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Visiting Monaco in January could be a perfect time to take a trip to this beautiful country. In Monte Carlo, the winter weather that peaks in December stretch via January, though making the surroundings pleasant. The breeze continues to blow, and the sea turns colder, with an average temperature of 13°C. Not only with friends and family, there are numerous interesting things to do in monaco with kids also. Since this is not a perfect time for diving and snorkeling because of the lower temperatures of water, lots of tourists still experience the pleasure of the cool Mediterranean water by gearing the wetsuit.

Monaco Weather In January

january weather monaco

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For those who are passionate of traveling the world during the cold time for them visiting Monaco in January could be a perfect destination where they can experience great peace of mind along with an unseen natural beauty they have never even imagined of. The Monaco temperature in January lies between 46°F to 54°F, and it could be perfect time to tour Monaco who loves to traverse around the world during the cold weather.

5 Best Things To Do In Monaco In January

Looking for what to do in Monaco in January? We have listed some of the must-visit places and things to do to experience the pleasure of Monaco weather January.

  • Oceanographic Museum
  • Shopping
  • Monte Carlo Casino
  • Opéra de Monte-Carlo
  • Larvotto Beach

1. Oceanographic Museum

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While you plan of visiting Monaco in January, Oceanographic Museum1 is a must-visit place. It was constructed a century ago, and both, its picturesque location and the architecture are unconditionally breathtaking and relaxing. Located on a hillside rock, just over the sea, this museum emphasizes hundreds of amazing exhibitions and specimens sanctified to aquatic life, and it hosts some amazing museum walks in the month of January. You just have to take a tour to Oceanographic Museum on your trip to Monaco.

Location: Avenue Saint-Martin, 98000 Monaco
Timings: 10 AM - 6 PM
Entry Fee: 5-12 Euros for kids, 11-16 Euros for adults

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2. Shopping

fashion store in monaco

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Monaco is undoubtedly an excellent shopping spot and is packed with high-end stores and eminent boutiques. The Metropole Shopping Centre has an extensive collection of fashion and jewelry stores but emphasizes beauty and health stores as well. Fontvieille Shopping Centre is also an excellent destination for experiencing the ease of shopping with its massive parking space, its 36 fashion, furniture, and high-tech stores and numerous eateries.

Simply by going through a tour across Monaco, you will usually get to notice extravagance boutiques like Dior, Prada, Chanel, and Gucci just to name a few. And, January has the most the end of season sales, so encashing that would be a great thing to do!

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3. Monte Carlo Casino

casino in monaco

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The Monaco temperature in January is the perfect time during which you can experience the real pleasure of a trip to Monaco. While traveling here, the very first that hits our mind is unquestionably its famous Casino. Aloof from being a center of gambling, the Casino is among the most critical and exciting point of attraction for tourists. Placed in the core of Monaco, known as Monte Carlo, it is a very well known Casino on the southern edge of the Place du Casino lying between the Cafe de Paris and the Hotel de Paris. Once you pass merely a few minutes, you will get to notice the rich celebrities world – with the most expensive and luxurious cars that you can believe crossing undeviatingly in front of your sight.

Location: Place du Casino, 98000 Monaco
Timings: 2 PM - 4 AM

4. Opéra de Monte-Carlo

opera house monaco

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Inaugurated in the year 1879 this opera house is a Casino, provides a top-rated repertory. Touring this Opera house is a memorable aesthetic adventure that you will undoubtedly desire to experience again. With some great shows lined up on January, it will be an enthralling place to visit. The very well known artisans in the globe have manifested in the sumptuous Salle Garnier, from Luciano Pavarotti and of course Enrico Caruso to Placido Domingo. Also, it not possible not to notice the unique architecture and luxury decorations that turn the whole location even more magical and special. If you are visiting Monaco in January, you have to plan a trip here.

Location: Place du Casino, 98000 Monaco

5. Larvotto Beach

beach in monaco

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If you are visiting in Monaco in January, take in the Sunshine at the beach. Monaco is a great picnic spot that is situated by the Mediterranean sea, and it turns as an ideal destination in January for sunbathing, swimming, and relaxing in the lukewarm water. Even while the wintertime, when entire Europe is freezing, you will, however, most probably will find this place perfect to experience warm weather and lots of sunshine. Besides the perfectly-managed beach, the spot possesses various seaside brasseries and eateries where you can relish tasty French cuisine and exhilarating drinks.

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5 Best Places To Visit In Monaco in January 2024

Planning a trip in winter in Monaco? Here is a short list of places to visit in Monaco in January to have a great time on your trip. Makes sure you cross every place on this list.

  • Exotic Garden
  • Japanese Gardens
  • Palais du Prince (Prince’s Palace)
  • Casino Square
  • Monte-Carlo Harbor

1. Exotic Garden

exotic garden cactus monaco

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The Exotic Garden of Monaco formerly started in the year 1933 and had resided a must-visit tourist place ever since. It draws unitedly a broad array of plants recognized as ‘succulents’ in excellent spacious surroundings and provides a few of the most surprising appearances of the town and beyond imagination. Monaco weather January lays around 13 to 15-degree calculus and it is a great place to go for an early morning walk where one can feel the natural beauty. The unique, beautify and downright incredible plants on exhibit in this spectacular garden collected from numerous far-away arid zones (for the same reason it is termed as ‘exotic’): the South-West of the Mexico, US, South and Central America for agaves and cacti; Eastern Arabia, South Africa; and the Arabian Peninsular. Just due to their fantastic contours, it’s sometimes difficult to recognize that these are shrubs in their own favor; constantly providing flowers to reproduce. They and the park itself could undoubtedly be confused with artwork.

