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Mystery around the notorious Bermuda Triangle continues to intrigue scientists as well as regular people. There are numerous theories and possibilities surrounding it, but no concrete conclusions that unravel the secret behind the weird disappearances of flights and ships passing the Triangle’s territory. If you are among those who have just faintly heard of it, read on as we dig deeper into the its strangest Bermuda triangle stories and occurrences.

The term Bermuda Triangle was coined by Vincent H Gaddis in 1964. He wrote an article on the strange pattern of disappearances in the Triangle. Once an unnamed area in North Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda Triangle and its stories became a rage in 1970s. Many pilots and sea-navigators came forward to share the tales of mishappenings and accounts of loss. Many such Bermuda Triangle stories were found to be fake, created in order to gain publicity, while others were backed with solid proofs.

In fact, its first written account is in the journal of the famous sea-explorer, Christopher Columbus in the 15th century. He mentioned in his journal that his compass went berserk once they touched an unseen boundary between Florida and Puerto Rico. Since then, there have been many stories doing the rounds, and to cut it all short, here’s all you need to know to raise and settle the curiosity about the infamous Triangle.

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The Mystery Of Bermuda Triangle

The exact location of Bermuda Triangle is in North Atlantic Ocean

Image Source

Bermuda Triangle is a triangular area in the Atlantic Ocean between Florida, Bermuda Islands, and Puerto Rico. Over the last 100 years or so, there have been numerous inexplicable disappearances. Thousands of people and hundreds of ships and aircrafts have gone missing from the area. On rare occasions, the ships have been found, but without the managing crew and all the supplies intact. And on other occasions they have disappeared like they never existed; just vanished in thin air.

On some accounts, debris has been washed ashore including radars and compasses with no apparent glitch in them. No one knows the truth behind these disappearances, but a few claim to have unearthed the Bermuda Triangle Truth.

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Bermuda Triangle Stories – 5 Scary Tales Of Sudden Disappearance And Wreckages

Let’s peruse five strangest accounts of unfortunate incidents that happened in Bermuda Triangle. Some will seem acceptable, some far-fetched, while some, extremely nerve-wrecking. But all these accounts and Bermuda triangle stories have been told by numerous people over the course of 100s of years. Plus, there are some facts too that will put the Bermuda Triangle myths aside, and lead to speculations.

1. The Ghastly Tale Of Marie Celeste

A rare image of Marie Celeste - the ship that was lost to the world in Bermuda Triangle on one of its missions

Image Source

On the fateful day of December 5, 1872, Marie Celeste set sail from New York Harbor to carry cargo to a specified destination. But unfortunately, the ship never made it to the point. After several search and rescue efforts, the ship was found adrift in Bermuda Triangle, but sans its crew of 11 people. Personal belongings, food containers, precious cargo, and lifeboats were still there on the ship. What’s more speculative is that there was rotten food on the plates in the dining area. What happened to these people to make them abandon their safe haven, in the middle of the violent sea, that too right in the middle of a meal?

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2. Ghostly Presence And Disappearance Of Ellen Austin

It is considered to be a ghostly intervention to see the Ellen Austin in Bermuda Triangle

Image Source

Out of all the accounts of Bermuda Triangle myths, this one is really spooky and unnerving. This is the story of a ship – Ellen Austin, falling trap to a ship that was considered to be a bad omen. In 1881, while Ellen Austin was on its way, the crew came across an abandoned ship that had all the amenities intact but not a single crew member onboard. In an effort to salvage the ship, some of Ellen Austin’s crew hopped on to the nameless ship to maneuver it to New York.

During the course, Ellen Austin’s crew lost track of the abandoned ship. When they came across it again, the ghostly ship was again crewless. That is when Ellen Austin transmitted for a rescue ship. It was communicated that Ellen Austin was again dispatching a few of its crew members to the nameless ship. Upon reaching the communicated point, rescue ships never found any of the two. Both Ellen Austin and the ghostly ship had disappeared.

Hitherto, there are several accounts of sightings of Ellen Austin with that ghostly ship, trying to mislead the ships or just trying to capture the dispatched crew members.

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3. The Fateful End Of USS Cyclops

The beast of USS Cyclops proved to be nothing in front of abomination of Bermuda Triangle

Image Source

The USS Cyclops was a beast of a ship, commissioned by US government to aid the British forces, during World War I. The collier ship set sail to Brazil at the break of dawn in late February, 1918. However, it never reached its destination. It was last seen off the coast of Barbados on March 4th. Search teams were sent out to salvage the iron giant but as we know, it was of no avail.

