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India is a country where you will find all the colours of life. If we talk specifically about South India, then the best thing about it the ambiance that the entire region has. When you enter the area, you will feel that you have landed up on a completely different planet. Apart from that, there is a blessing of nature too on the entire region. Tamil Nadu state comprises of a lot of beautiful cities. Among those beautiful cities, one city is known as Salem.

Salem is undoubtedly one of the best places not just in Tamil Nadu or South India, but in the entire country. One more thing that we need to keep in mind about Salem is that it is a beautiful city, but along with that, it is a neighbor of other such cities. This is one thing that most people don’t know about. So, in the section below, we will be talking about the places to visit near Salem.

Top 26 Places To Visit Near Salem

Are you planning a visit to Salem and looking for nearby places to explore? There is no dearth of beautiful places to visit near Salem that has something to offer for every traveler. Learn about the cultural heritage of different places and explore the nature at its best. Here is a list of all the best locations that you should definitely visit at least once when traveling to Tamil Nadu. 

  • Hosur – An Industrial Town
  • Thirunageswaram – A Holy Town
  • Theni – Soak In The Rare Vibe
  • Kotagiri – Third Largest Hill Station In Nilgiri Hills
  • Ooty – The Queen Of Hills
  • Coonoor – Popular For Tea Estates
  • Darasuram – UNESCO World Heritage Monument
  • Kanjanoor – A Pilgrimage Site
  • Kodaikanal – Princess Of Hill Stations
  • Bangalore – Enjoy The Vibrant Nightlife
  • Mudumalai – Best Wildlife Sanctuaries In Southern India
  • Pondicherry – The French Part Of India
  • Vellore – Fort City Of Tamil Nadu
  • Valparai – The Land of Evergreen Forests
  • Tirupur – The Textile City
  • Madurai – The Holy City
  • Thiruvenkadu – Religious Escape
  • Kolli Hills – For Nature Lovers
  • Dindigul – Peaceful Ambiance
  • Dharmapuri – Staycation Break
  • Pollachi – Popular Shooting Site
  • Karur – Serene Town
  • Karaikudi – Beautiful Limestone Houses
  • Palani – Oldest Mountain Range
  • Talakadu – Historical Sites
  • Alangudi – Lord Brihaspati Temple

1. Hosur – An Industrial Town

River in Salem

Image Source

Hosur is one of the industrial towns near Salem, but there are a lot of other reasons for which one should visit this place. It is located in the Krishnagiri district, which is 40km away from Bangalore. Apart from its industrial setup, this place has got a blessing from nature. It is one of the finest places in India with the best kind of weather and environment. You can see greenery all around. Due to these beautiful surroundings across, it is often referred to as Mini England. Hosur is a Kannada word and it means new settlement. You will be surprised to know that along with its automobile industry and the beautiful surroundings, it has some historical value too. It was the border town between the British empire and Tipu sultan’s then Mysore.

So, it is a place that offers something or other to everyone. If you are a nature lover, then also you can come here and if you have an interest in history then also this place has a lot of things for you. Apart from these things, this place forms a great picnic spot, with attractions like Kelavarapalli Dam. If you want to visit a place out of spirituality, then you can go for Chandra Choodeswarar temple.

Distance from Salem: 163.8 km
Places To Stay: Sun Residency, ASR Parklane, Sri Krishna Palace, GS Complx, Dhanunjayas Luxury Hotel

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2. Thirunageswaram – A Holy Town

Beautiful Temple in Salem

Image Source

Thanjavur is a district of Tamil Nadu, which is very popular for its temples. You must be aware of the fact that there are 9 planets and we call them Nav Grah according to the Hindu Mythology. Well, one of those Nav Grah is Rahu and this place is the home of a Rahu Temple. This is the most important reason for which people know about this place. The entire town is dedicated to Rahu Bhagwan, as the locals say. Apart from that, this town is known for its fertile land and the way the cultivation is done here.

This place might not be counted as one of the holy towns of India on a larger scale, but once you visit it, you will feel that few of the instances that are discussed in Hindu holy books could be seen here as a proof. As we already mentioned that Hindus believe in the Navagrahas. So, this place has a separate temple for all those Navagrahas. There are 8 griha sthala in the town. You can also see this place from a historical or cultural point of view.

