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Georgia is an unexplored gem perched on the Caucasus Mountains between Asia and Europe, making it a melting pot of cultures and a unique travel destination. A budget-friendly country, Georgia offers unlimited adventures for intrepid trekkers, UNESCO world heritage sites for the history buffs and exciting gastronomic delights for the die-hard foodies. This underrated travel gem is home to Europe’s highest village as well as ancient caves, pristine lakes and gorgeous waterfalls. The beautiful national parks in Georgia, along with protected areas and nature reserves are the best place to witness the country’s lush forested landscapes with panoramic views and scenic hiking trails.

10 Amazing National Parks In Georgia

Want us to help you decide what are the national parks in Georgia that you must include in your itinerary? Here we go with our list of the country’s best kept secrets for nature lovers!

1. Mtirala National Park

Mtirala National Park

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No national parks in Georgia list would be complete without a mention of this breathtakingly beautiful slice of heaven nestled between the Black Sea and Adjara Mountains, just 30 Kms out of Batumi. Dense forests, unusual flora & fauna, tuning waterfalls and much more await you as you head out on the myriad walking trails inside the Mtirala National Park. A rewarding 7-Km hike from the visitor centre takes you along a stunning gorge to a pretty lake and cascading waterfall. Take a dip in the cool lake and soak in the untouched natural beauty of the park as you spend an unforgettable day in the company of pristine nature.

Entry fee: Free entry. Open 24 hours.
Travel tip: Wear good hiking shoes, as the ground is slippery. Camping inside the park near the waterfall is a fantastic experience for nature lovers.

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2. Kolkheti National Park

Kolkheti National Park

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Home to the legendary Kolkhi Pheasant, this bird-watching paradise between the mouths of Tikori and Supsa rivers is a scenic natural wetland and a great place to spend some tranquil hours. A kayak, pontoon or motor boat ride along the Lake Paliastomi and the Pichori River takes you along unbelievably beautiful scenery, wet meadows, wetland lilies and a huge variety of birds. Around 194 species of birds can be spotted in the region, including migratory birds that can be seen from the bird-watching tower. You can spend a leisurely day sport-fishing in the lake or relaxing in the designated picnic areas ensconced in the breathtakingly beautiful surroundings of one of the top national parks in Georgia.

Timings: Daily, 9AM-6PM
Travel tip: Tent, picnic table and binocular rentals are available. The boat tour prices vary depending on the route and number of people.

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3. Tbilisi National Park


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Just an hour’s drive away from the capital city, this is one of the best national parks in Georgia that offers a quick escape from the city into the lap of untouched forested lands brimming with natural beauty. It turns to a snow-covered winter wonderland during the cold season and a lush green forest during the summers. You can drive through the scenic park, ride along the cycling routes or take one of the 3 hiking trails for getting up close with nature: big viewpoint trail, Mamkoda medium loop and Mamkoda difficult loop. The park boasts of a rich and diverse variety of flora as well as some unique fauna including the red fox and brown bear.

Travel tip: Guided trips to the lush Sabaduri forest comprising the park as well as surrounding areas and attractions start from 80 GEL/person.

4. Tusheti National Park

Tusheti National Park

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As you step into the world of pristine alpine lakes and meadows at one of the most beautiful national parks in Georgia country, you are transported to a time when nature wasn’t trampled upon by unbridled human intervention. You can explore the unspoilt natural beauty and unique cultural heritage of the region along the various marked trails either on a 4X4 vehicle, a horse-back or foot (recommended for experienced hikers only). The dirty roads to villages of Omalo, Shenako, Dartlo and Diklo take you along breathtaking scenery, ancient defence towers and stunning landscapes of the high Caucasus ranges.

