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As days crash and the darkness starts prevailing, nights in the streets, roads, lanes and dilapidated houses of Chennai turn cold, grey and haunted. It is in these nights—amidst all the peaceful existence of histories, temples, and beaches—that Chennai goes to a different height of normal – paranormal. The exclusive haunts of Chennai are way more intense, darker, gloomier and creepier than any other city in the country. And thus we advise you to avoid visiting the most haunted places in Chennai – the top 11 haunts that you must keep yourselves safe from. Relive your childhood horror stories that you heard from your grandparents and elders and experience the most exciting time of your life.

The Top 11 Most Haunted Places In Chennai

We dare you to take a trip to these undeniably spooky places in Chennai where several paranormal incidents have actually been reported over time. All these places have intriguing stories behind them and you would surely get goosebumps after hearing them.

1. De Monte Colony

The De Monte Colony is definitely the most haunted colony in Chennai

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So this is about an entire colony established by a Portuguese businessman De Monte if you’re looking for ghost places in Chennai. He lived an unhappy life with his mentally ill wife. His son also died under unknown circumstances. The entire colony does not have a single light and is definitely the spookiest among scary houses in Chennai.

Spooky occurrence: The colony is visited by Mr De Monte often. People have seen him walking under the moon, opening the locks, closing the doors and resting around on his rocking chair.
Real-life experience: The streets do not accept trespassers. Even the pet dogs that accidentally entered, vanished mysteriously. The locals appointed a guard but he could not survive. People have also seen the opening and closing of locks without anyone being present around.

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2. Broken Bridge

The broken Bridge in Besant Nagar is among the popular haunted places in Chennai

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Considered to be amongst the top haunted places in Chennai, this bridge was initially built to connect fishermen to the sea. It could not stand the waves, broke down and has been left to ruin since then. A favored shooting spot in the daylight, it becomes a morning walk park for the citizens of the paranormal world.

Spooky occurrence: The fishermen assert that they have heard women screaming at night – women who were allegedly raped and murdered here, a few years ago.
Real-life experience: Dead bodies without I-cards have been recovered on numerous occasions.

3. Besant Avenue Road

The ghost at Besant Avenue Road slaps and thwarts the one crossing by

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Just a poorly lit street, housing an animal shelter, school and a temple–Besant Avenue Road is a new level of eerie if you’re looking for horror places in Chennai. It looks normal till the sun is up and obviously goes paranormal by the time moon takes up the sky.

Spooky occurrence: This attacking ghost seems to be a little violent as his occurrences include slapping the travellers and people walking by. He even throws people off the road and then laughs out loud. This eerie phenomenon has landed this place in the list of the top haunted places in Chennai for locals and travellers alike.
Real-life experience: Many people have lodged complaints with the local police station about being slapped tight enough to faint. A few complaints include kids being thrown off the vehicle on the road. There have been several casualties, and thus the road is considered to be scary and haunted.

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4. F2 Building

The Valmiki Nagar Building is another popular haunted place in Chennai

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This is amongst the most haunted houses in Chennai. So this house in Valmiki Nagar on Ambedkar Road is only 15 km from Chennai airport. It is owned by the father of a woman who committed suicide in the house itself. The abode has been haunted for 10 years since her death.

Spooky occurrence: The ghost of the daughter has been living in the house years after her death. She opens the house for the visitors after midnight and offers all the hospitality a guest is supposed to get.
Real life experience: Even Google marks this house as haunted on its map. People have actually, many times, heard a girl sobbing from the windows of the house. When they walk past, mobile signals stop and the screen starts to flicker. The girl has often been spotted closing the door in the darkness of early morning.

5. Wipro Technologies CDC5

The Wipro Technolgies office in Sholinganallur was built on a graveyard

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The land on which Wipro is situated used to be a graveyard in the ’80s. End of discussion now. Zoom into the image and look under the street lamp.

Spooky occurrence: A human figure has been spotted walking in the streets around the Wipro building in Sholinganallur. The guards have witnessed several apparitions at night.
Real life experience: Security guards at the Wipro office have encountered several apparitions, have caught fever post the encounters and have thrown feats for 3-4 days continuously. Also, this one is an image shared by a commuter who happened to cross the road in one of those nights.

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6. Karikattukuppam

Karikattukuppam was destroyed by the Tsunami and has been haunted since then.

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One of the scariest places in Chennai, this locality has been one of the worst-hit Tsunami zones in 2004. Several deaths caused an upsurge of an equal number of unsatisfied sad souls in the vicinity. The area is largely deserted with only a temple and a few households to call it inhabited by these unsatisfied souls, thus making it one of the most haunted places in Chennai.

Spooky occurrence: It has been popular that these ghosts are blood hungry and haunt the only temple in the area.
Real life experience: People visiting the temple at early morning have spotted blood drops on the floor of the temple. Chopped body parts have also been found in the vicinity of the temple, and no crime could be traced to reason out their presence.

7. 2 Laned East Coast Road

The ghosts on the East Coast Road have different forms like that of a cat or a toddler or a girl

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This is so filmy. This butter smooth road is a rider’s delight during the day. Cometh the hours of the moon and this two laned road, connecting Chennai and Puducherry, turns into one of the most haunted places in Chennai. Drivers have died, passengers and pillion riders have suffered fatal injuries and what not.

