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    soaring like an eagle in bir billing

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    Soaring like a bird in the vast blue Himalayan skies brought an unforgettable feeling of adventure.  Manvi and her friend shared their experiences in camping, hiking and paragliding on an adventurous 1 night/2 days weekend trip to Bir Billing.

    Trip Duration: 1 night/ 2 days
    Trip Cost: INR 5999 per person
    Month of Travel: April 2017
    Inclusions: bus journey (return ticket), accommodation, meals, para gliding, and sightseeing
    Exclusions: entry fees,and return journey dinner.

    My friend and I were browsing the internet for places to visit for a short weekend trip. One of our friends recommended that we try TravelTriangle Weekend Getaways. All options like Rishikesh, Jim Corbett, Shimla etc looked pretty exciting for a trip, but then came along Bir Billing. A unique and adventurous destination altogether that felt like a must visit place.

    beautiful nature landscpae
    en route bir billing

    Trip To Bir Billing & Paragliding: Neha Discovers New Horizons In An Off-Beat Adventure!

    Naturally, the attraction of Paragliding made it easy for me to convince my friend for a Bir Billing weekend getaway. We quickly booked our spots on an extended weekend in April, and got ready for adventure camping that would quench our wanderlust.

    Here are a few reasons why camping in Bir Billing is the most uncomplicated, picturesque, and memorable experience you can take

    Manvi posing in Bir Billing
    posing for the camera in Bir Billing

    The Himalayan Mountain range was littered with great camping places for mountain and nature lovers. However, to reach most of them one requires a lot of time, a high level of fitness, and determination. What Bir Billing offered us, was a chance at experience camping, along with doing an adventure sports, all in a space of two days.

    1. Believe you can fly like an eagle in Bir Billing

    high flying adventures

    Yash Writes About His High-On-Adrenaline And Acrobats-Filled Paragliding Adventure In Bir Billing!

    The number one reason why anyone would visit Bir Billing is that of the stunning paragliding experience on offer. The view of the valley, the jump off the edge of the cliff, and the stunts performed by co-pilots while flying were truly amazing.

    Our Bir Billing paragliding was under threat of not happening due to rainy conditions. Luckily, at the very last moment on our second day of the trip to Bir Billing, the rain stopped and the clouds cleared for a chance at Paragliding. I remember the moment when I saw a parachute for the first time in the morning, I got so excited that I was jumping for joy.

    The rush of adrenaline I got, after performing the Paragliding adventure activity was a reminder how privileged we were to be able to do such activities.

    2. Camp underneath the beautiful starry skies

    pitching a tent in bir billing
    Bir Billing camping

    TravelTriangle had arranged for us a lovely camp stay in Bir Billing located near the main village. On the first day, the people who weren’t paragliding (including us), went for a beautiful nature trek up the hill to get a better view of the Kangra Valley.

    My friend and I shared a tent in which we were given two sleeping bags. Unfortunately, one of the sleeping bags won’t zip up, leaving us no options but to share one. Secondly, during our night stay in Bir Billing, it rained quite a lot which caused a small hole in our tent giving an inlet for chilly wind, droplets of water, and possible insects to creep into our tent. A misadventure that was annoying at first, but became a memorable experience of camping that we will remember with a laugh and a chuckle.

    3. Delicious Pahadi Maggi that has a taste like no other

    eating delicious maggi in bir billing
    bir billing treks

    Paragliding, Bonfire, & Shooting Stars: Her Whimsical Weekend Adventure In Bir Billing Is Stealing Hearts

    There was something about eating Maggi noodles in the mountain regions that makes it all the more delicious than home. Maybe it was something in their ingredients, maybe it’s the lack of food options that makes us like it, or just the hunger generated by doing physical activities that makes it even more appetizing.

    My friends and I made sure that we spared no chance of having a Maggi in Bir Billing during the time of rain and also early mornings.

    4. Trek to the Hill-top to see panoramic beauty of the Kangra Valley

    beautiful trekking route near bir billing
    lovely forest reserve in bir billing

    Camping & Paragliding On A Trip To Bir Billing: Aman’s Passionate Adventure Will Have You Daydreaming About The Hills

    Having a day extra to spare meant that we had enough time to go on and explore other things in Bir Billing. Dipanshu, our trip coordinator from TravelTriangle suggested that we go on the first day for an uphill trek to see an incredible view of the Kangaroo Valley at sunset.

    Since we were slotted for Paragliding on the second day, we decided to go for this 7km trek. It came became very hard with our backpacks, but Kunal and Dipanshu from TravelTriangle were very motivating, and generous in helping us complete the trek. Upon arriving at the top, the view was just simply incredible.

    making new friends in Bir billing
    return trip to delhi

    Paragliding In Bir Billing: Soumya’s Adventure-Packed Weekend Getaway Will Blow Your Mind

    There were so many new things I experienced on this trip to Bir Billing that it’ll take me a day to describe all my stories on this journey. By far one of the most beautiful, adventurous, and happening weekends of my life took place here in the Kangra Valley, with no one else but my best friend. I’d like to give a heartfelt thanks to TravelTriangle and their team of coordinators for helping us in every step of the way.

    High Points:

    • Paragliding in Bir Billing was a once in a lifetime experience.
    • The Maggi in Bir Billing was quite simply delicious and always had me craving for more.
    • A special mention of thanks to Dipanshu and Kunal (TravelTriangle coordinators) for making sure that everything fell into place for us in our weekend trip.

    Low Points:

    • The driver took a wrong route while going to Bir Billing that set us off track by 4-5 hours.

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