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Everyone wants to visit a breezy holiday spot during their holidays. The Philippines is one such destination that will deliver on the “slice of paradise” promise. You can go on a trip through the metropolis of Manila, the capital city and walk on the grand Palawan beaches, and admire the extraordinary volcanic peaks and waterfalls in Mindanao. This is just a hint of what the country has to offer. A holiday in this country can provide a little something for everybody. Manila helps make the ideal opening to this eternally fascinating country. Shiny skyscrapers and a multi-ethnic cultural scene mingle with splendid Spanish mansions that belong to the Colonial-era and the Intramuros city.

Weather In Philippines In June

Weather In Philippines In June_3rd Feb

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In June, the damp season is underway all over the country. Heavy rainfall is expected as well. The southern islands of Cebu, Bohol and Siargao are not entirely dry, but experience less rain compared to the central and northern regions.

The rains start with bringing in some beautiful and striking modifications to the landscape. The Chocolate Hills of Bohol will have shed their characteristic brown tint and have turned into a green shade, while Banaue’s rice terraces become greener than ever. The standard humidity levels and temperature drop a bit lower from the heat of the preceding months, but you can experience 30 Degree Celsius highs around Manila.

Why Should You Visit Philippines In June

Even after the “Fiesta May Month” is over, the celebration still continues in various parts of the Philippines. The Filipinos get by somehow to find reasons to showcase their traditions and culture.

The festivals and fiestas in the country are typically linked with religious traditions to intensify the faith of the people. Numerous other festivals are celebrated as well to pay tribute to history; to pay respect to forebears, to agriculture; boost the local economy; to take a pause and be thankful and happy for the blessings.

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1. Pinyasan Festival

witness the local culture of the city

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This Pineapple Festival is held at Daet, Camarines Norte from June 15-24. It is a festivity devoted to the sweet pineapple [Pinya] farmers that is cultivated only in this region. This celebration of “Pinyasan ” as acknowledged by the Daetenos features sports competition, cultural shows, street-dancing contests, food fair and vibrant floats that highlight Dates agricultural products. One of the things to do in Philippines in June is to be a part of this lively event and witness the local culture.

2. Naliyagan Festival

attend the festival in Philipinnes

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Naliyagan means “the chosen one” and this festival is held for a week in Agusan Del Sur. One of the most amazing things to do in Philippines is attending the festival. This festival corresponds with the founding anniversary of the province on the 17th of June. It is an expression of loyalty of the people in Manobo to Datu Lipus Makapadong, their tribal head. You can expect this festival to feature the culture of Agusan Del Sur with the music and dance, sports and native products of the indigenous people.

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3. Parade ng Lechon

golden-brown and crisp roasted pigs

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The festivals do not get inclusive without Lechon. This festival is held on 24, June in Balayan, Batangas and the tradition is all about the celebration for the golden-brown and crisp roasted pigs. They are decorated and paraded on the town’s streets. The festivity is the feast day of St. John The Baptist as well and so you should anticipate people to toss water on everyone representing the St. John’s baptism of Jesus Christ. Once the celebration and parade is over, you can feast on the Lechon for at no cost.

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4. Piat Sambali Festival

festival is about the cultural shows

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Piat Sambali Festival held in Cagayan is commemorated from June 25-30 every year. This festivity honours the Itawes region of Cagayan’s Christianization. The best part of this festival is the cultural shows, a beauty pageant and street dancing. Sambali means to the indigenous people’s war dance who got converted to Christianity. It is considered to have taken place through the intervention of the Piat Lady whose feast day is honoured on the first 2 days of July. [July 1 and 2

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5. Pintados- Kasadyaan Festival

cultural festival of the city

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Philippines during June is a delight if you’re planning to have a culturally enriching experience. Pintados- Kasadyaan Festival is a religious and cultural festival of Tacloban for Senor Santo Nino de Tacloban, the patron saint of this region. Pintados- Kasadyaan Festival is held on June 29. It began as the Pintados Festival during the 1980’s stimulated by the early tattooed warriors who were known as “Pintados”. Kasadyahan, the Bisayan word meaning happiness was later added in the year 1996.

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6. Travel On Budget

rice terraces in Ifugao

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During your June visit, spend some nights in the capital before you begin to explore the south or north regions of the country to get varied experiences. You can Trek on the celebrated Chocolate Hills of Bohol or make the most of the first-class diving and tranquil powder-soft beaches in the Visayas. You can visit the Philippines during the month of June to get the best hotel deals since fewer tourists visit the country at this point in time.

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5 Places To Visit In Philippines In June

1. Boracay

sunset on the beach

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If you’re wondering where to go in Philippines in June, visit Boracay, this island is deemed to be the Philippines’ beach capital. This small island situated in the west Visayas region is perfect for people who love to visit beaches to relax in the sun or engage in water activities. On the island’s west side is the White beach that has a dynamic and energetic reputation. Cagban Beach is a tranquil spot located nearby caves that are reported to still have treasure chests. If you’re looking for surfing in Philippines in June, this is the place for you.

