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India is a land of diversities and the variety in food, culture, and festivals here makes the country an exciting proposition for explorers. To many, Ladakh is just a land enveloped by snow-covered peaks and daunting passes. But what they don’t know is that there are customs and festivals of Ladakh that are alluring as well. Know when can you be part of these traditional celebrations, and plan your trip to Ladakh accordingly. There is surely a lot to see and experience on your trip to the north this year, so do not forget to carry your camera along.

12 Vibrant Festivals Of Ladakh 2023

Ladakh is known for its interesting festivals and colorful celebrations. Let’s peep into the 10 most popular Ladakh festivals 2023 to know all about the rich and colorful culture of the land of high passes.

  • Losar: Welcoming The New Year
  • Sindhu Darshan: Celebrating The Existence Of Indus
  • Hemis Tsechu: A Cultural Extravaganza
  • Ladakh Festival: Harvest Symbolizes Prosperity
  • Yuru Kabgyat: Victory Of Good Over Evil
  • Phyang Tsedup: Remembering The Oracles
  • Thiksey Gustor: Honoring The Victors
  • Dosmoche: Celebrating Virtue
  • Matho Nagrang: Of Oracles And Their Blessings
  • Stok Guru Tsechu: The Festival Of Commons
  • Saka Dawa Festival: The Holiest Buddhist Holiday
  • Tak Tok Festival: The Festival Of Dancing Lamas

1. Losar: Welcoming The New Year

People of Ladakh celebrating Losar together

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One of the most popular festivals of Ladakh is Losar – a medley of cultural events, rituals, and performances. Holy fire, the chant of mantras, and colourful robes set the tone for the celebrations for the Losar festival in Ladakh that falls mostly in the month of March as per the Tibetan calendar.

Where: Across Leh-Ladakh
When: December
Key attractions: Stage fight between the good and the evil, ibex deer dance
Losar 2023 date: 13th Dec 2023
Why It Is Celebrated: A celebration of the lunisolar Tibetan calendar

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2. Sindhu Darshan: Celebrating The Existence Of Indus

People of Leh dance together to celebrate Sindhu Darshan festival

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Sindhu Darshan celebrated on Guru Purnima, is another vibrant extravaganza of Ladakh. Through this festival, the natives commemorate the Indus River as they believe that the river plays a key role in maintaining harmony and unity among various ethnic groups and communities of India. The 3-day festival is also a way of paying respect to the brave Indian soldiers who endanger their lives to save ours. Which makes

Where: Banks of river Sindhu at Shey Manila in Leh
When: June
Key attractions: Buddhist prayers by senior lamas that commence the festival, and cultural programs by renowned artists
Sindhu Darshan 2023 dates:  Jun 2023
Why It Is Celebrated: To celebrate the River Sindhu

3. Hemis Tsechu: A Cultural Extravaganza

Colorful celebrations of Hemis Tsechu festival in Leh

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Hemis Tsechu is another of the most awaited festivals in Ladakh that stretches over two days. It features a series of mask dances by the lamas of Hemis monastery and concludes with a sacrificial offering on the last day.

Where: Hemis monastery
When: June
Key attractions: The highlight of the festival remains colorful masks and fine silk costumes worn by the dancers that represent guardian divinities to which Hemis belongs. Every dance move has relevance and depicts the magical feats of Padmasambhava – an 8th-century Indian Buddhist master – in his eight manifestations to defeat the enemies of Buddhism.
Hemis Tsechu 2023 dates: 28th -29th Jun 2023
Why It Is Celebrated: To celebrate Lord Padmasambhava

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4. Ladakh Festival: Harvest Symbolizes Prosperity

Ladakhis celebrating the harvest season

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Ladakh festival is one of the most popular festivals in Ladakh that showcases the cultural diversity of various regions. Performers come from all parts of Ladakh and celebrate with utmost joy and opulence. Displaying a wide array of dance programs, traditional music performances, and colorful robes all around, the Ladakh festival makes for one of the must-attend festivals of Ladakh.

Spanning over a duration of almost two weeks, the festival comes to an end at the polo ground in Leh. During this time, the religious procession crosses over from one monastery to the other, as people dance and celebrate the harvest season.

