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    Beautiful Places To Visit In Gelephu

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    Gelephu is a charming, small town located in Sarpang district in Bhutan, close to the Indian border. Gelephu is a transit town. It is an entry and exit point. The place is filled with so much potential that everybody kind of misses nowadays. You can safely believe that this small town is going to amaze you and you will, for sure, regret not packing your bags and setting out to Gelephu earlier. The town will consume you with its natural beauty and surroundings. Gelephu is a cultural and spiritual heaven. There are so many places to visit in Gelephu that will make you not wanna leave the place once you set foot here.

    10 Best places to visit in Gelephu

    Since the town is rich in its tradition and rituals and is immersed in its spiritual sense, there are a lot of temples and sacred places. The places to visit in Gelephu offer you calmness and tranquility that might be missing from your life:

    • Gelephu Tshachu
    • Royal Manas National Park
    • Nyimalung Tratsang
    • Toorsa Reserve
    • Phibsoo Wildlife Sanctuary
    • Thursday Market
    • Threma Lhakhang
    • Tsirang Dzong
    • Sunday Market
    • Bhutan Centennial Distillery

    1. Gelephu Tshachu

    Gelephu Tshachu

    This has to be the sight that you just shouldn’t miss. The Tshachu hot spring is here. The hot spring is surrounded entirely by hills and other beautiful natural elements. There is also a Buddhist monastery here that the locals believe to quite sacred. There is a belief in Gelephu that if you bathe in the waters of the hot spring, certain kinds of diseases will be cured. Certainly, you wouldn’t wanna miss that.

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    2. Royal Manas National Park

    Royal Manas National Park

    Image Source

    This national park is considered to be one of the most outstanding natural reserves. It is connected to the Manas Tiger Reserve in Assam. The national park is quite big and is home to a lot of animals and rare species of plants. Certain animals that are not present anywhere else can be seen here. If you love a bit of trekking and has a love for the animal kingdom, this is an ideal spot.

    3. Nyimalung Tratsang

    Buddha Bhutan Buddha Dordenma Statue

    Image Source

    This place is really close to the town Gelephu. It is hardly one kilometer away. This is considered to be one of the most famous spots in Gelephu. Nyimalung Tratsang is a place for worship and functions as a winter residence for the monks. There is a statue of Buddha with a giant prayer wheel. This sacred place is situated amidst greenery.

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    4. Toorsa Reserve

    Toorsa Reserve View

    Image Source

    The destination is far away from Gelephu but still belongs inside the town. The reserve share boundaries with Tibet and Sikkim. The place has luscious meadows and large acres of forest and is covered entirely in green. This area is considered to be the only area in Bhutan that is not inhabited by any civilization.

    5. Phibsoo Wildlife Sanctuary

    Phibsoo Wildlife Sanctuary in Gelephu

    Image Source

    Well, we just went through one of the largest national parks in Gelephu, Bhutan. Here, we also have one of the smallest wildlife sanctuaries. You get a chance to see many deers in Phibsoo Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary is connected to the Royal Manas National Park and you can use the special corridors during your trip here.

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    6. Thursday Market

    Thursday Market

    Image Source

    If you plan to visit Gelephu on a Thursday, you can check out the Thursday Market at Dathgari. A large number of farmers from the surrounding districts sell their products here. You can get vegetables and other essentials at a much cheaper price. Make sure to stop by here on your backpacking trip.

    Location: Dathgari

    7. Threma Lhakhang

    Threma Lhakhang in Gelephu

    Image Source

    This is a temple that was completed in 2002. You can see a grand statue of Threma Lathog here. Bhutan is a spiritual haven and the temples here are guaranteed to bring calmness in you, much like this one. Make sure to dress modestly and respect the culture and heritage of Bhutan when you step inside this place.

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    8. Tsirang Dzong

    Tsirang Dzong

    Image Source

    It is a long journey from the town of Gelephu, but the destination is worth the trouble taken. Since Tsirang is very fertile and productive, it is called “the vegetable bowl of Bhutan”. There are a lot of fruits that are fresh and perfect waiting for you here. If you’re a foodie, make sure to stop by here.

    9. Sunday Market

    Vegetables View

    Image Source

    Much like the Thursday Market that was previously mentioned, the Sunday Market is open only on Sundays. The fruits and vegetables that arrive from Tsirang are put up for sales here, thus ensuring the quality produces. If you’re looking to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, stop by here. You can also ask your friends to accompany you.

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    10. Bhutan Centennial Distillery

    Bhutan Centennial Distillery view

    Image Source

    This is the first organized liquor industry in Bhutan. Certainly, a reason to check it out, eh? This distillery was formed as part of the Army Welfare Project in 1976. This is a perfect place for the visitors to watch how liquor is made in Bhutan. The liquor that is produced here is exported internationally.

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    The list doesn’t end there. There are still a lot of things that are not mentioned here. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and book your tickets to Bhutan and spend some quality time in this spiritual haven. We are sure that once you’re here, you will make it a point to return. That is a guarantee.

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