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2. Bohol

Philippines’ natural beauty

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This island is situated in the central Visayas region and this destination showcases the Philippines’ natural beauty. The Chocolate Hills located in Carmen is a UNESCO-protected site that has over 1200 geological formations that develop into brown colour during the dry season, thereby bearing a resemblance to chocolate candy kisses landscape. The place is home to a sanctuary for the small Tarsier primate, acknowledged for its large attractive eyes.

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3. Cebu

view of the city

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This island is situated in the central Visayas region as well and is regarded as the port to the best snorkelling and diving in the country. Among the best places to visit in Philippines, Cebu is an appropriate choice for excursions that take you up-close to coral reefs, sea turtles and whale sharks. The sea caves near Cebu are one of the most stunning scenery that creates a centre of attention for outdoor enthusiasts and photographers.

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4. Banaue

 green terraces are a farming wonder

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Banaue’s rice terraces are one of the most remarkable things to observe in the country and Banaue is among the most serene places to visit in Philippines in June. The green terraces are a farming wonder and you can see them in their prime condition at sunrise when the fog and clouds depart from the mountain to disclose the terraces’ complex landscape. The Bangaan Rice Terraces and the Batad Rice Terraces are both UNESCO-protected World Heritage Sites.

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5. Vigan

must explore delightful town in the city

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This historical city situated in the northern part of the country is one of the most delightful towns to visit. The culture of this city is a mix of Spanish and Chinese influences that originated from settlers to this area. You can go up to the Bantay Bell Tower to see the best view of the city. You can also walk to the nearby historic district called the Calle Crisologo where you can see numerous local craftsmen and observe historical architecture.

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6. The San Agustin Church

 see the magnificence of the church

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This church, situated in Manila, is an astonishing building which was constructed in the Spanish Colonial era. It is the 3rd building that has been built in this area as the 1st and 2nd churches made of wood were demolished by fire. This building is made of stone now and has endured 7 major earthquakes. Numerous people come here to discover its amazing history and see the magnificence of the church.

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7. Mayon Volcano

volcano view

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Mayon Volcano is an active Volcano located on Luzon Island which is otherwise called Mount Mayon. It was nicknamed “Perfect Cone” owing to the symmetrical cone shape of the volcano. There are regular volcanic eruptions that caused large evacuations of the towns in the neighbourhood as the mud and ash rains down over the people. This volcano and the adjacent areas are a division of a national park that is worth visiting when you visit the Philippines.

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8. Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park

must take a trip to this park

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If you wish to visit a special area then you should consider taking a trip to this park to get a sensation that you have observed incredible things. This area is guarded and comes with a complex cave system. A river flows through these caves for around 8 km before running into the sea. You can opt for a paddleboat ride to see the Puerto Princesa Underground River [one of the 7 wonders of Nature] and find about the formation of rocks and the thousands of bats that reside there.

9. Fort Santiago

a fortress in manila

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Fort Santiago situated in Manilla is a fortress that was erected during the Spanish era as a defence citadel surrounded by the city’s walls. This fort is popular with visitors and possesses a great story as well. Jose Rizal, a national hero of the Philippines was imprisoned here until his capital punishment in 1896. When you explore the fort you can examine the bronze footprints embedded into the ground to define the final steps of the prisoners before execution.

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10. The Tubbataha Reef

see the nature of the location

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If you are into diving, then you should visit the Tubbataha Reef. This dive spot was found out in the 1970s by divers and since then has turned into a famous spot for its astonishing coral reefs. Owing to the remote nature of the location, you need to opt for a liveaboard boat to reach here. Once you start experiencing the underwater sights and marine life, your trip is sure to be worthy of it. You need to visit this place during the middle of June since the dive season is quite short.

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You can see the wide variety of innumerable exquisite beaches and stunning landscapes on your trip to the Philippines. The country is an archipelago of over 7000 islands that can be approximately divided into 3 separate geographic regions. They are connected by frequent internal flights and ferry crossings to make it possible for you to trek through traditional mountain villages and dense jungle on one day, and then take in the beautiful scenery at an exceptional beach resort on the next day.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Philippines in June 

Is it peak season in the Philippines in June?

No. the peak season ends in April. Most of the tourists visit the Philippines from December to April. Therefore it is less crowded in June.

Is it cheap to visit the Philippines in June?

Yes. June is among the least expensive months to visit the Philippines.

Does it rain a lot in the Philippines in June?

The rain varies from year to year. One may see some rain during the later half of June.

What are the best islands to visit in June in the Philippines?

Caramoan and Siargao islands have the best weather among all islands in the Philippines in the month of June.

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