Distance from Salem: 207.1 km
Places To Stay: K.s.lodge, Hotel GPR Tower, Darshan Homes, Sivas Residency, Sk Grand

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3. Theni – Soak In The Rare Vibe

Scenic View in Salem

Image Source

This place has a different and rare vibe in it. First of all, Theni is a town that was set up very recently and the most unique and rare thing about it is that the air here smells of spices. The entire region is known for its handicraft and handlooms. It is situated in the Western Ghats and with that, you can imagine the beauty that it would have. The facts that we are mentioning here, might not convince you to do so, but please shop a lot when you are in Theni. You can get soft towels, refreshing coffee beans, aromatic cardamoms, green tea, chilies and what not. Theni has a lot of tourist attractions and some of them are The Vaigai Dam, Sothuparai Dam and Shanmuganathi Dam are some lovely picnic spots.

Some of the beautiful waterfalls of this region are Suruli Falls, Kumbakkarai Falls, and Chinna Suruli Falls. Not just that, but Theni is also popular for being the home of some of the very popular religious places. Some of them are Kuchanur, Mavoothu, Theertha Thotti, Gowmariamman Temple, Devadanapatti Kamakshi Amman Temple, and Balasubramanya Temple. Apart from that, you can’t skip places like Hills, Bodi Mettu and the Paravasa Ulagam Water Theme Park.

Distance from Salem: 245. 9 km
Places To Stay: Hotel Sapphire, Sri Tirumalai Mahal Rooms, Hotel Ramyas, Hotel Western Gatz, Green Royale By Sparsa
Best Time To Visit:
November to February

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4. Kotagiri – Third Largest Hill Station In Nilgiri Hills

Kotagiri Place in Salem

Image Source

If you love hills and hill stations, we are sure that you must have heard about Kotagiri. This is one of the major hill stations in the state of Tamil Nadu. The importance of this place could be understood by the fact that it was categorised with the very popular hill stations like Coonoor and Ooty. It is, however, smaller than both of them, but no less in the sense of beauty and other things. It is situated at the elevation point of 1793 Meyers above the sea level. Due to this height, the place is also considered as one of the best places for hiking or treks.

So, if you are interested in trekking, then there are few of the trails that you must try. These are St. Catherine Falls trail, the Kotagiri–Kodanad trail and the Kotagiri–Longwood Shola trail. Apart from that, there are some small trails that could be taken if you don’t want your trip to be that adventurous. Along with that, there are some sightseeing options too available here, and these are Rangaswamy Peak and Pillar, Kodanad View Point, Catherine Falls, Elk Falls, John Sullivan and many more.

Distance from Salem: 196.2 km
Places To Stay: Hanging Huts Resorts, The Grape Escape, Green Nest resort, Oak n Tea’s villa, IVC Villa
Best Time To Visit:
Ideal Duration:
1 Day

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5. Ooty – The Queen Of Hills

Ooty Hill station in Salem

Image Source

This is a place known as the queen of hills and we don’t know anyone till now, who doesn’t know about this place. The city is located on the hills of Nilgiri and is known for its picturesque locations. The official name for this city is Ootacamund, but just for the convenience of the people, this was abbreviated as Ooty. People say that the hills on which this entire city is located are majorly responsible for its beauty. These hills are also called blue mountains. The name blue mountains is a derivation from a flower that blooms once every 12 years on this mountain. Its name is Kurinji and the colour of it is blue.

Whenever that flower blooms, the entire mountains look like a blue painting and that is why this name. Even before the Britishers came to our country, this entire town was conquered by the people of Todas tribes. You can get to know about the complete history of it, once you visit the place. Some of the very beautiful spots of the town are Botanical Garden, Doddabetta Peak, Ooty Lake, Kalhatti Falls and the Flower show, Avalanche, Glenmorgan, Mukurthi National Park, etc. These are the reasons that Ooty is so popular worldwide.