When the families of 306 crew members started asking questions, the US government doubled its search operations. But just when there was no hope left, the government disclosed that there were no SOS calls, no wreckages, no sudden storms, and no remains of the ship. With sincere poignancy, the government declared the ship to be lost and its inhabitants to be dead. Needless to say, it was the greatest loss ever to the US Navy.

What makes this more interesting, or creepy, is that two other collier ships USS Proteus and USS Nereus were doomed with the same fate in the year 1941. There were no accounts but just memories left of these ships too.

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4. Disappearance Of Flight 19

The five avengers of Flight 19 were lost to Bermuda Triangle in 1945

Image Source

The most infamous of the disappearances in the Triangle is of Flight 19. On the eve of December 5, 1945, five of the best Avenger Bombers of the US Navy vanished into thin air, while carrying out a routine mission. The squadron’s commander, Lieutenant Charles Taylor was constantly in touch with the base until his frequency broke down, mid-sentence. There was no static or lost signal, just complete breakage in the link. Those five aircrafts were never seen or heard of again.

To top it all, the rescue force dispatched to recover the planes too never returned. The rescue force vanished in a similar fashion when their frequency broke down mid-sentence. After years of investigation, the case was closed with a tag of ‘cause unknown’.

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5. Mystery Of Marine Sulphur Queen

The giant carrier of molten Sulphur – Marine Sulphur Queen - is one of the biggest losses to US

Image Source

In 1960, Marine Sulphur Queen was converted into a carrier of molten Sulphur from being a T2 Tanker. It was a 600 feet giant built in 1944 for the purpose of storage. On the ill-fated day of February 2 in 1963, it set sail to its concluding journey. At that time it was carrying 15,000 tons of molten sulphur and 39 valued crew members.

Its existence was last acknowledged on February 4th. Just like in many cases, its radio transmission broke mysteriously mid-sentence. What’s more intriguing is that during the transmission, the commander was briefing about good weather conditions and helpful navigation, just before the reporting was cut short. It was sad to see such a monstrous tanker meet its end like this, after years and years of successful operations.

These were just the snippets from most publicized reported cases. There are several thousand more disappearances and losses which have not been accounted for or never came to the light, due to various reasons.

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Bermuda Triangle Theories – 8 Possible Causes Of Triangle Tragedies

There are some weird theories attached to the Bermuda Triangle – One of them being of it having its own biosphere with unique weather conditions

Image Source

There are numerous, weird and unbelievable theories attached to the Bermuda Triangle. Some with scientific accounts and some sheer ostensible myths. Let’s take a good look at them for you to determine which one you’d want to bet on.

Theory #1 – Devil’s Triangle

This is the most used pseudonym for Bermuda Triangle. It is believed that all the lives lost (and that is in thousands mind you) have been an offering to Satan. It is connoted many times that all those people have been sucked in by Satan to his demonic alley of hell. Dragged deep into the fiery pits of hell, this certainly doesn’t leave many chances of any survivors.

Theory #2 – Alien Base

Some sci-fi experts say that Bermuda Triangle is actually an extraterrestrial base. People have shared accounts of strange lights suddenly appearing in the sky, blinking like some secret signal and then disappearing, as suddenly. Sometimes, strange noises accompanied the said alien lights that were quite like unintelligible words and spooky chants. The noises were actually chilling sounds that could unhinge even the best of minds.

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Theory #3 – Magnetic Field

Compass and other electronic devices are said to go haywire here. Many planes and sea-ships have disappeared in thin air due to the said phenomenon. No such technology has been developed yet which can defy this weird occurrence, once exposed to its peculiar magnetic field. Just so you know, you can determine the periphery of Bermuda Triangle right when your compass starts going berserk suddenly.

Theory #4 – The lost city of Atlantis

Bermuda Triangle is said to be the location under which the city of Atlantis is submerged in the ocean. It is said for that the power and charge of Atlantis is what is responsible for all the disappearances. It is often accounted that the battered souls and demons of Atlantis attack the ships and airplanes to avenge their ruins. This theory of Bermuda Triangle seems far-fetched. But, you may never know what all weird stuff has happened in Bermuda Triangle.

