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Osaka is the third-largest city in Japan that is home to many immigrants from India. However, this city also welcomes many tourists from India all throughout the year. Osaka in November is the city’s peak time that welcomes millions of tourists from all over the world because of its enticing fall season. The fall foliage that makes its presence known during the months of November and October acts as eye candy for visitors because the yellow and red colored leaves make the city look more picturesque. So, take a look at what more Osaka can offer to its visitors that make it a point to visit the city in the month of November.

Weather In Osaka In November

Weather Of Osaka In November

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The best time to visit Osaka is during the months of May, April, and November. If you are wondering why November has been touted as the ‘tourism month’ in Osaka, it is because this month sees the fall season with leaves changing color to bright red and yellow. Osaka in November is a sight to behold because of the deals and discounts shops offer in the autumn season and the beautification of parks and zoos in the harvest season. The weather in Osaka in November is neither cold nor warm. The maximum temperature that the city sees is only up to 18 degrees Celsius. Osaka’s fall foliage also welcomes numerous festivals that tourists can take part in and have a gala time celebrating various occasions. The weather is considered pleasant with slight rain showers at the end of the month. Locals precisely point out mid-November as the best time to visit the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’.

Places To Visit In Osaka In November

Osaka has beautiful places stationed within close parameters of each other that can be visited and enjoyed by tourists. However, the autumn season in Osaka in November gives way to these top 5 places becoming even more beautiful and pleasant to the eyes of the beholder.

1. Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle

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Osaka Castle is one of the ‘Big 3’ castles of Japan., it is the main highlight of Osaka as it was made by Toyotomi Hideyoshi who was a very famous warlord and an active politician who tried to unify Japan. Later, this castle was destroyed when he was defeated and was rebuilt 13 years later with a park and garden. The park is a beautiful place to witness in Osaka in November. The park and garden are filled with trees holding on to red, yellow and magenta-colored leaves giving a very picturesque view to the castle. A walk along the flowery footpath during the autumn season will let you appreciate the fall foliage in Osaka during the month of November.

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2. Minoo Park


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Minoo Park is a mountainous lush green playing and trekking area in Osaka. The park has an amazing display of Osaka’s fall foliage. The bright red and yellow-colored leaves make the trek to the waterfalls a more beautiful experience. The autumn season brings this place up the tourism chart as it also has activities like waterfall sighting, exploration, and hiking. The park also leads a trail to the splashy river which lets you sit on the shores and wash away your worries by watching the gentle waves flow. You will also find shops outside the park that let you try the dried maple leaves during Osaka in November 2022.

3. Hozenji Temple

Hozenji Temple

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The Hozenji Temple is a spiritual place that is dedicated to Fudomyoo who takes away the evil vibes and grants the wishes of his devotees. This temple is famed especially during the month of November as the statue of the deity is covered with moss. The moss has made its presence due to people worshipping the god by pouring water over its statue. Tourists can visit this place and take part in the praise and worship ceremony in the temple and also admire the surrounding foliage that envelopes the religious site.

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4. Sumiyoshi Taisha

Sumiyoshi Taisha

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Sumiyoshi Taisha is one of the best places to visit in Osaka. It is one of the oldest shrines made in Osaka that is dedicated to Lord Buddha. The lush greenery that the parks surrounding the temple boast off turn bright red and orange during Osaka in November. The shrine also has a bridge that tourists often enjoy going across while getting beautiful pictures clicked of themselves in the midst of Osaka’s foliage.

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5. Midosuji Avenue

Midosuji Avenue

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The four-kilometer stretch of road is known for its green-leaved trees lining at the side of the street. However, during the autumn season, that is, Osaka in November, turns this street into a glittering yellow leaf-filled street. It is fun walking around the yellow blanketed street with shops and utility stores. The street is a for tourists who want to see Osaka’s foliage in full shine and bloom.

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Things To Do In Osaka In November

Osaka in November comes with so many things or activities that visitors can try out. Japan is known for its quirky concepts and the fall season encourages visitors to take part in these Japanese ways of life too. So, check out the top 5 things you can do on your trip to Osaka in November.

1. Local Food: Try Out Osaka Cuisine

Local Food

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The autumn season of Japan brings in a list of events in Osaka in November which brings in stalls and shops that serve local food. Osaka’s local food is famed all over Japan. Tourists can try out dishes like takoyaki, squid pancakes, deep-fried maple leaves, and skewered meat. There are more delectable food dishes that will appeal to your taste buds. However, the dishes mentioned should be started with and definitely not missed out on.