Distance from Salem: 217 km
Places To Stay: Ms Residency, Sri Krishna residency, MAS Cottage, Ooty White House, Hotel BlueBerry
Things To Do:
Explore Botanical Gardens, Dolphin’s Nose, Doddabetta Peak
Best Time To Visit:
October – June
Ideal Duration: 
2-3 Days

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6. Coonoor – Popular For Tea Estates

Must Visit pLace in Salem

Image Source

When we are talking about the places that are near Salem and should be there on the list of must-visit places, then Coonoor needs to get a mention. It is one of the most popular hill stations of India and the beauty of it is valued internationally also. People say that this is a valley that never sleeps. Coonoor is an ideal place for those who love simplicity in their life and style too. You need to pretend here, just be who you are. The place will help you in recalling your childhood when everything was so simple yet enjoyable. It is said that this place leaves an everlasting impact on your mind. The beauty of the small town attracts lakhs of tourists towards itself every month, but then also the sanity and calmness are maintained.

There are a lot of things that you can do in Coonoor, but that one thing that you could not miss to do is rail travel amidst the Nilgiri hills. This train starts from Mettupalayam stations, stops at Coonoor station and ends its journey at Ooty station. Apart from that, Sim’s Park, Dolphin’s Nose, Droog Fort, Lamb’s Rock, Hidden Valley, Katary Falls, St George’s Church are some of the tourist spots that you could not afford to miss when visiting Coonoor.

Distance from Salem: 200 km
Places To Stay: Glenwood holiday home, Night walk, Kurumba Village Resort , Tea Nest, Sunvalley Homestay
Things To Do:
Trekking, Law’s Falls, Catherine Falls
Best Time To Visit:
Ideal Duration: 
2 days

7. Darasuram – UNESCO World Heritage Monument

Image Source

Recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Monument, Darasuram is one of the famous places to see near Salem. The temple town is well-known for its Airavateswara temple. Constructed during the Chola period, this temple is an excellent work of Tamil temple architecture. Pilgrims are attracted from far and wide to this pilgrimage city. Some of the other famous attractions here include Pazhayarai, Papanasam and Patteeswaram.

Distance from Salem: 201 km
Places To Stay: Divine Inn-g Hotel, Paradise Resort, INDeco Swamimalai, Thirumalai Home Stay

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8. Kanjanoor – A Pilgrimage Site

Image Source

Kanjanoor is a prominent village famous for its Agniswarar Swami Temple. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva and planet Venus (Shukra). The temple is prominently known as one of the 9 Navagraha temples of Cauvery delta.  Famous for pilgrimage, some of the temples located nearby Kanjanoor are the rest 8 Navagraha Sthalas. 

Distance from Salem: 216 km

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9. Kodaikanal – Princess Of Hill Stations

enjoy the pleasant weather in kodaikanal

Kodaikanal is one of the best tourist places near Salem. The beautiful hill stations is famous because of its picturesque beauty, gorgeous waterfall, enchanting trees and rocks. Frequently visited by honeymooners, the famous places to visit in Kodaikanal are Bear Shola Falls, the Silver Cascade, the Dolphin’e Nose, and the Pillar Rocks. The weather is pleasant throughout the year, however the best time to visit is from April to June and September to October. 

Distance from Salem: 260 km
Places To Stay: JC Woodville Manor, SkyHighVilla, Spring Valley Residency, Hotel Jc Grand, Wood green cottage
Things To Do:
Night Safari, Kodaikanal Lake, Bear Shola Falls
Best Time To Visit:
October – June
Ideal Duration: 
1-2 Days

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10. Bangalore – Enjoy The Vibrant Nightlife

Places To Visit In Bangalore In June

Bangalore is a haven for tourists due to the many tourist attractions one can visit here. The ,major ones are Lal Bagh, Cubbon Park, the Vidhana Soudha, Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium,  Bangalore Aquarium, and Bannerghatta National Park. From street food to beautiful cafes, you can try different cuisines in the city., shop your heart out at popular malls like The Forum, Central and Mantri Mall and enjoy Bangalore’s vibrant nightlife by visiting the to clubs in the city. Without a doubt, it is one of the best tourist places around Salem

Distance from Salem: 202 km
Places To Stay: Heritage Large Rooms, FabExpress Palm Emirates , Vista Lago Koramangla HSR, Locul.Uptown
Things To Do:
Visit Bangalore Palace, Wonder La, Cubbon Park
Best Time To Visit:
Throughout the year
Ideal Duration:
2-3 days

11. Mudumalai – Best Wildlife Sanctuaries In Southern India

Wildlife Sanctuary in Ooty

Mudumalai has one of the best wildlife sanctuaries in the Southern India. It is known all across the country as well as on international level for its effort to preserve country’s considerable animal and plant life. It houses rich flora and fauna and offers jungle safaris. The safaris are definitely worth an experience. Some of the other excellent attractions in Mudumalai are the Kallatty Falls, the Theppakadu Elephant Camp, the Pykara Lake, and the Moyar River. It is truly one of the best places to visit near Salem

