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    Losar Festival

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    Ladakh is a destination in India that attracts thousands of tourists every year, the crowd pulling attractions here are plenty apart from the scenic terrain and the breathtaking landscape. Marking the beginning of a new year in Ladakh, Losar festival Ladakh is one of the most prominent festivals of Ladakh. It’s a religious festival in the land dominated by Buddhists and monks, this Tibetan Buddhist festival is celebrated for fifteen days at a stretch with lots of enthusiasm in the Tibetan community. Let’s have a closer look at what this festival is about and why is it celebrated?

    About Losar Festival in Ladakh

    About Losar Festival in Ladakh

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    Every year, Ladakh is transformed into a melting pot of culture, vibrant colours and hypnotising chanting prayers that fill the atmosphere of this arid land, truly a paradise on earth. The Losar festival of Ladakh is a much awaited festival that is one of the major Tibetan Buddhist festivals celebrated with performances of traditional songs and folk dances of the region. The Losar festival in Ladakh is an annual event that witnesses an outburst of devotion, joy and positivity. The Losar festival in Ladakh is celebrated on a high scale that lasts for about 15 days, from the start of the Tibetan lunar calendar. Majorly, Losar Festival Ladakh is to celebrate the onset of the New Year in the traditional schedule of Tibetan Buddhism.

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    Losar Festival Ladakh Details


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    Dates: 27th December, 2019
    Duration: 15 days
    Entry Fee: No entry fee
    Location: Ladakh
    Weather: 2° C

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    How Is The Losar Festival Ladakh Celebrated?

    How Is The Losar Festival Ladakh Celebrated

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    During the festival, the Ladakhi Buddhists make a religious offering before their deities and perform an amalgamation of ancient rituals, cultural events in the from of traditional performances. Expect chanting with blazing fire torches, a battle between good and evil, the Kings and ministers. This interesting show of events is a must watch and a once in a lifetime experience that will be witnessed by music, dancing, a feast with your friends and family and lots of happiness beyond your imagination.

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    Where Is The Losar Festival Celebrated?

    Where Is The Losar Festival Celebrated

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    The losar festival is celebrated in Ladakh, it is celebrated all over Ladakh by the followers of the Tibetan Buddhist faith. You can witness the ceremonies being performed in several monasteries of Ladakh and all over the region.

    History Of Losar Festival Ladakh

    History Of Losar Festival Ladakh

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    The Losar festival dates back to the pre-Buddhist era in Tibet. The story behind these festivities goes back to the 17th century when Buddhism arrived in Tibet and the incense-burning custom of the Bon religion merged with the harvest festival to form the annual Losar festival in Ladakh during the reign of the 9th Tibetan King, Pude Gungyal. The celebrations usually begin with a Metho ceremony with a procession of people chanting prayers and carrying flame torches. It is believed to cleanse the evil spirits and the negativity that was accumulated in the entire year. The preparations begin a month in advance of the festival, the locals start with cleaning their houses and discarding the old materials, unused items so that all evil omens are chased away from their life to maintain the prosperity and harmony. The entire region is decorated with flashy and bright colours, and rehearsals take place at various venues.

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    Why Is The Losar Festival Celebrated?

    Why Is The Losar Festival Celebrated

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    The festival is celebrated to ensure the wellbeing of people and to bring in the new year with happiness, positivity and goodness over the evil, negativity and sorrow. The belief was the happiness of the gods and spirits would make sure the wellbeing of the people in the new year.

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    Are you all set to chase away the evil spirits and bring in the new year with these kind people? Bring in 2020 with lots of joy and happiness, exchange culture with the locals of Ladakh and celebrate the Losar festival in Ladakh this new year! Join in the festive celebrations, witness the music, dance, traditional performances and the exciting battle between good and evil at the Losar festival Ladakh in 2019! Plan a trip to Ladakh, the Land of High Passes and witness the most surreal and culture driven festival in India.

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