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    Islamic Architectural Wonders

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    Islamic population started to settle in New Zealand since the early 1990s, immigrating from South Asia and Europe. Over the years, the population increased and presently 46,149 Islamic followers live in New Zealand, according to 2013 census report. The growth of the Muslim population had led to the development of mosques, Islamic schools and learning and cultural centers across New Zealand.

    Among everything, the mosques in New Zealand are extremely beautiful and exude the true charm of the Islamic religion. Their intrinsic artwork and sculptures leave everyone to spellbind and add up to the charm of the country.

    Beautiful Mosques In New Zealand

    There are various places in New Zealand that you can cover during your tour but mosques here have a unique charm. Check out the list of mosques in New Zealand that you must consider adding in your itinerary.

    • Masjid At Taqwa
    • Masjid Al Maktoum
    • Masjid Umar
    • Masjid Ayesha
    • Jamia Masjid
    • Masjid Al Noor

    1. Masjid At Taqwa

    Masjid At Taqwa in NZ

    Location: 58 Grayson Avenue, Manukau, Auckland 2104, New Zealand

    Masjid at Taqwa is one of the oldest mosques in India; known for strikingly beautiful structural and interior design. Hosting a full-fledged Madrassa and Islam preaching, learning and welfare center; Masjid at-Taqwa is one of the splendid mosques in Auckland. The huge prayer hall, arches, galleries and minarets surely leave everyone awestruck.

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    2. Masjid Al Maktoum

    Masjid al Maktoum in NZ

    Image Source

    Location: 91 Westney Rd, Mangere, Auckland 2022, New Zealand

    Popular as Auckland Aiport Masjid; Masjid Al Maktoum was recently built in 2005. It is the closest mosque near Auckland airport and offers all prayer services including Jumma, separate prayer halls for females, clean and tidy restrooms and private parking. The green tomb looks gorgeous and the sparkling white structure of the Masjid Al Maktoum makes it one of the most beautiful mosques in Auckland, New Zealand.

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    3. Masjid Umar

    built of white marble

    Image Source

    Location: 185 Stoddard Rd, Mount Roskill, Auckland 1041, New Zealand

    This royal mosque of New Zealand is built of white marble and features domes and engraved arches inside. Along with normal prayer sessions, Masjid Umar performs special functions like Nikka ceremonies, Ramdhan programs, Haji program and funeral services.

    4. Masjid Ayesha

    a small, quaint and cozy mosque

    Image Source

    Location: 96 Maich Rd, Manurewa, Auckland 2102, New Zealand

    This is a small, quaint and cozy mosque, located in the Manurewa neighborhood of Auckland. Along with prayer offering, the mosque also serves as a learning center, Quraan classes, Taleem, Jalsh and Islam preaching programs. Moreover, the mosque is unique and stands out from the rest of the New Zealand mosques, as it hosts a social gathering, conducts social programs like fund-raising and sports events.

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    5. Jamia Masjid

    Jamia Masjid in NZ

    Image Source

    Location: 921 Happy Terrace, Hamilton, New Zealand, 3214

    Much famed as a classic mosque in New Zealand; Jamia Masjid boasts of its beautiful white marble structure, expansive prayer hall, and a private courtyard. It is one of the most popular mosques in New Zealand and the majority of the Islamic people of the locality of Happy Terrace, visit this sacred abode to pray daily or on special occasions. In the case of large gatherings, the surrounding landscaped garden acts as the prayer ground.

    6. Masjid al Noor

    Islamic gem of New Zealand

    Image Source

    Location: 101 Deans Ave, Riccarton, Christchurch 8011, New Zealand

    With a perfect location in the heart of Christchurch, Masjid al Noor is another Islamic gem of New Zealand. A huge prayer area, wudu, and communal facilities are the highlighting features of this holy place. The stunning structure, especially the golden towering Minar is surely the stunner. Once you visit this place, you will surely fall in love with the tranquilizing peace and serenity of the mosque.

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    The mosques in New Zealand are truly beautiful and real piece of art, reflecting Islamic culture and heritage. Once you decide to customize your New Zealand trip with Travel Triangle, make sure you include some from the list.

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