Distance from Salem: 266 km
Places To Stay: Tiger Tracks Holiday Resort, Mammoth’s Cliff Jungle Resort Masinagudi, Cottages Amidst Mudumalai Forest,Velu’s Resort

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12. Pondicherry – The French Part Of India


Officially known as Puducherry, Pondicherry is one of the best places to see near Salem. It offers many different sightseeing experience right from the scenic beaches – Promenade Beach, Serenity Beach, Paradise Beach, and Auroville Beach to the best ashram called the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. Other popular sightseeing choices among travelers are Auroville city, Pondicherry Museum, the Botanical Garden and other important places of worship likeSri Manakula Vinayagar Temple and Varadaraja Perumal Temple. 

With its unique culture, excellent food cuisines and tons of sightseeing options Pondicherry is a traveler’s delight. For the best experience, visit this place between November to February. 

Distance from Salem: 215 km
Places To Stay: Belle Pondy Cheval, Le Mission Stay, Royal Grand Residency, Subarna resort, Hotel White
Things To Do:
Promenade Beach, Paradise Beach Island,Mahe Beach
Best Time To Visit:
Ideal Duration: 
2-3 days

13. Vellore – Fort City Of Tamil Nadu

temple in vellore

Vellore is one of the other popular tourist places around Salem. With famous tourist attractions to offer, the city is popular for its Vellore Fort. The other well-known places to visit include the Clock Tower, the French Bungalow, the State Government Museum,  and the Pearl Palace. 

Vellore has a good connectivity via rail and buses to major towns and cities of India. The best time to visit this fort city is from October to March. 

Distance from Salem: 231 km
Places To Stay: PKM Guest House, Arihanth Inn, Vellore Rooms, Prince Residency
Things To Do:
Visit Vellore Fort, Jalakandeswarar Temple, Vainu Bappu Observatory

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14. Valparai – The Land of Evergreen Forests

beautiful hill stations

Valparai is one of the best tourist places near Salem for a perfect vacation. This beautiful hill station is the place where tea and coffee plantation exists. You can also witness whispering streams and wild waterfalls here. Some of the popular sightseeing options include Balaji Temple, Ganapati Temple, Grass Hills and Annai Velankanni Church. 

Distance from Salem: 253 km
Places To Stay: Green Inn, ATS Homestay, Mani’s Homestay, Malakkappara Dam Resort
Best Time To Visit: 
December – January
Ideal Duration: 
2-3 Days

15. Tirupur – The Textile City

Fabric textiles in Kayseri

Tirupur is one of the best tourist places near Salem. Primarily known for its textile centre, the textiles produced here are sold throughout the country. The city also boasts of famous ancient temples such as Arulmigu Avinashi Lingeswarar Thirukoil at Avinashi, Sukreeswarar Temple and Tirupur Tirupathi temple.

Distance from Salem: 124 km
Places To Stay: The Mayberry, Hotel Vijayalakshmi, Poppys Tower Tiruppur, Hotel Paradise Inn, The Richman Hotel

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16. Madurai – The Holy City

best place to visit

The temple city, Madurai is called by many names such as the City of Four Junctions, City of Festivals, Lotus City, Athens of the East, and Sleepless City. Some of the famous tourist places in Madurai include Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple, the Gandhi Museum, Vaigai Dam and Athisayam Theme Park. If you are visiting in the months of January and February, do attend the famous Thepporchavam Festival. 

Distance from Salem: 233 km
Places To Stay: MR Residency, DayONE Honeymoon suite, Shalom Home Stay, Hotel Temple City
Things To Do: 
Meenakshi Temple, Jain Caves, Chithirai Festival
Best Time To Visit: 
Ideal Duration: 
1-2 days

17. Thiruvenkadu – Religious Escape

Image Credit: Sriram MT for Wikimedia

Thiruvenkadu is located in Nagapattinam district in the southeast of Sirkali at Poompuhar Road. The name of the place is derived from Airavata, the white elephant of Lord Indra as he meditated for years at Thiruvenkadu. The place is known to be one amongst the nine Navagraha temples in South India, belonging to Mercury planet, that is the Budha Graha. It is also believed that Lord Shiva performed six different styles of Tandavas here. 

