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How old is education is a big conundrum. Education is not evenly distributed to the world alike and it cannot be touted as easily accessible, but it has been available for generations for those who sought it. Here’s a list of top 12 oldest universities in the world that have been standing tall for time immemorial. Our list will definitely inspire you to embark on an academic journey.

Top 12 Oldest Universities In The World

This blog on the 12 oldest universities in the world focus on the practices of people who have made innumerable efforts to try and help people with education. Their agenda has been: teach one and reach all:

1. University of Perugia (1308)

University of Perugia

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University of Perugia is a remarkable institute which has serviced many students and very well-known faculties. The place came into existence in 1308 and was only recognized after the Pope declared it functional. Pope Clement V inaugurated this place. This university is known to nourish students for the future and can be counted in the list of 10 oldest universities in the world.

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2. Sapienza University of Rome (1303)

Sapienza University of Rome

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This university has the benefit of having nobel laureates as their faculty members. The university has been renovated thanks to the efforts of Pope Boniface VIII. This was one of the greatest achievements witnessed in the year of 1303. Being rated as a pontifical university, this university is also a center for great professors to come together and embark on a fruitful research career with each other’s help.

3. Complutense University of Madrid (1293)

Complutense University of Madrid

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This university will go down in history as one of the greatest universities to have ever existed. This university of Madrid is one of the greatest and the most beautiful buildings that stands erect in Spain. The place has already witnessed the presence of great poets, writers, philosophers and the theologists.

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4. University of Coimbra (1290)

University of Coimbra

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University of Coimbra has been recognised as one of the most important game changing universities in the world. This masterpiece building is found in Portugal. The university of Coimbra has partnered with Portugal educational ministers to make education a reality for all in Portugal. This place invites international students as well from various parts of the world.

5. University of Macerata (1290)


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Italy, known as the greatest place to be at for all intent and purpose, is known for housing University of Macerata. It is one of the oldest and most premium educational building. The institute is located in the Marche region of the Macerate colony, which is not very difficult to reach. The university is an educational hub which caters to 11000 students who are taught and mentored by 7 faculties.

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6. University of Valladolid (1241)

University of Valladolid

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University of Valladolid was founded in the year of 1241, which dates back to the early phase of the start of the educational movement. Having been founded in the autonomous region of what we now know as Castile and Leon, University of Valladolid is a valuable asset to the region of Spain.

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7. University of Siena (1240)

University of Siena

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University of Siena has added quite a lot of value to Siena. When the university had opened itself to the public, it did not get many pupils. But, as time progressed, the number of students who approached the university to get admission increased by leaps and bounds, which made an immense impact on education sector of the region.

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8. University of Naples Federico II (1224)


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University of Naples Federico II has impacted the education sector to a great extent. This university has been designated as the seventh largest university in the world. In Spain, this university has been ranked as the third largest university. The university is known for its kind and friendly staff and guidance mentors.

9. University of Padua (1222)

University of Padua

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The University of Padua had branched out from the University of Bologna. The reason cited was that the students and the teaching staff along with the professors and the nobel laureates were experiencing plenty of restriction and bondage on the campus. Therefore, they came up with a plan for having a different university where they can experience the true guidance and mentor from the leaders they follow.

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10. University of Cambridge (1209)

University of Cambridge

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There are many stories that are centred around University of Cambridge. One of the most popular stories is that this university had branched out from the University Of Oxford. The reason was cited as growing resentment because the staff, professors and the rest of the people were not happy with the limitations and the policies of the place.

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11. University of Oxford (1096)

University of Oxford

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Here, the English speaking course is the most sought after and imparts necessary skills to the pupils. Earlier, the lessons were taken in the language of Latin, but with advancement and development, the lessons started being given in English as well. University of Oxford
is known for its highly competent staff and guidance mentors.

12. University of Al-Karaouine (859)

University of Al-Karaouine

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Guinness World Records names this college the “most established existing and persistently working instructive organization on the planet.” This place is one of the most prestigious places. It is sought after due to the reason that it is incredible and promising in what it provides: nurture and knowledge both under one roof. University of Al-Karaouine was established by Fatima al-Fihri in 859 in Fes, Morocco, as a mosque which moonlights as a school.

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We really hope this article on the oldest universities in the world helps you shortlist which university you want to go to. The above mentioned institutions stand testimony to the fact that whether the places are new or old, the emotional and cultural ties that they share with their alumnis have only evolved with time. Make sure to take a trip around the world and stop by these universities.

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