Travel tip: The visitor centre in Omalo offers information on all hiking routes. Guest houses are available at 25/30 GEL/night/person

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5. Vashlovani Nature Reserve

Vashlovani Nature Reserve

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Bestowed with some of the most unique landscapes and vistas in the country, Vashlovani is amongst the best national parks of Georgia for a tryst with untamed nature in all its magnificent glory. The unique badlands topography along with the sheer cliffs and amazing wildlife make it a must-visit during your trip to Georgia. Depending on the route you take, you can explore and unravel the mysteries of this park over one or more days. The Alazani River along the eastern part is open for boating all year round, and the rest of the ark can be explored on foot or a sturdy vehicle.

Travel tip: Accommodation, rental equipment and all relevant information is available at the visitor centre. Hat, bots and rain gear are recommended.

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6. Javakheti National Park

Javakheti National Park

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Part of the Javakheti Protected Areas, the park is home to myriad species of regional and migratory birds as well as gorgeous volcanic landscapes. Located in Southern Georgia along the border with Armenia and Turkey, the park allows you to witness sub-alpine meadows, beautiful lakes and grassland steppes along the seven hiking, bike and horse riding trails. The numerous watchtowers can accessed for spotting around 140 species of birds over different seasons, making it one of the best national parks in Georgia for avid bird watchers and photographers.

Travel tip: Tourist season lasts from April to November. You will also come across few rock-cut monasteries like the Vardzia monastery as well medieval fortresses along the trails.

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7. Algeti National Park

Algeti National Park

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Just 60 Kms from Tbilisi, this national park is located in the historic area of Kvemo Kartli on the southern slopes of the Trialeti range. Sprawled across the gorge of Algeti River, the beautiful park offers mountainous terrain with dense forests of beech, fir, pines and many more varieties of flora including 250 species of mushrooms. The park is also rich in fauna, including large predators, amphibians and reptiles. The Sanepo Ridge tourist trail starting from the lovely cathedral adjoining the park takes you to the picnic area and myriad stunning vistas. The park also offers one of the best camping sites for a rejuvenating tryst with nature.

Travel tip: Though the park is open all through the year, winter months witness heavy snowfall.

8. Kazbegi National Park

Kazbegi National Park

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Be prepared to be awestruck by the breathtakingly beautiful scenery as you hike in one of the most scenic national parks in Georgia offering a range of unforgettable experiences amidst the soaring mountains and gorgeous valleys. You can hire a 4X4 vehicle or trek along the trails to discover the magical villages, alpine meadows and panoramic views from this stunning part of the Caucasus Mountains. The park is also a treasure trove of historic and cultural sites like the Sameba temple, Garbani church and Sioni basilica. The friendly villagers offer warm hospitality, great food and local wine to the tourists.

Travel tip: The park is a great place to spot majestic birds of prey like the golden eagle, bearded vulture, Caucasian black grouse and the griffon vulture.

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9. Machakhela National Park

Machakhela National Park

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Located 25 Kms away from Batumi, the beautiful Machakhela national park in the Adjara region is covered by virgin forests of beech, chestnut, spruce and oaks. Along with its abundant natural beauty, the park is also home to many cultural and historical monuments like fortresses, wine presses and arch bridges from different epochs. There are two easy roads to drive through the forest along with walking trails to explore the area at leisure. The Mtavar Angelozi Mountain offers spectacular views of Batumi and the River Machakhela gorge & delta.

Travel tip: This is one of the popular national parks in Georgia near Batumi, with a high season from May to October.

10. Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park

National Park

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Considered one of the best developed national parks in Georgia for its well-developed trails and advanced facilities for tourists, Borjomi-Kharagauli is also the first park in the Caucasus region meeting international standards. You can explore the park over one to several days along 12 well-marked trails offering camping sites, tourist shelters and picnic spots. You can witness breathtaking scenery, magical forests, myriad blossoming plants and migratory birds as you hike through this wonderful park.
Travel tip: The three popular trails offering gorgeous views and sites include: National Park Information Trail (1.5 hours), Footprint Trail (6 hours) and Nikoloz Romanov Trail (3 days).

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Along with many magical trails and beautiful parks in the country, there are several national parks near Georgia which you can explore when visiting this region. So plan your much awaited Europe vacation with TravelTriangle and meanwhile also discover the wildlife at these national parks!

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