Theory #5 – Own Biosphere

Bermuda Triangle is said to be so eerie that it has its own weather and environment. There have been reports of deadly tornadoes and violent storms when there were no such weather predictions for the area. Many lives and precious articles have been lost in such unheeded calamities of nature. Such strange anomalies have no explanation other than being driven by an atmosphere, unbeknown to us mere mortals.

Theory #6 – Marches of Methane Hydrates

One of the plausible, yet equally impossible theory is that the Bermuda Triangle sits on the marshes of methane hydrates. If true then scientifically it explains that methane can reduce water density, leading to sinking of ships. But what it doesn’t account for is the disappearances of aircrafts. Also, the riddle of ships with all the supplies but no crew member remains unsolved.

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Theory #7 – Time Travel Tunnel

Number 4 on our list of Bermuda Triangle theories is the time traveling one. People claim to have experienced electronic fog in the triangle which causes travelers to experience time lapse, sometimes resulting in loss of track during the tunneling. Most publicized of such accounts is by one Mr Bruce Gernon. He claimed that he lost 28 minutes while flying over Bermuda Triangle, and re-emerged on Miami Beach, 100 miles farther than his source. He said that all this traveling took hardly a few seconds. Also, he didn’t notice the landscapes and atmosphere change. Even the people at base station back the occurrence that the plane went off the radar, only to re-emerge in Miami within seconds.

Theory #8 – Secret Organization

Some activists even believe that in the depths of Bermuda Triangle, therein lies a secret organization. The member of said organization abduct and dispose of anyone who comes close to their base or to their secret, both figuratively and literally. Also, the organization is said to have installed interceptors which makes the electronic devices, including the compass navigation, go haywire. No one knows how much truth lies behind such claim, but the pattern is somewhat similar to that of Bermuda Triangle mysteries.

The secret of Bermuda Triangle is claimed to have been unearthed. Take a look and decide, if it’s convincing enough for you or just a quack theory to you.

Is The Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved?

The reasoning behind Bermuda Triangle Mystery came out to be adjustment in the magnetic field

Image Source

It is now claimed and lauded that the mystery of Bermuda Triangle is panned out by National Geographic. It claims that Bermuda Triangle is the only place, after North Pole, where the magnetic field is such that all compasses point towards true north, instead of magnetic north. Such sudden deflection in the navigation can be deadly, if not adjusted for. It has led astray many such aircrafts and sea-ships, directly to the lap of their demise. However, what it doesn’t explain is the ships being found intact, without any internal or external damage, whole with all their supplies, including the lifeboats, but lest their crew, floating aimlessly in the Bermuda Triangle.

Can you believe that all these deaths and loss of property is due to the wrong navigation of a small needle? It seems anti-climactic to even consider it, but it is true if the world scientists and National Geographic officials have any say in it.

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However, it is totally upto you people to either accept this supposed Bermuda Triangle truth or to keep expecting an all-encompassing, better reasoning behind all the mysteries. You can ponder as much as you want, but are you ready to brave the mysterious Bermuda Triangle stories?

Frequently Asked Questions About Bermuda Triangle Stories

Where is the Bermuda Triangle?

The Bermuda Triangle is loosely located on the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean.

What is the Bermuda Triangle famous for?

The Bermuda Triangle is famous for the mysterious disappearance of multiple aircrafts and ships. In spite of many reputable sources dismissing the mystery it gives food for thought to numerous conspiracy theories and science fiction.

Can you cross the Bermuda Triangle?

The area near the Bermuda Triangle has some of the world`s busiest ports and shipping lanes. So, sailors often cross the infamous Bermuda Triangle.

What is the most recent incident on the Bermuda Triangle?

The most recent incident on the Bermuda Triangle happened on sea in 2015 when SS El Faro with 33 aboard sank in the middle of Atlantic. And the last aircraft incident above the triangle was in 2019 when 7 people were killed in a helicopter crash on the Bahamas.

What is a Gombey?

Gombey troupes are known for their longstanding Bermudian traditions and can be easily identified by their vibrant costumes, beats of local percussions, and unique kind of whistles.

How did Bermuda get its name?

The place is named after Spanish explorer Juan de Bermudez who named the island after himself.

Why is Bermuda’s sand pink?

Being surrounded by vibrant coral reefs, the place is home to tiny creatures called foraminifera by the locals. These creatures have pink shells which get washed to shore.

Why do Bermudians call themselves Onions?

The locals here cultivate enormous quantity of onions which is admired for its unique sweetness throughout the world.

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