Where: Across Leh
When: September
Key attractions: Archery, polo, masked dances, and concert
Ladakh festival 2023 dates: Sep 2023
Why It Is Celebrated: To symbolize prosperity during the harvest season

P.S. If you’re a photographer or a culture enthusiast, we suggest at least stay to see a week of the 15-day celebrations. For a comfortable stay, find a budget option among hotels in Leh Ladakh.

5. Yuru Kabgyat: Victory Of Good Over Evil

Three buddhist monks in Ladakh

The mystical beauty of the Lamayuru monastery accompanied by the celebration of Yuru Kabgyat makes it a prime attraction for travelers in the month of June. It is a 2-day Leh Ladakh festival that brings together the people of Lamayuru where they imitate the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism by singing and dancing in a traditional pattern.

The highlights of these dance dramas are the religious teachings of Buddha, and colorful ethnic garments donned by the monks during the festival. It is also one of the best things to do in Ladakh

Where: Lamayuru monastery
When: June
Key attraction: The sacred ritual of the demolition of the statue to mark the liberate the inner demons is the highlight of the festival.
Lamayuru 2023 dates: 15-16th Jun 2023
Why It Is Celebrated: To celebrate the victory of good over evil

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6. Phyang Tsedup: Remembering The Oracles

Ladakhis wearing silk costumes and mask celebrate Phyang in Leh

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Phyang Tsedup festival commemorates the teachings of Lord Buddha through festive celebrations. Monks don bright and colorful silk costumes, perform the sacred mask dance and offer prayers. Dramas or ‘Chhams’ are performed to instill the teachings of Buddha amid high spirits and cheerfulness.

Followers also perform a pilgrimage to Thangka of Skyabje Gombo, which is considered an important ritual of this festival celebrated in Ladakh.

Where: Phyang monastery
When: July
Key attraction: Display of paintings inside the monastery
Phyang 2023 dates: 15th – 16th July 2023
Why It Is Celebrated: To celebrate the victory of good over evil

7. Thiksey Gustor: Honoring The Victors

Locals in Ladakh celebrating Gustor in high spirits

Gustor is transliterated as ‘sacrificing the 29th date’. The 2-day festival starts with chants and charms offered to god by the monks residing at the monastery. This is one of the much-loved Ladakh festivals that reinstates the fact that all bad things must come to an end.

Where: Monasteries of Thiksey, Spituk, and Karsha
When: Different months for each monastery
Key attraction: The second day comprises the sacred ritual performed by the ‘Black Hat Dancers’ and a dough cutting ceremony of the sacrificial cake. It marks the end of the festival proceedings.
Karsha Gustor 2023 dates: 31st Oct – 01st Nov 2023
Why It Is Celebrated: This festival is celebrated to transfer all the negativity & dark spirits.

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8. Dosmoche: Celebrating Virtue

Masked dancers performing a sacred ritual during the festival

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Started by Ladakh royals, the Dosmoche is a popular festival of Ladakh that is celebrated to ensure the safety and well-being of people living there. It is a congregation of Ladakhis masked in a fancy disguise and performing the sacred dance together. The festival goes on for two days. You can also enjoy the Markha Valley trek after observing this celebration. 

Where: All over Leh, Likir, Diskit monasteries
When: February
Key attractions: The lamas from monasteries who are the experts in tantric practice and astrology prepare Thread Crosses an offering that is believed to drive away all the evil spirits and demonic forces
Dosmoche 2023 dates: 18th – 19th Feb 2023
Why It Is Celebrated: To ensure the safety and well-being of people living there

9. Matho Nagrang: Of Oracles And Their Blessings

Masked dancers perform at Matho monastery in Leh

Matho Nagrang is a two-day affair that sees monks dressed like various Ladakhi God and Goddesses. Their attire comprises silk robes and masks.

Matho Nagrang is a huge attraction among locals as it sees the return of two oracles who spend a month meditating in isolation. They are accompanied by masked dancers as they make their coveted appearance.

