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    Tamchoe Monastery Paro Bhutan

    Surrounded by untainted wilderness and willow trees lining its meandering roads, Paro is a quaint little town in the picturesque Paro valley of Bhutan. This lovely town is a true Bhutanese gem with something or the other in store for all its visitors. From historic fortresses and ruins, sacred sites of monasteries, to pretty sights of apple orchards, Paro is sure to leave you beguiled on your trip to Bhutan!

    Picturesque Places To Visit In Paro

    Soak in the stunning sights, engage with the locals, and learn about the fascinating tales surrounding dainty town of Paro. Here’s all that you can explore here:

    1. Jangtsa Dumtseg Lhakhang Temple

    Jangtsa Dumtseg Lhakhang Temple paro

    Image Source

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    Do folktales intrigue you? There isn’t just one but endless number of folk tales attached to this Buddhist temple. A local legend says that Lhakhang was constructed to vanquish a serpentine force. Another tale says that it was erected on the head of a demoness.

    Sightseeing in Paro, Bhutan isn’t complete without visiting this stupa-temple which was constructed in 1421 by the saint Thangtong Gyalpo. The uniqueness of this temple is that it is in a form of a chorten which is a rarity in Bhutan. The chorten depicting beautiful Buddhist iconography will leave you mesmerized.

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    2. Chele La Pass

    Chele le pass

    Image Source

    Bhutan is a land of dramatic terrain with steep mountains adorning snow capped peaks and dainty towns nestled in its gorgeous lush green valleys. Its mountainous landscape is connected through a number of passes. Chele La, located at 3810 m above sea level is the highest road pass in Bhutan between the picturesque valleys of Paro and Haa. You can hike, ride, or drive through the thick woods of spruce and larch to reach the vantage point of Chele La pass. Enjoy the majestic views of Mt. Jomolhari and Mount Jitchu Drake and a complete panoramic view of both the Paro and the Haa valleys from here.

    3. Tiger’s Nest (Paro Taktsang)

    Prayer flags fluttering at Taktsang monastery

      Suggested Read: Trekking In Bhutan: An Experience Like None Other! Bhutan is a land of myths and legends, and here’s another one! This is amongst the top Paro tourist attractions and also the most famous attraction of Bhutan. Paro Taktsang is said to have been ordained to tame a tiger demon. Legend says that Guru Rinpoche flew here on the back of a tigress from Kurtoe Singye Dzong. The guru then meditated here and the rest you can hear from the locals as you hike or ride through the pines to this breathtaking cliffside monastery. It is a 2 km hike to the monastery. Enjoy the majestic mountain views and lush green valleys as you are drawn into the exciting tales of the ‘Tiger’s Nest’. Timings:

          • October-March: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM



        • April-September: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM


          Entry Fee: INR 500/-

    4. Airport View Point

    Paro_Airport view

    Image Source Do you know that not everyone is allowed to land an aeroplane at Paro? Yes, you read it right. Landing at Paro is not a piece of cake and only a few pilots are certified to land at the challenging airport of Paro. This makes the journey thrilling even before you have landed here. Enjoy the stunning scenic sights as you land at this tiny airport perched on the Himalayan ranges. And once there, head to the Paro Airport Bird’s Eye View point which is one of the major Paro sightseeing points and enjoy the vistas from atop this vantage point.

    5. Paro Weekend Market

    tibetan handicrafts paro shopping bhutan

      Suggested Read: Dochula Pass, Bhutan: 3 Reasons You Must Visit It Wondering where to buy souvenirs for the ones waiting for you back home? Head over to Paro’s splendid Sunday Market and find interesting keepsakes like the Kira, the traditional dresses, and the customary prayer wheels. Indulge in the local Bhutanese flavours as you come across local produce like the organic Tsirang honey, khoo (dried jellied cow skin), and chugo (dried yak cheese).

    6. Namgay Artisanal Brewery

    Namgay Artisanal Brewery paro bhutan

    Taste Paro’s local flavours at its very own microbrewery. Don’t forget to try the new crafts – Bhutan Dark Ale and the Bhutan Red Rice Lager, which are now a major hit among tourists and a shift from the conventional tastes. The Bhutan Red Rice Lager is brewed from red rice obtained from the rice paddies of Paro. The Dark Ale is made from the roasted burnt grains and is a little less trippy compared to Bhutan’s Dragon Stout.


