of Yercaud comes to life during the winter months from November to February. With the misty and fog-filled mornings, the beauty and the aesthetic of the teak forest come to life. Also, the weather is comfortable enough for you to explore the forest on foot, which adds to the experience further.
However, since wildlife spotting is common around the area, avoid going deeper into the forest, especially if you are alone without a local guide. The trails around the forest aren’t marked, so the chances of you getting lost without supervision are quite high.

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How To Get To Kottachedu Teak Forest?

all best ways to reach Kottachedu Teak forest

Image Credit: Arivumathi for Wikimedia Commons
Kottachedu Teak Forest is a short drive away from the main town of Yercaud. Since it is an 11 km distance, you need to hire a taxi or jeep to reach the area. For travellers who wish to soak in the beauty of the forest by themselves, there are car rentals that you can opt for to drive through the dense forest and explore the surrounding sightseeing spots from there as well.
The nearest district to the forest is Dharmapuri, so you can reach there via Dharmapuri Railway Station, which is the nearest railway station. Once there, there are local taxis and jeeps available to take you to the teak forest.

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Visiting the Kottachedu Teak Forest in Yercaud is one of those experiences that you simply can’t put off to the back of your mind. The innate beauty of the lush green surroundings and the exciting activities that you can explore in the forest is an experience that you can’t forego for another. If you are looking for ways to connect with nature and experience the beauty of India’s forests, this is a place to add to your itinerary on your next trip to Tamil Nadu.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Kottachedu Teak Forest

What is Kottachedu Teak Forest known for?

Kottachedu Teak Forest is known for its dense population of teak trees, rich biodiversity, and scenic landscapes.

What are the opening hours of the Kottachedu Teak Forest?

The Kottachedu Teak Forest timings aren’t restricted. You can visit anytime you want and collect the beautiful memories.

What is the best time to visit Kottachedu Teak Forest?

The Kottachedu Teak Forest Is best to visit during the winter months from November to February.

What activities can I do at Kottachedu Teak Forest?

Activities include nature walks, hiking, bird watching, wildlife spotting, photography, picnicking, camping, educational tours, and meditation/yoga.

Can I camp overnight in Kottachedu Teak Forest?

Yes, camping facilities are available. The forest department provides designated camping spots for visitors who wish to stay overnight.

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