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    natural beauty soothing the eyes

    The vibrant city of Indore has so much to offer, be it royal palaces or a tryst with divinity, bustling bazaars or special street food markets, that it’s a favourite among tourists from across the country. Yet there are so many more places to visit near Indore if you are game to explore destinations outside the city.

    Some stunning natural spots, spiritually powerful places of worship and historical towns are few options that you can choose from for a rewarding day trip or a weekend getaway from the city.

    5 Stunning Places Near Indore No Traveler Should Miss

    Have a look at these 5 amazing places near Indore that are perfect for a quick escapade!

    1. Walk down the annals of history at Mandu

    awe inspiring architecture

    Distance from Indore: 63 Km

    Driving to the fort city of Mandu and entering the gates is like travelling back in time to that glorious period in history which resulted in the awe-inspiring architecture of this amazing heritage town. One of the most popular places to visit near Indore, Mandu is a story in stone that will leave you spellbound. Standing tall between two lakes, the iconic Jahaz Mahal offers panoramic view of the entire area. Other key attractions include the unique Hindola Mahal, Rani Roopmati pavilion, Baaz Bahadur palace and the marble tomb of Hoshang Shah (said to be the inspiration behind Taj Mahal).

    Travel tips:

    • Wear comfortable footwear as you need to walk quite a bit in Mandu from one attraction to another.
    • To fully understand and immerse in the history of Mandu it is recommended to tour the fort with a knowledgeable guide.

    Ideal for: History, Architecture, Nature, Photography

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    2. Stroll along the tranquil ghats at mesmerising Maheshwar

    known for its spiritual vibes

    Distance from Indore: 67 Km

    This fascinating town by the river Narmada is one of those tourist places near Indore which is popular for both its architectural splendour and its spiritual vibes. The capital city of legendary queen Ahilyabai Holkar, Maheshwar is home to her fort and palace and more temples than you could count. The serene ghats by the Narmada River along with the intricately carved spectacular facade are a sight to behold. The town also famed for producing the fine and exquisite Maheswari sarees and fabric crafted with care at the looms spread across Maheshwar. The quiet boating trip along the Narmada River watching the tranquil ghats and magnificent fort pass you by is an experience to remember.

    Ideal for: History, Architecture, Spirituality, Shopping

    3. A spiritual odyssey to Omkareshwar

    natural beauty soothing the eyes

    Distance from Indore: 60 Km

    Perched serenely on the banks of the holy Narmada River (also called Ma Rewa by the locals), is the divine Omkareshwar temple. Thronged by pilgrims from all over the country all the year round, Omkareshwar is one of the 12 revered jyotirlingas in the country. During the months of July and August, the auspicious ‘saavan’ months, this spiritual abode of Lord Shiva is visited by thousands of devotees. Surrounded by hills and lush fields, Omkareshwar’s natural beauty is as soothing to the eyes as are its spiritual vibes for the soul. After the ‘darshan’ do take the boat ride along the Narmada to experience the mystical charm of this holy town.

    Ideal for: Spirituality, Nature

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    4. Take a holy dip at Ujjain, the city of temples

    City of temples Ujjain

    Distance from Indore: 52 Km

    Home to the powerful and revered Mahakaleshwar temple, Ujjain is steeped in spirituality and undoubtedly one of the top choices for places to visit near Indore. Being one of the 12 jyotirlingas and counted amongst the 7 holiest sites of Hinduism, the town draws thousands of devotees every month. Ujjain also holds the world’s largest religious gathering, the Kumbh Mela, every 12 years wherein a 100-million pilgrims throng the ghats for a holy dip in the Shipra river. Other important shrines include the Kal Bhairav temple, Mangalnath temple and Harsiddhi temple.

    Ideal for: Spirituality, Culture

    5. Get rejuvenated in the lap of nature at Janapav hill

    nature lovers and trekking enthusiasts

    Image Source

    Distance from Indore: 45 Km

    Surrounded by mountains and covered with dense forests, Janapav hill is an underexplored gem & an amazing getaway for nature lovers and trekking enthusiasts. A scenic drive up the hill, Janapav must be visited during the monsoon season to witness the lush environs in their full glory. It has the distinction of being the birthplace of Parshuram and has a temple dedicated to the sixth avatar of Lord Vishnu. A pond at the top of the hill is considered to be the source of the mighty Chambal river. Janapav is a great picnic spot near Indore where you can spend relaxed moments while soaking in the picturesque views from up above. MP tourism has also set up a tourist rest house to promote and facilitate tourism to this wonderful site.

    Ideal for: Nature, Adventure, Photography

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    If you are looking for some scenic places to visit near Indore within 50 Km, the gorgeous Tincha Fall is definitely worth a visit during the monsoon season. You will be rewarded with misty mountain ranges and some breathtaking views.



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