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    Being in Japan not always means the enthusiastic and fun loving city of Tokyo, temples, and monasteries, which Japan is usually perceived as. Mostly, it means the mountains and the peace that we get therein. Japan has around 70% of its land mountainous. There are around 18000 mountains in Japan as recorded recently and many of them are ready to give you the thrill and the peace at the same time. Japanese people are very fond of their mountains and so will be any tourist visiting the place.

    Best Time To Visit These Mountains In Japan

    Best Time To Visit

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    Japan is famous for its cultural values and hence, every season is culturally beautiful and important to visit. But for the ease and comfortability of tourists, it is suggested for them to visit there either in the spring which runs from March to May or in autumn from September to November. This is generally the best time to visit Japan because of less rainfall, clear skies and the nominal temperature. But if you are someone who loves adventures and snow-fall, you might choose to visit there during December-February which are months of winter. So, plan your trip depending upon the adventure you want to seek.

    10 Best Mountains In Japan

    If you love to see the serenity of nature, and hiking until you find yourself above the clouds, then Japan has lots mountains for you to visit. Check out this list of 10 amazing mountains in Japan that you must visit if you have a thing for mountains.

    1. Mount Fuji


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    Mount Fuji is the highest mountain of Japan, located on Honshu at 3776.24m. It is one of the three holy mountains of Japan. It is considered as the sacred symbol of Japan and is conical in shape. It gives you the most beautiful scenic experience from its five lakes, the taste of great halal food and the experience of having a bath in the natural hot spring, thus making it one of the best Mountains in Japan to climb.
    So, if you are an enthusiastic climber and want to experience some thrill, then plan your trip from July to September and do visit this exotic place giving you some really spectacular experiences.

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    2. Mount Takao

    Mount Takao

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    After Mount Fuji, Mount Takao is the next best mountain to climb and is known to be the destination which attracts the largest number of climbers. It provides you the peace and a serene view among the hustle of metropolitan city of Tokyo. It is located at a height of 599m and hence, is easily accessible from the city. Apart from providing you with the most subtle scenic views, it also gives you the experience of Gourmet food. The mountain will give you different views from its four different views. So if you want to experience the real Japanese cuisine and the most subtle experience, do visit the place.

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    3. Mount Tate

    Mount Tate

    Image Source

    This is also one of the tallest mountains, heightened at 3015 m and will give you hiking experience in the earlier months of the year. The climbing experiences, cable cars, and paths along the Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route will give you the most beautiful experience of clicking pictures of the wall of snow. If this is the height you think is too high to climb then Japan has always provided with the buses and easy accessibility to its mountains in many ways.

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    4. Mount Mitake

    Mount Mitake

    Image Source

    This is one more best mountains in Japan near Tokyo, situated at a 90 minutes distance from train, the cable cars are the yet another way to reach there. For Dog lovers, there is a beautiful Musashi Mitake shrine to visit which gives them various stuff for their dogs. The authentic Japanese cuisines, the scenic view, and the shrine are the major tourist attractions.

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    5. Mount Kita

    Mount Kita

    Image Source

    If you are a beginner and you want to climb a mountain other than Mount Fuji, then Mount Kita is one of the most visited mountains in Japan for you to climb. It is located in the Yamanashi Prefecture at a height of 3193 m. It is easily accessible from Kofu City and second in height to climb. It has different ways of accessibility giving the different exotic views, like a steep climb from Kasuberi, Rock ridges, walk through Kanazawa snow valley and many more. If you are a beginner, the Migimita Course with its exotic view and plenty of flower fields is for you.

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    6. Kaimondake Volcano

    Kaimondake Volcano

    Image Source

    The Satsuma Peninsula, a coastal subtropical area features a mix of seaside towns, sandy beaches and forests and also The Kaimondake Volcano. It’s a perfectly conical volcano, which is 924m high, and rises from the sea and low land and is visible miles around. The path is hot and humid and also with very steepen. The attraction there at the paths are the animals, trees and of course, the never-ending path itself. Volcanoes, the living mountains of Japan are the most beautiful attractions to climb.

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    7. Mount Haku

    Mount Haku

    Image Source

    Mount Haku is also one of the three holy mountains of Japan, situated on the border of Gifu, Fukui, and Ishikawa. It is best for summer hiking, has five tracks and a range of tracks near the lake. The mountain is at the height of 2072m making it a quite long hike. Murodo lodge and post office are also major attractions there. Also, it’s the place always associated with shrines and temples which are on its face when you visit.

    8. Mount Norikura

    Mount Norikura

    Image Source

    If you are fond of the winter season and enjoy the breathtaking nature in winters, then Mount Norikura is the place for you to visit. During winters, this 3026m high mountain provides you with the snowshoe hiking experience. Norikura is located in the Japanese Alps and as per the mountains in Japan facts, the Alps are rich in natural beauty. The frozen Ice Falls will give you a fairytale view, and also the most beautiful primeval natural view. Mt Norikura snow resort is the best powder resort to facilitate your visit.

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    9. Mount Yufu

    Mount Yufu

    Image Source

    Mount Yufu located over Yufuin town at the height of 1584m, is distinctive because of its two peaks giving it a different structure. It takes almost the same time to visit either of the peaks and they are fifteen minutes away from each other. The right track Higashi mine is comparatively easier to tackle than the left one Nishi Mine. The track gives you both the view of plain and forest and the view from the top is the same from either of them.

    10. Mount Maya

    Mount Maya

    Image Source

    Mount Maya is the main peaks in Rokko range to the Kobe city and provides the ten million dollar night view. The two ways to reach the top of the mountain are either hiking or taking the Maya viewing cable car ropeway. The track starts with four waterfalls and ends at the exotic scenery from top providing the best night view. One of the less visited mountains, you will surely like the serene, untouched aura.

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    Here was the guide to the best Mountains in Japan for the climbing beast inside you. So, plan your best trip, pack your bags for Japan to get a great hiking experience, scenic beauty and, of course, the authentic culture of the country. We assure you, the country won’t disappoint.

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