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    7. Zuri Dzong Fort

    zuri dzong paro

    Image Source Suggested Read: Haa Valley Is A Sweet Spot Tucked In Bhutan & A Must-Visit On The Northeast Trip Hike to one of Bhutan’s oldest dzong, an ancient fortress built in the mid fourteenth century. This five storey tall edifice is an exemplary of the structures that were built back in the olden time and still stand today protected by double walls and a bridge. This is one of the best places to visit in Paro, Bhutan. Do not miss the murals in the upper chapels of Zuri Dzong, one of which is dedicated to Zaa, the Buddhist protector. Locals believe that there is also a cave here where Buddha once meditated. The peak of this Dzong is another vantage point to enjoy the panoramic views of the Paro valley.

    8. Rinpung Dzong Monastery

    Rinpung Dzong Monastery Paro Bhutan

    Paro Dzong or Rinpung Dzong Monastery is a site of beautiful Bhutanese architecture. It has been built with amazing precision, as the structures stand even today. One interesting aspect of these structures is that they are interlocked firmly without the use of nails! Rinpung Dzong which has been shortened for Rinchen Pung Dzong means ‘Fortress on a Heap of Jewels’. This fort has in the past proved its worth by protecting Paro valley from Tibet invasions on numerous occasions. Today, it adorns rich wooden carvings, beautiful paintings, and statues of that era. You can click the most breathtaking snaps from Nyamai Zam wooden bridge, just below the Dzong. Timings: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM (Nov-Feb until 4.30 PM)

    9. Drukgyal Dzong Monastery

    Drukgyel_Dzong paro

    Image Source Suggested Read: Bhutan In December: A Quintessential Travel Guide For An Exquisite Vacation! Once a fortress and Buddhist monastery, Drukgyal Dzong stood in ruins for quite some time after the fire of the 1950’s. It is being rebuilt to restore it back to its original fame and prestige. Located in the upper part of the Paro district, this former fortress provides one with great views of the Chomolhari mountains. Timings: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

    10. Dasho Nishioka Chorten Museum


    This museum is a tribute to the late Dasho Keiji Nishioka, a Japanese agriculture expert who helped Bhutan modernise its agriculture. The museum built in his memory is a great way of paying tribute to this unsung hero who helped the Bhutanese farmers gain knowledge about varied ways and tools of farming.

    11. National Museum Of Bhutan

    national museum of bhutan paro

    Image Source

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    If you’re hungry for more of Bhutan’s myths and legends, make you way to the National Museum Of Bhutan and know more about this country’s ancient glory. The museum is called Ta Dzong which means the watchtower. Shaped as a conch shell, the building is circular and has seven floors. This structure was reopened as a cultural museum in 1968 and preserves Bhutanese architectures, values, and lifestyles.


    • April-October: 9 AM – 5 PM
    • November-March: 9 AM – 4 PM

    Entry Fee: INR 25/-

    12. Tamchoe Monastery

    Tamchoe Monastery Paro Bhutan

    Also called Tachog Lhakhang, this monastery is built between Paro and Thimpu. This monastery which dates back to the 15th century is perched atop a small hill and was built by the great iron bridge builder, Thangtong Gyalpo. You can cross the hefty iron bridge which was once washed away in the flood of 1969 and restored back in 2005, and make your way to this beautiful temple.

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    13. Kyichu Lakhang

    A view of Kyichu Lakhang

    Image Source

    A beautiful monastery of great importance, Kyichu Lakhang is one of the best places to visit in Paro. The Monastery is as old as 7th century. If you’re looking for peace of mind & soul, then this is the place you should head to! The monastery has the blessings of major Buddhist saints. Besides praying here, you can also learn about Himalayan Kingdom.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Bhutan

    Q. How can I go to Paro Bhutan?

    A. You can go to Paro Bhutan by air. There is an international airport in Paro.

    Q. What is the best time to visit Bhutan?

    A. October to december is the best time to visit Bhutan.

    Q. Do I need a passport to go to Bhutan from India?

    A. Yes, you need a passport to go to Bhutan from India.

    Q. Is Indian currency used in Bhutan?

    A. INR 50 & 100 denominations are used in Bhutan.

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