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2. Craft Beer: Try Drinking Osaka’s Special Drink

Craft Beer

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Japan is the seventh biggest beer producer in the world. Craft beer is the most popular drink in Osaka that the Japanese people have mastered and passed down to their newer generation for business purposes. So, take a walk along the streets, visit a pub or bar and order the originally brewed craft beer drinks that can be made stronger and weaker according to your will. Autumn season sees a rise in the production of beer as the pleasant weather and shorter working hours allow locals to spend some time drinking.

3. Shopping: Go Souvenir Hunting


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If you are visiting Osaka, it would be wise to go shopping. Osaka has a lot of things to offer in almost every category of shopping products. The technology is high tech, clothes that clear doubts regarding what to wear in Osaka in November, the ever-changing fruit seasons and unique Japanese massaging tools. All these provide as souvenirs from Japan as most of these things are unique to Osaka’s markets. So, after a long day of sightseeing, wind down by walking down to markets like Shinsaibashi that lets tourists buy numerous things that they can remember Osaka in a fond manner.

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4. Comedy Shows: Laugh Out Loud

Max Amini - Persian American Comedian

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Comedy shows in Japan have become a major crowd puller in bars and pubs. Many clubs have also started including English comedy shows to attract foreigners. So, visit the lively night comedy shows that will make you laugh and tickle your funny bone. These shows are performed by popular comedians that act as an instant humourous aspect while drinking in a pub, bar or club. The pleasant weather in Osaka in November brings out a lot of people out in the streets during the autumn season which should be enough reason for tourists to follow in their footsteps and spend the night drinking while being left in stitches.

5. Festivals: Celebrate With The Locals


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Festivals in Osaka In November make a booming rise for the skies as there are a total of at least 13 celebratory occasions. Tourists can take part in these festivals that usually lead colorful processions down the streets and let the viewers have a time of their life. The kimono outfit is outfit choice during the festival season in November. So, you will see many kids running around in their bright colored kimonos while enjoying the festivals in Osaka’s yellow and red fall foliage.

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Tips For Visiting Osaka In November

Osaka is a beautiful city in Japan and is often called the ‘Land of wonders’ because of the variety of things to do and places to visit. However, Osaka in November is the best time to visit the city and this comes with a few suggestions that might help tourists to go on and about in the city free of hitches and hassles.

  • Osaka city is one of the safest places in the world. So, tourists can go out at night and revel in the autumn season in Osaka in November.
  • Osaka in November does not mean that there will not be any whiff or breeze of chilly wind. Carry a jacket or a sweater in case the weather decides to be colder than usual so that it does not fog up your plans for the day.
  • Even though cup noodles is a famous edible item in Osaka, please do not eat the dish every single day. Ask your restaurant to provide you with a variety of food options.
  • The best way to travel in Japan is by the efficient bus services provided. Do not panic if you do not know how to speak the native language, most foreign dealings are done by the means of a machine that is also used in public utility services like the bus and restaurants.

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The beautiful fall season in Osaka in November is a sight to behold. The autumn season comes with so many places that look even more enchanting with the brightly colored leaves. The sound of the crunching fallen leaves also is a reason that makes the fall season the best time of the year. So, what are you waiting for? Gather your friends and family and plan a trip to Osaka in November to experience the harvest time of the year in full swing.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Osaka In November

Does it snow in Osaka in November?

January in Osaka tends to be clear and cold. It might rain or even snow a few times during the month. The snow doesn’t stick on the ground for more than an hour or so.

What clothes to wear in Osaka in November?

In October, long-sleeved shirts are ideal for sunny afternoons. Bring a sweater or a hooded jacket for cold mornings and evenings. November tends to get much colder. We suggest wearing a jacket or sweater during the day.

What should one pack while visiting Osaka in November?

Here is the list of some must-packs while visiting Osaka in November: 1. Woolen clothes (Caps, Jackets, warmer, pullovers) 2. Sturdy shoes/boots 3. Enough currency 4. Power bank 5. General medication 6. Tour guide

What are the timings and entry fees of Osaka Temple?

Osaka Temple is open from 9am to 5pm. The entrance fee for adults who want to enter the tenshukaku of the Osaka Castle is 600 yen, but the admission for junior high school students and younger is free of charge.

How do I get from Osaka to Minoo Park?

The easiest way to access Minoo Park is to use Hankyu Railway from downtown Osaka. Take the Hankyu Takarazuka Line from Umeda Station to Ishibashi station. From here take the Hankyu Minoh Line to the end of the line at Minoh Station (25 minutes, 270 yen)

Which are the best shopping areas in Osaka?

These are the best places from where you can shop in Osaks: 1. Shinsaibashi-Suji Street 2. Tennoji 3. Den Den Town 4. America Mura 5. Hep Five 6. Namba NanNan Town 7. Crysta Nagahori

Is Osaka a safe city?

Osaka, as the majority of Japanese cities, is very safe and it is among the safest cities in the world. The overall crime risk is very low.

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