Distance from Salem: 217.8 km
Places To Stay: The Grand White Hotel, MKV Lodge 
Things To Do: Visit popular temples, relax by the beach
Best Time To Visit: January to May
Ideal Duration: 1-2 days

18. Kolli Hills – For Nature Lovers

Image Credit: P Jeganathan for Wikimedia

Kolli Hills is another beautiful place to visit near Salem that is known for its exquisite beauty. Located in Namakkal district in the Eastern Ghats, this impeccable place is truly delightful for nature lovers. It is also regarded as a pilgrim destination as it is home to a prominent Shiva Temple, called Arapaleeswara. The place got its name from Goddess Ettukai Amman who was locally known as KolliPaavai and there are numerous mythological tales related to this lively place. This is amongst the most popular tourist places around Salem.

Distance from Salem: 56.4 km
Places To Stay: RVR Rejoice Villa Resort
Things To Do:
Visit temples, take a trek, go for nature walks
Best Time To Visit:
February to December
Ideal Duration: 
2 to 3 days

19. Dindigul – Peaceful Ambiance

Image Credit: Srini GS for Wikimedia

Dindigul is located in the state of Tamil Nadu and it comprises of bare hills overlooking the city. The Palani Hills and the Sirumalai Hills is the fertile area in this region and is known to be a refreshing getaway. The area os surrounded by numerous districts and cities with Kari being in its north, Madurai in south, and Tiruppur in West, making it a perfect escape for holidayers. 

Distance from Salem: 171 km
Places To Stay: Vivera Grand, Hotel AKMG
Things To Do:
Visit temples, take a trek, go for nature walks
Best Time To Visit:
October to March
Ideal Duration:
2-3 days

20. Dharmapuri – Staycation Break

Image Credit: GovindaRaj for Wikimedia

Dharampuri is another refreshing getaway from Salem that is known for its picturesque sites and its proximity from Bangalore and Chennai makes it a preferred destination by those interested in an amazing staycation break! The place was played significant role during ancient and medieval times and was governed by powerful rulers of Cholas, Rashtrakutas, and Pandyas. 

Distance from Salem: 68 km
Places To Stay: Hotel PKP Grand, Hotel Sriram
Things To Do:
Visit temples, take a sightseeing tour
Best Time To Visit:
October to February
Ideal Duration: 
1-2 days

21. Pollachi – Popular Shooting Site 

Image Credit: Vidya CKN for Wikimedia

Pollachi is a serene place located in Coimbatore district and as it is near the Western Ghats the place experiences pleasant weather throughout the year. It has remained a popular shooting location for Tollywood and Bollywood movies with over 1500 movies being shot here. 

Distance from Salem: 202 km
Places To Stay: Hotel Vijay, SP Residency
Things To Do:
Visit religious sites, admire nature
Best Time To Visit:
December to February
Ideal Duration:
2-3 days

22. Karur – Serene Town

Image Credit: Durai Velumani for Wikimedia

Karur is a serene town that is located on the banks of River Amaravati and is amongst the most loved tourist places near Salem. River Kaveri, Noyyal, Amaravati, Kudanagar, and Nalkasi flows through these serene district and being home to popular cottage industries, Karur gives you an enthralling shopping experience. 

Distance from Salem: 97 km
Places To Stay: The Residency Karur, Hotel Valluvar
Things To Do:
Visit temples, take a sightseeing tour
Best Time To Visit:
October to March
Ideal Duration:
 1 – 2 days

23. Karaikudi – Beautiful Limestone Houses

Image Credit: Joelsuganth for Wikimedia

Karaikudi is a beautiful escape nestled on Trichy-Rameshwar highway in Sivaganga district. The houses here are built using limestone which is called ‘Karai Veedu’ by locals. It is believed that the name of this lively municipal town is derived from Karai plant that is available in abundance here. This is one of the best places to visit near Salem.

Distance from Salem: 229 km
Places To Stay: The Saratha Villas, Chola Heritage
Things To Do:
Visit temples
Best Time To
Visit:December – January
Ideal Duration: 
December to February 

24. Palani – Oldest Mountain Range

Palani Hills

Palani is located in Dindigul district and this beautiful hill station is home to the oldest mountain range in India. These mountain range date back to the pre-Cambrian period and this peaceful place in the Western Ghats experiences awesome weather throughout the year. Making a refreshing weekend getaway from Salem. 

