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    Visiting A Bridge Like Never Before

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    The other name of Millennium Bridge is London Millennium Footbridge. It is the most attractive place in the entire London. It has been visited by several tourists since times immemorial. The most amazing thing is that people really love the whole structure of the bridge. It is not only long but also very beautiful. You can get a clear view of the entire place from the London Bridge. If you are in London, then, this place must be visited.

    About The London Bridge

    About The London Bridge

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    The bridge that is made over the Thames River is simply a great one. The construction is so strong that it requires very less maintenance to this date. There is also a long way for the walkers so that they can walk smoothly. The height of the bridge is quite high in the entire world. In fact, the Gateshead Millennium bridge is simply awesome.

    Location Of The Bridge

    Location Of The Bridge

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    The bridge is located exactly between the Southwark Bridge and Blackfriars Railway Bridge. The entire Bridge is owned and maintained by the Bridge House Estates. The residents of London have also named this bridge as the “Wobbly Bridge”. This bridge is really a very attractive place for the tourists. There are ample stories regarding the millennium bridge facts. Some of them can be heard by the guides.

    10 Things To Do At Millennium Bridge

    Now let’s have a glance at some of the activities that can be carried out at this bridge. You must try all these things once you reach the bridge and its adjoining areas. You will never forget the entire thing. So come and be a part of this beautiful bridge along the Thames River.

    1. College Of Arms

    College Of Arms

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    This is a great place that is located very near to the Millennium Bridge. This place has preserved the various arms and ammunition that were used during World War I. Besides this, there are any other precious things that are preserved in this place.

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    2. National Firefighters Memorial

    National Firefighters Memorial

    Image Source

    There is a statue of some freedom fighters. They will be found in different poses and styles. If you wish, you can go through the writings that are engraved in this place. Also, you can take snaps of the statues and frame it.

    3. St. Paul’s Cathedral

    St. Paul’s Cathedral

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    This is a very historic place. If you notice, then you will easily gather the information about the wedding ceremony of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer. Even if you wish you can hire a guide and walk through the church. There are many types of activities that are held inside the church. You can easily view it.

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    4. City Of London Information Centre

    City Of London Information Centre

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    This place is located just opposite to the St. Paul’s Cathedral Church. It is the best place for tickets, maps, and other related things. In fact, it is a very happening place where you can find numbers of things at a time. You can collect the ticket of Thames River cruise from this place.

    5. Thames Tigers

    Thames Tigers

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    If you want, then you can opt for various types of water activities that take place along the Thames River. There are large speedboats that run all across the river. You can take a ride on the boat and experience the amazing Thames. But to take a ride you have to book the boat.

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    6. Ben’s City Tours

    Ben’s City Tours

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    There are trips that are organized by many tour companies. If you want to have a glimpse of the whole city then you can contact the tour operators. They will organize the whole thing in a very organized manner. The price they charge is quite nominal. It can be easily paid by any person who is willing to join the trip.

    7. Liquid History Tour

    Liquid History Tour

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    This is the way by which you can take a walk all along the pubs during the night time. Most of the pubs are very stunning and offers wonderful drinks to the guests. You can contact the local tour operators and go through them. That would be much better. Most of the people who come to London dreams to cherish the nightlife of London.

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    8. American Memorial Chapel

    American Memorial Chapel

    Image Source

    This is a very important place where you should sit quietly for some time. It is such a place where you will observe the memorial of both men and women who lost their lives during the wartime. This place is very well maintained by the authorities. You will surely spend a very good time in this place.

    9. Foxtrail


    Image Source

    Almost all the people who come to London always visit this place. This place is a great one for urban adventure. You can really enjoy this place with family or friends and near and dear ones. Once you are in this place you will surely not like to leave this place. This adventure is like an escape room. There are clues that must be followed to get the exact message that is hidden inside it. It is a very adventurous spot for the tourists.

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    10. Madisons Bar And Restaurant

    Madisons Bar And Restaurant

    Image Source

    London nightlife is very attractive. So when you are in London you should come to this bar. Apart from drinks, the food that is served here is of top-quality. They are so delicious and awesome that it cannot be described in words. You can spend a wonderful evening at this place. This place is quite perfect for families too. The whole ambiance is nice and enjoyable. The staffs and other members are very well behaved. On the other hand, the millennium bridge at night has an entirely different picture.

    How To Reach This Bridge?

    How To Reach This Bridge?

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    This bridge is well connected with all types of public transport. Thus, if it required, then you can hire a public transport and come to this place. On the other hand, this place can also be reached by train. لعبة كزنو It has been observed that Blackfriars is the nearest station that is close to the Millennium Bridge. The millennium bridge architect really constructed it in a beautiful way.

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    Millennium Bridge and its adjoining areas are simply a great place for refreshment and enjoyment. There are ample things that can be done in this place. Even during the nighttime, the bridge has a different picture. There are numerous people who stand on the bridge and witness the Thames River. The bridge is also decorated with beautiful lights and these lights are seen from a certain distance. In short, you can really witness some beautiful moments on the bridge. So don’t miss this chance at all. Even till now there are ample questions regarding why was the millennium bridge built? So, if you are curious enough, then, plan a trip to Europe, head to London and visit this bridge and don’t forget to use our handy guide!



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