Location: 62 Boulevard du Jardin Exotique, 98000 Monaco
Timings: 9 AM - 5 PM

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2. Japanese Gardens

monaco japanese gardens

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This Garden is a publically open for anyone to enter and is located in the Larvotto ward of Monaco on Avenue Princess Grace. Though the garden is just 0.7 hectares in area, it portrays a real departure from the bustle and hustle of Monte-Carlo. It emphasizes a stylized hill, mountain, waterfall, brook, beach, and also a meteorological Zen garden that is perfect for meditation. It can be toured from 9:00 AM till sunset. January is the perfect time to see some exotic flowers blooming to their full glory. The Flower Exhibition of Osaka winner in 1990, Yasuo Beppu, has designed the garden as a small portray of Shintoist philosophy and is a much-adored characteristic of the realm.

Location: 5 Av. Princesse Grace, 98000 Monaco
Timings: 9 AM - 6:45 PM

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3. Palais du Prince (Prince’s Palace)

Grimaldi Monaco Residence Prince Palace Palace

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This Palace is the endorsed habitation of the Monaco Prince. It was established in the year 1191 as a Genoese fortress. By the upshot of the 13th century, it had become the residence of the Grimaldi subdivision who obtained it in the year 1297. Moreover, just on the exterior of the prince’s palace, there exists a sculpture of the man who held it – Francesco Grimaldi acknowledged as ‘The Cunning’.

As of now the brilliance of this ancient palace can be appreciated by the common public. It’s its 15th-century frescoes, and Italian-style galleries are amazingly rare, and its Louis 15th lounge all in gold and yellow is made up of fantasy c marvel. Moreover, its blue room is a melodic combination of gold and glittering blue while the Mazarin opening is overlaid with multicolored wood-paneling. Besides mysteries can be revealed in the Throne Room which is adorned with a new Renaissance fireplace. The palace is open to visit across the year, however, post New Year, the palace hosts reading sessions describing the history of this place. January will be a great time to be among the first few attendants of this session, in the new year.

Location: 98015 Monaco-Ville, Monaco
Timings: 10 AM - 6 PM

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4. Casino Square

square in monaco

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It is a fantastic area in the core of Monaco with numerous luxury and designer stores encompassing the square. You will find a few of the most excellent eateries on the Cote d’Azur. For the other surroundings, the Casino turns even more marvelously amazing as the sun sets and the evening begins. It is the embodiment of all things Monte-Carlo, and this is undoubtedly a must-see for all tourists to the principality.

Location: Monte-Carlo, Monaco

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5. Monte-Carlo Harbor

Monaco Harbour Monte Carlo

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The Harbor features a few of the most exciting and emotive landscape that Monaco in January has to provide. It is a beautiful place for a stroll in the sunbeams. It is loaded with impressive yachts, fascinating people and encompassed by historic, beautiful constructions. You can also overtake the 2-euro Bateau Bus from the edge of the harbor to the different; a cheap approach to get in all the spectacles while resting. A cruise ship pier was formed in the year 2003, so the harbor is uniformly humming with the dash of travelers.

Location: Route de la Piscine, Monte-Carlo 98000, Monaco

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If you are looking for suggestions for destinations in January, then Monaco is one of the best places to take a trip. A holiday in Monaco is January is a great idea given its favorable weather conditions and exuberating experiences. Plan a trip to Europe and add this country to the list of all the beautiful places you have visited.

Frequently Aksed Questions About Monaco In January

Q. How cold does it get in Monaco in winter?

A. In Monaco, the winters are moderately cold, long, and partly cloudy. The average minimum temperature is 8°C while the average maximum temperature is 12°C during winter in Monaco. The weather in Monaco usually stays the same throughout the year regardless of the season, and you’ll experience kind of warm and pleasant wintertime in Monaco.

Q. What should I wear in Monaco in winter?

A. Since it’s not that cold in Monaco in the winter season, one can usually get by normal winter wear without having to bundle up too much. Pack the following items before you fly off to Monaco in winter. Don’t forget to pack your partywear to enjoy the nightlife and the various festivals in Monaco.

Thin sweaters or pullovers
Thin jackets and coats
Long pants or comfortable shorts
Light boots or sneakers with socks
Scarves or stoles

Q. Does Monaco get snow?

A. Monaco is a city with mild winters. So, it does not experience snowfall in winter. It had snowed in Monaco only once in February 2018.

Q. What is the best time to go to Monaco?

A. The best time to visit Monaco is ideally spring or fall season. You can visit Monaco in either April or October, both of which are great months for a vacation in this European country when the weather is warm, pleasant, and balmy.

Q. How do I get to Monaco?

A. You can easily get to Monaco via air, land, or even the sea. The nearest airport to Monaco is the Cote d’Azur Airport in Nice, France. It is located at a distance of about 24 km from Monaco. From Nice, you can hire a vehicle or take a bus to reach Monaco.

Q. What is Monaco best known for?

A. Monaco is best known for major attractions like Casino Monte-Carlo, Musée Océanographique de Monaco, Prince’s Palace of Monaco, Monaco Cathedral, Larvotto Beach, and it’s awesome nightlife.

Q. Can you swim in Monaco?

A. Yes, you are generally allowed to swim at the beaches in Monaco when the tides and the weather is favorable. There also are several clubs and swimming pools in Monaco where you can take a refreshing dip.

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