Distance from Salem: 193 km
Places To Stay: Hotel Amirtham Inn, Ganpat Grand
Things To Do:
Visit temples, take a trek
Best Time To Visit:
November to March
Ideal Duration:
1 – 2 days

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25. Talakadu – Historical Sites


If you have love for historical places and are interested in exploring the remains of the past era then Talakadu is surely a perfect place to visit from Salem for you! There are over 30 temples that dates back to the 16th century and there are numerous tales related to this place. It is believed that the temple was buried under the sand due to the curse of Alamelu who was the queen of the region. 

Distance from Salem: 195 km
Places To Stay: Raya Resort, Jaladhama
Things To Do:
Visit temples
Best Time To Visit:
November to March
Ideal Duration:
2 – 3 days

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26. Alangudi – Lord Brihaspati Temple

Alangudi is a mesmerising village located in Thiruvarur district and is quite popular amongst visitors for being one of the 9 Navagraha stalls in Tamil Nadu. The main temple here, that is, Sri Abathasahayeswara Temple is dedicated to the Lord Brihaspati or Jupiter. It is one of the most popular religious places near Salem that welcomes visitors throughout the year. 

Distance from Salem: 219 km
Places To Stay: The Saratha Vilas, Hotel Saradha Grande
Things To Do:
Take a sightseeing tour
Best Time To Visit:
November and March 
Ideal Duration:
1 day

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So, these were all the beautiful places to visit near Salem. These places are so beautiful that we are sure that you must have heard about them.This list will guide you plan your vacation to Tamil Nadu in the best possible way. We have also mentioned the distance so that you can see whether you will be able to make up for it or not.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Places to Visit near Salem

Which are the best hill stations near Salem?

Salem shares its boundaries with some of the most beautiful hill stations of the country. Two of the most popular ones are Ooty and Coonoor and we don’t think anyone needs to know about them. Apart from them, Kotagiri is one of the hill stations that you could not afford to miss visiting, as it is a competition of above mentioned ones.

Can we visit Ooty and Coonoor during our trip to Salem?

Yes, you can visit both these places without any doubt. These places are just 200 km away from Salem. Ooty and Coonoor are located at a distance of 40km from each other. It takes around 1 hour to commute from Coonoor to Ooty.

Is it safe to visit Salem during covid times?

The Government of Tamil Nadu prioritizes public health, hence, have issued some safety guidelines such as social distancing, using face masks, applying hand sanitizers, and washing hands frequently, which must be adhered to by all visitors. Tickets should be booked online for contactless entry. Also, in some places for accommodation, visitors should provide their vaccination details for both doses for a hassle-free stay.

Are there any religious cities nearby Salem?

There are many towns near Salem that are specially dedicated to religion and spirituality. Thirunageswaram is a city that is dedicated to Rahu Dev. It has 8 griha sthala, which is very rare and unique. Apart from that, there are Thanjavur, Madurai and many other places that are dedicated to religion and worship.

Can we find trekking trails near Salem?

The hill stations that are near Salem can provide you trekking trails. If you want a special recommendation, then we would suggest you the trails in Kotagiri. Those are good and we are sure true trekkers will find the journey adventurous.

Is Hosur popular just for its automobile industry?

The automobile industry in Hosur is one of the biggest things that this place has, but that doesn’t attract the tourists over there. It also comprises various impeccable attractions like Kelavarapalli Dam, etc. Apart from that, this place is also known for its historical value.

What are some of the good temples that we can visit near Salem?

There are a lot of temples near Salem. Two of the most popular ones are Linga Bhairvi and Sri Thanthondreeswarar Temple. Make sure to visit the 8 grahasthalas in the town of Thirunageswaram.

What is Thirunageswaram popular for?

According to Hindu Mythology, 9 grahas play a great role in the life of human beings. So, one of those grahas is Rahu and this entire place is dedicated to it. This place also has 8 grahsthalas too.

Are there towns near Salem, where we can go with our family?

Every town that is there near Salem is ideal for planning a trip with the family. There are no restrictions or rules in the way. It is totally up to you how you want to come and who will be your companion for your trip.

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