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Paro is one of the most important settlements in the tiny Himalayan nation of Bhutan. The central town in the Paro valley, the place has the only major international airport in all of Bhutan so tourists are most likely to find themselves here on their tour to the mystical country. However, the beautiful city has quite a number of lovely places to see and visit. Like other places in Bhutan, it is bursting with beautiful temples and monasteries that will take your breath away. However, the city also has quite a number of places to eat and chill out, and the nightlife in Paro is something that you should take out the time to explore.

7 Places To Visit To Explore Paro Nightlife

Read on to know more about the various Paro restaurants and nightlife where you can chill out with your best friends during the nights:

1. Thermion’s Cafe

Thermion’s Cafe

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Situated right on the banks of the Paro river next to the Telecom Office, this cafe revels in the decor and environment it offers its patrons. The cafe specializes in baked items, so you are likely to find things such as carrot and apricot cakes here which are really good here. Also really recommended are the chocolate cookies that are homemade and go really well with the various brews of coffee available here. The Thermion’s Cafe is a really great place to chill out and cool your heels after a long day out in the city and enjoy the nightlife in Paro with friends.

Location: Telecom Road

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2. Brioche Cafe

Brioche Cafe

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This is a great cozy and comfortable place run by a local Bhutanese woman and is actually quite popular with the locals for its homemade baked items such as pastries and cakes. There is only a small seating area, but you can choose to sit either outdoors or indoors here. Some of the things to try here are the cheesecake, reported to be extremely light and creamy, and the black forest pastry. Also, you should try the exotic sounding passion fruit ice cream which is homemade. The cafe is more expensive than the ones around the area in Paro, but patrons will swear that the quality justifies it.

Location: Tshongdue
TripAdvisor rating: 4.5/5
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3. Club K

Club K

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The best nightlife in Paro, Club K is an unexpected delight in the mountains. The place itself is located right in the basement of the Sonam Trophel restaurant. The best day to visit is Wednesday when it is mostly filled with people. Wednesday is also free entry for the ladies, plus there is one drink complimentary for them. Parties usually only start at 11:30 PM and go on till late at night. The crowd that frequents this place is well behaved and fun loving so this should be your first choice in nightclubs here.

Location: Tshongdue

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4. Mountain Cafe

Mountain Cafe

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This cafe might stand out for you for its blatantly exorbitant prices of garlic naan and other types of Indian bread, but you should not be surprised because the cafe is not meant to be an Indian eatery in the first place. They are a vegan and organic cafe that specializes in continental offerings, and the warm and spacious interiors are really inviting to tourists after a long day in the sun. The rum coffee with cream and the Kahlua coffee are favorites of the regular patrons so make sure to try them. With the great food here, the Mountain Cafe is one of the best cafes in Paro.

Location: Tshongdue
Open till: 9:30 PM
TripAdvisor rating: 4.5/5
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5. Uma Paro Bar

Uma Paro Bar

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Very close to the Paro International Airport, the Uma Paro is a subsidiary of the COMO group and one of the best hotels you will find in the tiny town of Paro. Their signature bar and lounge, the Uma Paro, has one of the best collections of international liquor to be found in the city. The Uma Paro bar offers the best cocktails in the city and also quite a collection of wine that you can enjoy in the luxurious lounge in the hotel. The drinks are served alongside a wide array of snacks that are meant to be healthy and detox you from the inside.

Location: Uma Paro, Paro Airport

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6. Millennium Club

Millennium Club

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This is where the locals go when they want to have late night drinks and parties. The club itself is open on just Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, and the Millenium Club really transforms into the heartthrob of Paro on Saturdays. The club is much cheaper than the others so if you are trying to get a feel for nightlife in Paro Bhutan, Millenium Club is the place to go. On-demand, tourists and visitors can also witness traditional dances and other performances by the local troupes.

Location: Main Town Paro, Chencho Handicrafts
Open till: 1 AM

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7. Paro Pizza

Paro Pizza

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This is a great place to go for a late night dinner with friends if you have had your fair share of the Bhutanese cuisine and are craving some comfort food, aka pizza. Their seafood pizza and also the exotic vegetables pizza is something to kill for, and the place sees quite long queues on busy days. With the low tables and sofas, the place will seem more like a normal Bhutanese restaurant instead of a pizzeria but the pizzas will definitely bring you back to reality. Located in the vicinity of all the other cafes, Paro Pizza is definitely worth a visit.

Location: Paro
TripAdvisor rating: 3.5/5
TripAdvisor Reviews

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These restaurants and Paro nightclubs offer a different take on the city. Nightlife in Paro is quite lively and adds an exotic component to an already exotic city set in the mountains. So plan your trip to Bhutan now for the most riveting journey!

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