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Pattaya has turned into an extraordinary tourist hub in recent times, attracting thousands of tourists every year looking to have a good time with its many beaches, world class resorts and unique nightlife. However, Pattaya is just a part of the larger puzzle – Thailand has a lot of other places near Pattaya that are great for tourists looking for fun as well as culture. A number of them are in the vicinity of the eastern Thailand town, and if you are staying in Pattaya, they are perfect for short trips.

Top 10 Places Near Pattaya

Read on to know more about these places that you can visit with your loved ones. Make sure these places figure in your Thailand tour itinerary.

1. Bangkok

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The city of Bangkok receives the most tourists in the world and is the Pattaya nearest attraction for adults. The city undoubtedly has quite a lot of things to see – Wat Arun and Wat Phra Kaew are wonders of architecture and one of the most photographed temples in the world. The Chatuchak market, with close to 15000 stalls, is counted amongst the biggest markets in the world. There is also the amazing Bangkok nightlife that visitors enjoy, making Bangkok one of the liveliest places near Pattaya.

Distance from Pattaya: 150 kilometres

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2. Coral Island

sea beach enjoying people Coral Island

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The island is known as Koh Larn in the local vernacular, and as the name suggests, is most well known for its amazing marine life and underwater coral and is one of the best places to visit near Pattaya. Just off the coast from Pattaya, the island is a great one day trip. Although somewhat crowded, the stunning white sand beaches and the blue green waters are something that you should see. Also, there is plenty of adventure sports you can engage in here, parasailing being the most popular. You can also go snorkeling or scuba diving to explore the marine life here.

Distance from Pattaya: 7 kilometres off the coast at Pattaya

3. Koh Samet

Koh Samet beach sand greenery

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The island of Koh Samet has near perfect beaches but it definitely does not stop there. The perfect place to spend relaxing days on the sandy beach, the island specializes in offering the best beach massages that combine the extraordinary beauty of the place with traditional Thai massage techniques. There is also so much adventure sports and activities to do here – if you are bored with snorkeling, try jet skiing here for a change, one of the only places near Pattaya to offer that.

Distance from Pattaya: 74 kilometres

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4. Khao Yai National Park

wild elephants having fun in Khao Yai National Park tours

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A natural paradise, the Khao Yai National Park has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the best places to go near Pattaya. Khao Yai is one of the last monsoon forests anywhere in the world, and is quite renowned for its amazing flora as well as fauna, spectacular waterfalls and the hundreds of species of birds that nest here. The Pa Dio Die cliff is a treat to watch the forest from, and is popular with tourists as a photo point.

Distance from Pattaya: 195 kilometres

5. Koh Si Chang

Majestic Koh Si Chang

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Koh Si Chang is a good break from the hustle and bustle and is one of the quieter places to visit near Pattaya, Thailand. The beaches here are just the right place to sunbathe and relax in the amazingly serene atmosphere. At the Haad Tham Phang beach, you can find some really great seafood paired with really good wine. The sunset beach offers a romantic setting for a quiet chapter of your Thai vacation. You can also hire a bike here on the island to explore the pagodas and temples that populate the insides of the place.

Distance from Pattaya: 26 kilometres

6. Koh Talu

Amazing koh talu beach

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If you are looking for nice places near Pattaya, this island offers the most secluded spots to go snorkelling. The corals and fish such as parrot fish and wrasse offer the most exquisite views to even shallow divers, while the beaches here resemble more paradise than Earth. Parts of some beaches here are used by sea turtles to lay eggs, and you can witness this great feat of nature during some seasons. The various mountain trails are great for hiking, and kayaking is also a good option if you are up for it.

Distance from Pattaya: 251 kilometres

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7. Koh Khram

majestic Koh Khram beach

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The island is occupied by the Royal Marines of Thailand and nobody lives here, which is what makes the island one of the best places near Pattaya, Thailand. Accessible by speedboat from Pattaya, Koh Khram has the most amazing contrast of virgin white beaches and green blue seas lapping on the coast. The corals and marine life near the island are the best, so snorkeling here offers a peek into the underwater empire. However, the place is best for a relaxing day in the sun spent sunbathing and swimming in the ocean.

Distance from Pattaya: 28 kilometres

8. Koh Phai

Koh Phai with white sand blue water

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A prominent part of Pattaya tourism, this island is not that crowded, and if you are craving some peace and quiet, this is the best place to come. The island is sometimes called the Bamboo Island for the bamboo plants that make up almost all of the island’s vegetation. The island does not have the mass of people that has become almost too common on Thai beaches. The various shipwrecks around the island also make for some really unique diving spots and that makes it one of the best places to visit near Pattaya for bachelors.

Distance from Pattaya: 23 kilometres

9. Koh Chang

haveing fun on sea shore of Koh Chang

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The island of Koh Chang is densely forested, and is quite the treat if you love the outdoors and are looking to hike. The various trails through the spectacular volcanic island reveal at unexpected turns magical waterfalls and hundreds of kinds of birds that you might not find elsewhere making the place quite romantic and one of the better places to visit near Pattaya for couples. The island is part of the Mu Ko Chang national park, and you can also go scuba diving here for the most amazing experiences. You can also find places to live easy on this island.

Distance from Pattaya: 276 kilometres

10. Koh Kood

majestic Koh Kood beach

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Often the last place tourists to Thailand visit before they leave and amongst the unexplored places near Pattaya, Koh Kood is a relatively large island with rustic villages separated by rice paddies, quiet and serene forests as well as crystal white beaches, with the occasional waterfall surprising you on trails. The best way to explore the island is to hire the charming scooters that you can get here and ride around between the hotels and the beaches.

Distance from Pattaya: 230 kilometres

These places near Pattaya are great places in themselves, but are especially great for one day trips if you are staying in Pattaya for the majority of your trip to Thailand. Using roads, ferries and motorboats, you can get to these places quite easily. So, when are you leaving?

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