Where: Matho monastery
When: March
Key attractions: The return of the monks and the performances
Matho Nagrang 2023 dates: 06th- 07th March 2023
Why It Is Celebrated: To honor the prophecy of two oracles

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10. Stok Guru Tsechu: The Festival Of Commons

 Ladakhis offering prayer to deities on the eve of Stok Guru Tsechu

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The pride of Stok monastery, Stok Guru Tsechu is a 2-day celebration that begins on a ninth day right after the Tibetan New Year, which is why it is such a popular festival of Ladakh. Prayers, dance (Cham by Lamas), music, and food are common sights during the festival, and unlike other monasteries, most of the rituals are performed by the common people.

Where: Stok and Spituk monastery
When: February-March; one week prior to Matho Nagrang festival of Matho Monastery
Key attractions: Pretty much on the lines of Matho Nagrang, the key attractions of Stok Guru Tsechu are the two commoners chosen by Lamas, who are properly cleaned and prepared to receive the spirit of the deities. Masked dances by the priests add to the frolic.
Stok Guru Tsechu 2023 dates: 01st- 02nd March 2023
Why It Is Celebrated: To celebrate laymen from the village who are trained by monks to invoke deities

11. Saka Dawa Festival: The Holiest Buddhist Holiday

saka dawa celebration

Being one of the famous festivals of Ladakh, Saka Dawa is observed as the holiest Buddhist holiday. It is celebrated every year during the fourth month of the Tibetan calendar, which is believed to be the time of the birth of Buddha and his attainment of Nirvana.

Where: All over Ladakh
When: June
Key attractions: During the festival, people can be seen reciting mantras, doing sadhanas, and protecting animals for the prestigious enlightenment of Sakyamuni.
Saka Dawa 2023 date: 04th June 2023
Why It Is Celebrated: To celebrate the birth of Lord Buddha

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12. Tak Tok Festival: The Festival Of Dancing Lamas

mask dance in leh

One of the main festivals of Ladakh, Tal Tok is a must-see celebration. It is celebrated at a cave of the Tak Thok Gompa in Leh on the 10th day of the 5th month. You can witness a lot of cultural programs throughout the day and end the evening with a well-organized feast. Do wear ethnic clothes this day if you wish to experience it like a local.

Where: In Tak Tok Gompa, Leh
When: July
Key attraction: The day witnesses the dance of the lamas, mask dances, and the religious offerings made to the lord.
Tak Tok 2023 date: 28th- 29th Jul 2023
Why It Is Celebrated: To celebrate the dance of the lamas

Leh-Ladakh isn’t just about mesmerizing escapades and imposing mountain frontiers in the north. Rather it’s the contentment and celebration of every day of existence that comes naturally to them. Go on and seek happiness in the festivals of Ladakh on your next trip! Plan your trip to Ladakh with TravelTriangle now!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Ladakh Festivals 2023

What is the national festival of Ladakh?

The Saka Dawa Festival is the main festival of Ladakh. It is considered to be the holiest Buddhist holiday in this place.

What is Ladakh famous for?

Ladakh is popular amongst travelers for its breathtaking landscapes, clear and striking blue skies, the world’s highest mountain passes, exciting adventure activities, peaceful Buddhist Monasteries, colorful handicrafts, rich culture, and the many festivals celebrated in Ladakh.

What is the food of Ladakh?

The staple food of the Ladakhi people is mostly comprised of Sku and Thukpa (made out of wheat flour), Pava (made from sattu) as well as Khambir (local Ladakhi bread). The natives also consume a lot of meat (mutton and chicken) to combat the cold climate.

What language do they speak in Ladakh?

Bhoti (or Bodhi) is the official Ladakhi language. It’s essentially a Tibetic language that is spoken widely in the Ladakh region of India. Hindi is also widely spoken here, so Indian tourists would not have a problem with communication in this region.

What is the culture of Ladakh?

Ladakh has a rich and colorful culture that is centered around their belief system and the practices of Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism, which happens to be the predominant religion here. You’ll find the roots of the purest traditional Tibetan societies here since China's invasion of Tibet in the 1950s. Try to attend any famous festival of Ladakh when you’re here to understand its culture better.

What is the famous festival of Ladakh?

Losar and Saka Dawa are two of the most famous festivals of Ladakh.

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