Spooky occurrence: There are multiple versions of the ghost on this road — a toddler, a cat, a girl and many more. All these appear as apparitions on the road causing the drivers to lose control over their vehicles.
Real life experience: Hear this car driver out- “I had not done anything wrong to anger the ghost on the road. I was driving my car at 90 km/hr which is normal on this road. I suddenly saw a toddler crawling in the middle of the road. I was about to push the breaks and guess what? The baby came onto my windshield and turned towards me with red growling eyes. I lost my wheels and crashed the crash guard.”

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8. Anna Flyover

The building facing the Anna Flyover has been the home to unsatisfied souls

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This is just a half ready, empty building facing the Anna Flyover. The building sadly has been the suicide venue of quite a many sad souls. One of the spookiest places in Chennai, this will surely haunt you for days.

Spooky occurrence: People passing by have often told about strange echoing noises of laughter and cries. The nights are harrowing examples of sad darkness and chills.
Real life experience: A hot summer night at this building sends winter chills of sub zero degrees. People have caught cold and fever after crossing the infamous Anna flyover building during the night.

9. Theosophical Society

The Banyan tree in the Theosophical Society hosts of ghosts that scream after the sunset

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So, every experience here revolves around a huge Banyan tree. A forest reserve near the Adyar River in Valmiki Nagar, the Theosophical Society is well visited during the day. After 7:00 pm is when all the drama starts around the tree.

Spooky occurrence: Loud screams after sunset, and indistinct names being called out from the tree are among the most common occurrences at the haunted spot of the Theosophical Society.
Real life experience: Hear him out – “We sat under the tree and took photos. It was nothing weird until it was 7 pm in the night and the guard started chasing us out. We managed to beg for little time and we were seeing the photos that we snapped sitting in a mansion, close to where Vivekananda was believed to have stayed. We heard a really scary scream from the branches of the tree and couldn’t tolerate it; even the birds began to fly in all random directions. The scream lasted for about 30 seconds and there was no one around the place except my friend and myself. I could feel the fear in my abdomen and I was about to cry. We just ran, without looking back, to the main circle where we told the watchman. He said it must have been some bird. Please, we know how birds chirp. Many creepy incidents have been reported after sunset.”

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10. Madras Christian College

The Herber’s Hall in Madras Christian College is haunted by a romantic ghost

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This one is actually about the catharsis of refusal. So this alleged ghost that walks the corridors of Herber’s Hall at Madras Christian College got rejected by his love and committed suicide.

Spooky occurrence: The guy visits the hall at night and sometimes in the morning. He cries, laughs and talks to his friends. People have heard his footsteps often.
Real life experience: The lad seems to be a petulant kid. He not only plays around in the corridor, but also leaves the taps running, throws the utensils, and breaks windows.

According to the recent reports, a few more places are believed to be visited by the civilians of under-land. Like the other day, some cricket playing kids lost their ball inside this house in Uthandi, VGP layout 2 on ECR and went looking for it. The kids have been complaining of hallucinations post that. In one of the other real-life incidences, a curious couple went inside this house in Ekkaduthangal, only to come back with bruises and hallucinations along with cold and fever. The house is said to have been haunted for 10 years.

11. Blue Crossroad

Banyan Tree in Tiptur Area

It is often called the suicide point of Chennai as a number of suicide cases have been reported in this lane, making it one of the most haunted spots in the city.

Spooky occurences: It is one of the most active spots in Chennai for paranormal activites, there have been voices heard from the bushes and you might be greeted with spirits if ever walking down this road.
Real life experiences: According to the reports it is said to be the suicide spot in Chennai with spooky occurrences. Many cases have been reported and it is called the suicidal road. If you happen to be walking down this road, you might be greeted with the spirits of people who committed suicide here.

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Well, for ghost hunters, the list does not end here. We have kept chasing them and will keep doing so. If you have any to add to the list of most haunted places in Chennai, do share in the comments section below. Till then, just take a trip to Chennai and explore these spooky realms yourself.

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Frequently Asks Questions About Most Haunted Places In Chennai

It is safe to visit haunted places in Chennai at night?

It is advised that tourists must not visit any of the haunted places in Chennai at night for safety reasons.

Which are some of the haunted places in Chennai?

De Monte Colony, Besant Avenue Road, F2 Building, Valmiki Nagar, Broken bridge in Besant Nagar, Anna flyover are some of the popular haunted places in Chennai.

Is there any of the real-life experiences which are unusual?

In De Monte Colony, it is believed that trespassers do not visit the street and even the pets like dogs vanished mysteriously.

What is the best time to visit Chennai?

The best season to visit Tamil Nadu is the winter season, between November and February. Being the southernmost state in India, Tamil Nadu experiences tropical climate throughout the year. The state has three distinct weather patterns in a year: winter, summer, and monsoon.

Which are the top places to visit in Chennai?

Some of the best places that you can visit in Chennai include San Thome Church, Marina beach, Sri Parthasarathy Temple, Mahabalipuram, Birla Planetarium, Kapaleeshwar Temple, Fort St. George, Thousand Lights Mosque, Guindy National park.

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