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    With influences from all over the world, and in turn influencing the whole world too, New Zealand food seems to be ever evolving. While the recipes remain traditional, it is the flavours, the art of cooking, and the innovation that takes those homemade delicacies and makes them gourmet. Food is quite an intimate affair here. You will often see families cooking together, and having meals together. Since their culture is also more of sharing, rather than one plate per person, you will find most restaurants serving a generous portion of New Zealand cuisines.

    The best way to enjoy a meal in New Zealand is to have a family dinner. Considered to be the best meal of the day, it is quite an affair in this country. Pile up your plate with delicacies like and gorge on the meat! If it is vegetarian, or even vegan food that you are looking for, you are in for a pleasant surprise.

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    Tracing the steps of New Zealand Cuisines

    Since the food in Australia and New Zealand is quite similar, you will find many dishes to be the same. But in actuality, both the countries prepare the dishes differently, and both are definitely worth indulging in! Here are some of the best delicacies of New Zealand that you must try on your trip here.

    Food you must try while in New Zealand

    lamb at lake

    Image Source

    One of the lesser known things about New Zealand cuisines is its evolution. With the traditional start from the Maori cuisine, which comprised of kumara, fern root, and taro, to the cuisine of today, the famous Pacific Rim food, it has evolved to encompass a large variety of other cooking styles. You can still see the most loved vegetables like a sweet potato being a part of the modern cuisine too.

    With the Europeans came pork and potato, with the British came tea and baked goodies. Soon enough, New Zealand’s speciality became its multifaceted cuisine. The Kiwi cuisine is also interesting, comprising of barbeque, seafood, and other casual dishes.

    With abundant marine life in its waters, it is no wonder that New Zealand specialises in seafood. Since it was also a huge part of the Maori cuisine, you will find seafood in snacks and meals quite often.

    New Zealand drinks include beer and wine. While beer may be the most common drink here, New Zealand specialises in wine making, and exquisite brews can be enjoyed here. Worth a mention is also a local drink, meant for all, known as Lemon and Paeroa (L&P). this one is a must try while here!

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    1. Hangi


    Image Source

    Traditional Maori Hangi is a must try in New Zealand. Meat and vegetables are cooked underground, giving it an earthy flavour, unique to its own origin. It takes a very long time to prepare, almost an entire day, and so, it is saved for special occasions only!

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    2. ANZAC biscuits

    anzac biscuits

    Image Source

    Dating back to WWI, when Australia- New Zealand Army Corps, known as ANZAC gave biscuits to Gallipoli, these oat treats have made their way into the culinary culture of New Zealand. These biscuits are the best snack and considered New Zealand local cuisine.

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    3. Crayfish

    cry fish

    Image Source

    Crayfish is actually a lobster. Since it is a task to manage to catch one of these, it is served as a gourmet dish here. It is a Kiwi favourite! New Zealand cuisine history isn’t complete without a dish like Crayfish.

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    4. Pavlova


    Image Source

    Traditional New Zealand dessert recipes include Pavlova. A dessert in the meringue category, this fluffy light meringue and fresh fruit dish is delectable, and best when made fresh!

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    5. Kina

    kina seafood

    Image Source

    A type of Sea Urchin that has been a part of the New Zealand cuisine since for ever, this seafood is delectable. The spikey hard shell covers a delicious piece of meat inside.

    6. Colonial Goose

    lamb recipe

    Image Source

    Unlike its name, this preparation is actually a lamb recipe. When goose was scarce in New Zealand, this recipe was born. Mostly prepared in the winters, this stuffed preparation is delectable.

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    7. Paua

    scallop shell

    Image Source

    Paua is a large sea snail. Prepared in a variety of ways, you can either have the fried version, or the one with the curry. An interesting fact about Paua, is that its shells are often used as decor items.

    8. Savoury Pies


    Image Source

    Most of the pies in New Zealand are savoury, unless mentioned otherwise. A perfect on-the-go dish, these stuffed pies are perfect for picnics and road trips. The stuffing can be of vegetables, meat, or even fish! The list of New Zealand snacks is incomplete without this.

    So, here you are! The best of New Zealand trip is in a plate right in front of you! Get into any restaurant, any street food vendor, or even a B&B, and treat yourself to the warm sweet and savoury treats. Gorge on the seafood and meat here, and be sure to ask for the origin of any other dish that you have. With a culinary history so rich, explore more of this culture through its

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