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    Best Maldives Scuba Diving

    Famous for having the best waters in the world, Maldives is, without a doubt, the best place on earth to go scuba diving. With more than a thousand islands making this archipelago a paradise, it is assumed that the individual scuba diving sites would probably be in the thousands too.

    The islands of Maldives are blessed with a spotless seabed, warm waters, and heavy currents which in turn encourage a healthy marine population. A haven to an array of tropical fish, other aquatic species like rays and sharks, and a vibrant variety of corals, Maldives’ waters are a treat for every adventurer. It is also one of the few places where you can observe different species of sharks and turtles in their own habitat during the Maldives diving season.

    The finest scuba diving sites in the Maldives

    Having said that, we have compiled a list of the top diving sites in the Maldives, for all those water lovers. Take a look at these sites before you head here, and add some of these to your scuba holiday!

    1. Maaya Thila

    Beautiful Fish

    Image Source

    Undoubtedly one of the best sites for Maldives scuba diving, Maaya Thila is a rich oasis. Its 5 to 30 meters deep and boasts cave exploration, incredible coral and aquatic life, and even glimpses of the famous grey reef sharks! Angelfish, clownfish, barracuda, and parrotfish are permanent residents here. The uniqueness of this site is its undisturbed beauty, clear transparency, and ever flourishing fauna.

    Best time: December to May
    Current: Medium

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    2. Fesdhoo Wreck

    intriguing diving site in Maldives

    Image Source

    A site of a shipwreck just off of the coast of the island of Fesdhoo, Fesdhoo Wreck is an intriguing Maldives scuba diving site. While the entire ship seems to be covered in species of sponges, starfish, and coral, the ship itself serves as a haven to a variety of fish including moray eels, grouper fish, and lionfish. White-tip reef sharks can also be spotted here, and if youre lucky, hammerheads too!

    Best time: January to April
    Current: Easy to medium

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    3. Banana Reef

    Banana Reef

    Image Source

    If you are looking for a thrilling site to explore during your diving holidays in Maldives, Banana Reef offers everything from deep caves to overhangs, and coral heads and fish schools. The depth of this site ranges from 5 to 30 meters. Some of the fish species that you can observe here include sharks, eels, bannerfish, and grouper fish.

    Best time: All year
    Current: Calm

    4. Kuredu Express

    Kuredu Express

    Image Source

    Named after the strong currents that pass through this spot, Kuredu Express is considered by most to be one of the top diving sites in Maldives. The sandy bed, colourful reef, and a rich population of aquatic beauties is a usual here. Eagle rays, grey reef sharks, and tuna are some of the easily observed fish.

    Best Time: January to April
    Current: Strong

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    5. Fotteyo Kandu

    Fotteyo Kandu

    Image Source

    The list of the sites for scuba diving in Male is incomplete without the mention of Fotteyo Kandu. Very easily amongst the best ones here, this site is famous for its sheer beauty. Stunning underwater landscapes rich with coral reefs and colonies, marine flora and fauna, and unique sightings every now and then, are some things that you can expect here. Be sure to explore the swim-throughs and caves!

    Best time: All year
    Current: Strong

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    6. Fish Head

    known as Shark Point by tourists

    Image Source

    Also known as Shark Point by tourists and Mushimasmingili Thila by the locals, Fish Head is a site with a sandy seabed, caves, and a stunning landscape. Sharks are residents here and sightings of grey reef sharks is quite common.

    Best time: December to April
    Current: Strong

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    7. Kuda Rah Thila

    Meant especially for advanced divers

    Image Source

    Meant especially for the advanced divers, this site is a haven to a large variety of marine fauna. Incredible species like triggerfish, puffer fish, and even turtles are residents here. Make your way towards the arch, and the stunning coral colonies are a wonderful sight to behold. Maldives dive travel enthusiasts should surely add this to their list!

    Best time: December to May
    Current: Medium to strong

    8. Broken Rock

    spectacular, but a little intimidating too

    Image Source

    One that is not meant for the light-hearted, Broken Rock is spectacular, but a little intimidating too. It is in its distinctive structure that this mystic lies. It is a canyon that splits the entire reef into 2 parts in such a way that you can swim between them. The strong currents pose as quite a challenge, but the view of the Napoleon wrasse, anthias, angelfish, puffer fish and many more is completely worth it.

    Best time: January to April
    Current: Strong

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    9. Kandooma Thila

    Kandooma Thila

    Image Source

    If you have come here in search of the best, then your Maldives dive trip must include a dive in Kandooma Thila. While the luckiest divers catch a glimpse of schools of dogtooth tuna and eagle rays, even on a lazy day, you will get to see groupers, white-tip reef sharks, and jacks. The view from this sight is mind-blowing. You can end your dive at a point that is home to a number of species of turtles, thus ending with a high!

    Best time: All year-round
    Current: Strong

    10. Miyaru Kandu

    Miyaru Kandu

    Image Source

    Looking for a scuba diving spot to get up close with the majestic sharks- There is no better site than Miyaru Kandu! One of the best sites in Maldives to see the hammerhead sharks, grey reef sharks, eagle rays and dogtooth tuna too have made this their home.

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    11. Okobe Thila

    beginner diving in Maldives

    Image Source

    A site that changes according to the current, Okobe Thila is for the explorers. Small in size, it is perfect for a little beginner diving in the Maldives. This entire region has 3 main pinnacles that serve as havens to tuna, moray eels, long finned batfish, and some other fish variety. It may be interesting to note that this site is also known as Barracuda Thila.

    Best time: December to May
    Current: Medium

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    12. Alimatha House Reef

    Alimatha House Reef View

    Image Source

    Not only popular for being one of the cheap diving Maldives sites but also famous for its night dives, Alimatha House Reef is perfect for beginners. The two most incredible fish species that make this site special are the-cowtail stingrays and nurse sharks! Maldives scuba diving cost in Alimatha House Reef is right under your budget.

    Best time: December to April
    Current: Strong

    Maldives Dive Sites Map

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    One of the best scuba diving destinations in the entire world, Maldives is a perfect combination of land and waters. Dive into the currents, make some new marine friends, and have a time of your life on your next trip to Maldives.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Maldives Scuba Diving Sites


    Q. Which are some scuba diving sites for beginners in Maldives?

    A. Maaya Thila, Ellaidhoo House Reef, and Bodu Thila are some of the scuba diving sites in Maldives for the beginners. In case you are loking for options with cheap scuba diving in Maldives, then Vaavu Atoll and South Ari Atoll have some scuba diving options on budget.

    Q. Are there any Maldives scuba diving Resorts?

    A. Yes, there are. Constance Moofushi, Biyadhoo Island Resort, Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort and Spa Maldives, and Gangehi Island Resort are some of the great options for Maldives scuba diving resorts.

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